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December 30, 2023 – best of 2023 review

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 30th December 2022

Over 20 years ago I first started doing an annual “best of” special, where I would count down my favourite 7” singles of the last year. In those days the countdown rankings were based on a combination of my personal taste and the response that songs got at More Fire and other reggae dances in Melbourne, as well as record sales at Higher Level Records. In recent years I have moved away from a countdown format, as record sales are no longer relevant (most of this music is not released on vinyl at all) and I no longer DJ out as much as I used to, making my yearly review far more subjective. As such, here are my favourite songs of 2023, listed as played on Babylon Burning on 30 December 2023.


I don’t feel like there was any one real standout artist this year, though Samory I would have to be a top contender. His album “Strength” was one of the year’s best, with excellent production from Overstand Entertainment’s Winta James. Kabaka Pyramid makes a few appearances based on combinations with other artists, including Australian singjay Jah Tung (whose album Digital Degeneration was one of the best releases to ever come out of this country). The Protoje songs included here are originally from my favourite album of 2020, “In Search Of Lost Time”, but roots reggae remixes from Zion I Kings gave them a new lease on life this year. Zion I Kings were also behind the brilliant posthumous Akae Beka EP “Glory”, which felt like a real gift. Marcus Gad’s album “Ready For Battle” also deserves mention, though I only included one song from it on my “best of” program.

Marcus Gad & Tribe – Blessed Be The Love (Baco Records & Sudar Publishing)
Dezarie – Breathe In Strength (Dezarie & Mr Prez)
Derajah & The 18th Parallel – Babylon A Quake (Fruits Records)
Stephen Marley & Damian Jr Gong Marley – Cast The First Stone (Ghetto Youths International, Tuff Gong Intl)
Iba Mahr – General (Notis)
Collie Buddz – Take It Easy (Harper Digital)
Sean Paul & Beres Hammond – Rebel Time (Dutty Rock)
Prince Levy – Roots and Banner (King I-Vier & Loud City Music)
Eesah, Garnet Alkhem, T’Jean – Jah No Dead (King I-Vier & Loud City Music)
Micah Shemaiah – Run Things (Evidence Music)
Alborosie – Rastazeneka (VP Records & Greensleeves)
Alborosie & Kabaka Pyramid – Nah Sell Out (VP Records & Greensleeves)
Samory I & Lila Ike – Outside (Overstand Entertainment & Easy Star)
Samory I – Crown (Overstand Entertainment & Easy Star)
Samory I & Mortimer – History of Violence (Overstand Entertainment & Easy Star)
Samory I, Capleton, Kabaka Pyramid – Wrath (Overstand Entertainment & Easy Star)
Jah Tung & Kabaka Pyramid – Behave Your Mouth (Jah Tung & Evidence Music)
Akae Beka & Kabaka Pyramid – Glory (Zion I Kings)
Akae Beka & Reemah – Still Small Voice (Zion I Kings)
Protoje & Popcaan – In Life (Zion I Kings, In.Digg.Nation, Six Course Music)
Protoje & Koffee – Switch Up (Zion I Kings, In.Digg.Nation, Six Course Music)
Lila Ike – Good and Great (In.Digg.Nation)


Agent Sasco & Qyor – Victory (Penthouse)
Akea Beka & Micah Shemaiah – Aqueduct (Zion I Kings)
Akea Beka & Michael Rose – Son (Zion I Kings)
Alborosie – Viral (VP Records & Greensleeves)
Aleighcia Scott – Pretty Little Brown Thing (Rorystonelove)
Annette Brissette & Marcia Griffiths – Gungo Walk (Penthouse)
Anthony B – Inna De Revolution (Blacker Dread)
Anthony B & Irie Souljah – Helping Hand (Ineffable Records)
Anthony B, Zamunda, Bramma, Lina Mulin – Revolution (Ineffable Records)
Belly – Still Trodding (Miss Mac Records)
Benjaminz – Grades and Reggae (Astro Melody Records)
Beres Hammond & Buju Banton – We Need Your Love (Penthouse)
Blaiz Fayah – Mad Ting Medley (Manudigital)
Calibration Alert – Torpedo (Dubophonic)
Calibration Alert – White Yam (Dubophonic)
Chezidek – Dem No Worry (Irie Ites)
Christopher Ellis – Stick Together (Ghetto Youths International)
Claye – Clarity (Rocket Life Records)
Claye – Disappointment (Rocket Life Records)
Claye – Fear (Rocket Life Records)
Claye – I Got Your Back (Rocket Life Records)
Collie Buddz – High Grade (International Herb) (Harper Digital)
Collie Buddz – Mr Wicked (Harper Digital)
D’Yani – Live A Little (XTM.Nation & DubShot Records)
Damian Marley – My Sweet Lord (Ghetto Youths International)
Demarco – Once Bitten (Warrior Musick)
Derajah & The 18th Parallel – I Man Beam (Fruits Records)
Derajah & The 18th Parallel – Old John Crow (Fruits Records)
Derajah & The 18th Parallel – Row Fisherman (Fruits Records)
Dub Terminator, Shottaz, Jah Tung – Dream Team (Lurking)
Eesah & Randy Valentine – Tired Of The System (Derrick Sound & Evidence Music)
Frightnrs – I’d Rather Go Blind (Daptone Records)
Hempress Sativa – Freedom (Conquering Lion Records)
Hempress Sativa – Strickly Roots (Conquering Lion Records)
Hempress Sativa – Time Has Come (Conquering Lion Records)
I-Taweh – The Capital (Tap Nat Muzik)
Imeru Tafari – Black Heart Man (Koastal Kings)
Jah Lil – Can A Man Cry (Out Deh Records)
Jah Tung – Ital Generation (Jah Tung & Evidence Music)
Jah Tung – Mr Officer (Evidence Music)
Jah Tung & Kabaka Pyramid – Behave Your Mouth (Jah Tung & Evidence Music)
Jah Tung & Micah Shemaiah – Guidance (Jah Tung & Evidence Music)
Jah Tung, Yeza, Sasquatch Sound – Fire Blazing (Sasquatch Sound)
Joe York – Life and Debt (Waggle Dance Records)
Joe York – Mr Officer (Waggle Dance Records)
Joe York – Riding For A Fall (Waggle Dance Records)
Joe York – What Kind Of World (Waggle Dance Records)
Joe Yorke & The 18th Parallel – End Of The Day (Fruits Record & Evidence Music)
JonFX – Rudeboy (FX Music Group)
Kenny Smyth – Feel It (JahSolidRock Music)
Kenny Smyth – Pagan Land (JahSolidRock Music)
Khalia – Every Man (Skyscraper Stereo)
Khalia & Tanya Stephens – No Answer (K-Licious)
Linval Thompson – Gimme Marijuana (Rick Records)
Linval Thompson & Killah Keys – Dem A War (Killah Keys)
Lutan Fyah – Bla Bla Bla (Derrick Sound & Evidence Music)
Lutan Fyah – Rasta Reggae Music (B-Rich)
Marcus Gad & Tribe – Forward (Baco Records & Sudar Publishing)
Marcus Gad & Tribe – Jericho (Baco Records & Sudar Publishing)
Marcus Gad & Tribe – Sometimes (Baco Records & Sudar Publishing)
Marcus I & aDUBta – I-Carnation (Hornin’ Sounds)
Marcus I & The Breadwinners – Break The Wall (Breadwinners Records)
Marlon Asher, Tarrus Riley, Capleton – Diamonds and Gold (VAS Productions)
Marvin Priest – We Pray (Nusantara Records)
Micah Shemaiah – Stereo (Evidence Music)
Micah Shemaiah & Goldbarz – Real Way (Evidence Music)
Morgan Heritage, Alpha Blondy, Capleton – Remember (CTBC Music Group)
Mystic Marley – Energy (Ghetto Youths International, Gas Life District, Small Axe)
Naâman – Riot (Big Scoop Records)
Nga Han – Days Gone Past (Temple In Man: Majestic Vision, Roots Unity, Tetra Ark Records)
Nga Han – Jah Hold It Down (Grubby Mitts)
Nga Han – Until War (Temple In Man: Majestic Vision, Roots Unity, Tetra Ark Records)
Nga Han – When Jah Speak (Temple In Man: Majestic Vision, Roots Unity, Tetra Ark Records)
Nhatty Man & Killah Keys – Sweet Memories (Killah Keys)
Norris Man – Folly Deeds (E.Turn.A.T)
Norris Man & Lutan Fyah – Red in Babylon (E.Turn.A.T)
Perfect Giddimani – Never Give In (I Grade Records & Zion I Kings)
Phalkon – Miss Nelly Grand Son (Chad Riddim Bad & DubShot Records)
Protoje – Wait On The Law (Zion I Kings, In.Digg.Nation, Six Course Music)
Protoje – A Vibes (In Search Of Zion: Zion I Kings, In.Digg.Nation, Six Course Music)
Protoje – Jah Deliver Me (In Search Of Zion: Zion I Kings, In.Digg.Nation, Six Course Music)
Protoje – Wait On The Law (In Search Of Zion: Zion I Kings, In.Digg.Nation, Six Course Music)
Protoje – Weed and Tings (In Search Of Zion: Zion I Kings, In.Digg.Nation, Six Course Music)
Protoje & Lila Iké – Still Bloom (Zion I Kings, In.Digg.Nation, Six Course Music)
Queen Ifrica – Proud Of Me (Nuh Rush)
Queen Omega – Fittest (Lions Flow Productions)
Ras Roni – Rastafari Is (Astro Melody Records)
Royal Blu, Roe Summerz, The Autos – Artillery (Easy Star)
Runkus – In Addis Ababa (Global Beat Studios)
Samory I – Jah Love (Strength: Overstand Entertainment & Easy Star)
Samory I – Stormy Nights (Strength: Overstand Entertainment & Easy Star)
Sister Carol – Ganja Bonanza (Rick Records)
Sizzla – Dem No Shake Wi (Chad Riddim Bad & DubShot Records)
Tarrus Riley – Sissy Badness (Chad Riddim Bad & DubShot Records)
Vanzo – Officer (Baco Records/Street Machine Production)
XL Mad – High Grade (DJ Vadim)
Yeza – Star Of The East (RoryStoneLove & Black Dub Music)
Zamunda – Chill Pill (Notis)
Zamunda, Capleton, Jah Cure, Kumar – Time Is Now (Sweet Waters Spawn)


Again, this is a very subjective take on dancehall. My personal taste tends to skew towards the downbeat and slower side of dancehall, and as I have been playing fewer dancehall gigs in recent years, there aren’t many jump-up party tunes and dancer anthems listed here. Teejay’s “Drift” makes it in though, and when it comes to dancer anthems, it doesn’t get much bigger than that.

The biggest song for the year overall though had to be “Talibans” by Jamaican-born but St.Kitts-raised artist Byron Messia. He was a real artist of note for me last year (particularly with his songs “Far” and “12 AM Freestyle”) so I was happy to see him buss this year, even if a non-Jamaican artist having such big success in dancehall seemed to create a little controversy. If Talibans wasn’t already the biggest song of the year, a killer refix with Burna Boy helped it find even more new ears.

Proper dancehall juggling riddims have become less common in recent years, as so many artists now release true singles only, but we did get some huge riddims this year. The biggest was clearly “Big Bunx” from Zimi Entertainment, which boasted a number of huge hits (my personal favourite being Valiant’s “Mad Out”), while Romeich Records gave us the killer “Inna Dem Head” riddim.

In terms of individual artists, Valiant and Kraff both continued to deliver after breaking through in 2022, and were joined by new names in the trap dancehall sound like RajahWild, JQuan, Pablo YG, Malie Donn, and Najeeriii. As for the more established artists though, Masicka was everywhere, and he currently rules the charts as the year draws to a close. Chronic Law continued to be Jamaica’s most prolific artist, and Skeng’s popularity endured (though he didn’t hold my attention too much personally this year). Popcaan can always be relied on for some huge hits, and this year didn’t disappoint in that regard. The most notable absences from my list this year are Aidonia and Govana (they both had some popular songs, but none really connected with me) and Vybz Kartel (whose best is now behind him it seems).

Busy Signal – New Year (Gorilla Music Source)
Nadg – We A Run E Grung (remix) (Seanizzle & Genesis Productions)
Alkaline – Boss (Autobamb Records & SartOut Records)
Alkaline – C300 (Autobamb Records)
Masicka – Tyrant (Def Jam)
Masicka – LimeLight (Def Jam)
Teejay – Drift (Panda, DJ Mac, Top Braff)
Valiant – Rasta (Countree Hype Ent, Millaweek Ent, Big Money Popping Ent)
Stalk Ashley – Dutty Casamigos (Inna Dem Head riddim: Romeich)
Chronic Law – Choke (Inna Dem Head riddim: Romeich)
Ding Dong – Bup Bup Bup (Inna Dem Head riddim: Romeich)
Mavado – Stack It N Pack It (Inna Dem Head riddim: Romeich)
Valiant – Motorcade (Inna Dem Head riddim: Romeich)
Kraff Gad – Audi (Inna Dem Head riddim: Romeich)
Kraff Gad – Rum Behavior (Big Bunx riddim: Zimi Ent)
Roze Don – Bakshat (Big Bunx riddim: Zimi Ent)
Skeng – Shalalala (Big Bunx riddim: Zimi Ent)
RajahWild – Wild Out (Big Bunx riddim: Zimi Ent)
Valiant – Mad Out (Big Bunx riddim: Zimi Ent)
Byron Messia – Talibans (Ztekk Records)
Burna Boy & Byron Messia – Talibans II (Spaceship Records, Ztekk Records, Bad Habit)
Jada Kingdom & Gold Up – IDG1F (Gold Up)
Popcaan & Drake – We Caa Done (OVO Sound)
Popcaan & Chronic Law – St Thomas Native (OVO Sound)


Alkaline – If Dem Eva
Alkaline – Mek Tingz Happen
Byron Messia – 90z
Byron Messia – California
Byron Messia – Vent
Chronic Law – Daaawkness
Chronic Law – HK Bama
Chronic Law – Natural Talent
Deno Crazy – Summer Hot
IWaata – Chicken N Fries
IWaata – Tun Di Ada Way
King Imxge – Bam Bam Bidam Bam
Kraff Gad – Amiri
Mavado, Jay-A, Dexta Daps – Pain
Munga & Bounty Killer – 50 Caliber
Popcaan – Set It
Roze Don – Bududum
Roze Don & Konshens – Unchit Remix
Spice – Chat (Waka)
Spice – God A Bless Me
T’Jean – Last Days
T’Jean – Lion’s Den
T’Jean, Chronic Law, Sizzla – Worthy Cause
Tatik & Valiant – Leggo Mi Ears
Trapp Gad – Fraud
Valiant – Nah Go In
Vybz Kartel – Car Man

Songs that didn’t fit the traditional definition of reggae or dancehall, but deserve mention.

Alkaline – All Bout
Big 12welve – Darkest Days
Byron Messia – Dear Dancehall
Chronic Law – Revenge
Claye – Ego
Demarco – So Much Hate
Elevate Today – Reach Home Safe
Intence – Lesson
Intence – Round 10
Valiant – Muhammad
Valiant – Expensive
Valiant – Soliloquy
Valiant – Dweet
Yaksta – Cut and Clear

listen online at https://www.pbsfm.org.au/program/babylon-burning/2023-12-30/17-00-00

December 16, 2023

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 16th December, 2023

Paying respect to the late British reggae artist, poet, writer, actor and activist Benjamin Zephaniah, 1958-2023. Plus new music from Samory I, Lutan Fyah, FYAH & Alborosie, and nuff more.

THE SHADOWS – Brother Noah (Black Art)
THE HEPTONES & RANKING KING – Mystery Babylon (Black Art)
JAH STITCH – Make A Joyful Noise (Attack Gold)
WELL PLEASED AND SATISFIED & JOE BANNA – Open The Gate Bobby Boy (Total Sounds)
VIVIAN JACKSON & THE PROPHETS – Run Come Rally (Vivian Jackson)
DILLINGER & KING TUBBY – Jah Jah Dub (Soul Jazz)
JOHNNY CLARKE – Can’t Keep A Good Man Down (Weed Beat)
STEEL PULSE – Rally Round (True Democracy: Weed Beat)
STEEL PULSE – Blues Dance Raid (True Democracy: Weed Beat)
MWANAMKE MWAFRIKA – Dem Took I Away (African Woman Abroad: African Woman)
BENJAMIN ZEPHANIAH – Unite Handsworth (The Midlands Roots Explosion vol 1: Reggae Archive Records)
BENJAMIN ZEPHANIAH – Rasta (Rasta: Upright Records)
BENJAMIN ZEPHANIAH – Green (Us and Dem: Mango)
BENJAMIN ZEPHANIAH – Free South Africa (Rasta: Upright Records)
BENJAMIN ZEPHANIAH – Stop De War (Upright Records)
BENJAMIN ZEPHANIAH – The Spirit Level (Belly Of The Beast: Ariwa)
MAD PROFESSOR – Marcus Message (Ariwa)
BENJAMIN ZEPHANIAH & LOGIC – I Am A Revolutionary (Revolutionary Minds: Fane Phonics)
ANTHONY B, ZAMUNDA, BRAMMA, LINA MULIN – Revolution (Bread and Butter: Ineffable)
KABAKA PYRAMID – Revolution of the Mind (Onward riddim: Silly Walks)
CLAY – Chat and Gwaan Bad (Onward riddim: Silly Walks)
GENTLEMAN & TORCH – Keep On Moving (Onward riddim: Silly Walks)
SHUGA – Onward (Onward riddim: Silly Walks)
SHUGA – Good Suh (Soldier riddim: Idlers Corner)
PEETAH MORGAN – Guns and Armour (Soldier riddim: Idlers Corner)
GRAMPS MORGAN – Part Time Soldier (Soldier riddim: Idlers Corner)
LUTAN FYAH – Wanna Be (Notnice)
SAMORY I – Stormy Nights (Strength: Overstand & Easy Star)
FYAH & ALBOROSIE – I Believe (VP Records)
BUSY SIGNAL & RC – Dreams of Brighter Days (Silly Walks)

listen online at https://www.pbsfm.org.au/program/babylon-burning/2023-12-16/17-00-00

December 2, 2023

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 2nd December, 2023

Featuring the usual vintage foundation classics, plus the new “Boxing Around” riddim from Penthouse Records, more from the Protoje release “In Search Of Zion”, and a spotlight on Jesse Royal ahead of his first Melbourne show.

JESSE ROYAL – Greedy Babylon (Iklektik riddim: XTM.Nation)
THE ITALS – Inna Dis Ya Time version (Spiderman)
THE MIGHTY DIAMONDS – Gnashing Of Teeth (Right Time: Virgin & Channel One)
JOHNNY CLARKE – Too Much War (Attack)
GREGORY ISAACS – Mr Cop (Mircon Music)
GREGORY ISAACS – Black A Kill Black (African Museum)
MARCUS I & ADUBTA – Cool Dong (Cut A Wire Showcase: Hornin’ Sounds)
MARCUS I & THE BREADWINNERS – Run Fe Cover (Lost Tapes Showcase: Breadwinners Records)
THE MEDITATIONS – No Peace (Black Art)
CARLTON JACKSON – History (Black Art)
THE LINKERS – Bongo Man (Fud’s)
THE CLASSICS – Civilization (Punch)
DENNIS BROWN – In Their Own Way
ERROL DUNKLEY – A Little Way Different (Darling Ooh: Attack)
RICO – Repatriation Remedy version (Aggrovator & Shelly’s Power)
LEROY SMART – Love In My Heart (Attack)
FREDDIE McGREGOR – Make You Mine (Thompson Sound)
NHATTY MAN & KILLAH KEYS – Sweet Memories (Killah Keys)
THE PAD BOYS – From The North (Where The Are They Now: The Pad Boys)
D’MAJOR – Praises Be (Boxing Around riddim: Penthouse)
EXCO LEVI – Strive With Me (Boxing Around riddim: Penthouse)
AGENT SASCO – Victory (Boxing Around riddim: Penthouse)
SHUGA – Boxing Around (Boxing Around riddim: Penthouse)
BITTY McLEAN – Brotherman (Sitting and Watching riddim: Taxi & Silent River) –request
BERES HAMMOND & SHAGGY – Fight This Feeling (Ranch Ent)
BERES HAMMOND – Under Pressure (Harmony House)
ROBERT FFRENCH – Calling All Rastaman (Harmony House)
PROTOJE & POPCAAN – In Life (In Search of Zion: Zion I Productions, In.Digg.Nation, Six Course Music)
JESSE ROYAL & PROTOJE – Lion Order (Easy Star Records)
JESSE ROYAL – Modern Day Judas (Overstand Entertainment)
JESSE ROYAL – Cool and Deadly (Ghetto Youths Entertainment)
JESSE ROYAL – Wadada (The Wizard)
JESSE ROYAL – Bittersweet (Revolution Time riddim: XTM.Nation)
JESSE ROYAL & CHARLY BLACK – Herbalist Party (Wizzle riddim: TJ Records)
JESSE ROYAL – Finally (Steamaz riddim: Biggy Music)
JESSE ROYAL – Gimmie Likkle (Notis Records)
JESSE ROYAL – Feeling So Blessed

listen online at https://www.pbsfm.org.au/program/babylon-burning/2023-12-02/17-00-00

November 25, 2023

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 25th November, 2023

Featuring two killer new albums, “In Search of Zion” from Protoje, and “Strength” from Samory I, plus new music from Jah Lil, Eesah, T’Jean, Marlon Asher, Tarrus Riley, Capleton, Byron Messia, Yaksta, and more.

REEMAH – Don’t Want Nothing (Rymshot Productions)
THE GLADIATORS – Mix Up (Trenchtown Mix Up: Virgin)
CEDRIC IM BROOKS & THE LIGHT OF SABA – Rebirth (The Magical Light Of Saba: Honest Jons)
MICHAEL ROSE – Freedom (Observer)
MICHAEL ROSE – Born Free (Vivian Jackson)
MICHAEL ROSE – Couldn’t Make It (Roots As I Am riddim: Jah Wise & Nusantara Records)
SOLANO JACOB – Chanting (Roots As I Am riddim: Jah Wise & Nusantara Records)
JAH TUNG – Adulterer (Roots As I Am riddim: Jah Wise & Nusantara Records)
JAH SUCKIE – Peace In A Jam Dung (Ta-Shi)
JAH WOOSH – Satta Land (Original Music)
RUPERT REID – See The Dread Deh (Ja-Man)
JIMMY DEAN – Blackman Time (New Flower)
JOHNNY CLARKE – The Ruler (aka Cold I Up) (Total Sounds)
HUGH MUNDELL – Revolution A Come (Rockers 12″) –request
MAX ROMEO – No Peace (Open The Iron Gate: Blood and Fire)
MARCUS I & aDUBta – Perfect Collie (Cut A Wire Showcase: Hornin’ Sounds)
I-TAWEH – The Capital (Tap Nat Muzik)
PROTOJE – Weed and Tings (In Search Of Zion: In.Digg.Nation, Six Course Music, Zion I Kings)
PROTOJE & KOFFEE – Switch Up (In Search Of Zion: In.Digg.Nation, Six Course Music, Zion I Kings)
PROTOJE & LILA IKE – Still Bloom (In Search Of Zion: In.Digg.Nation, Six Course Music, Zion I Kings)
SAMORY I & LILA IKE – Outside (Strength: Overstand & Easy Star)
SAMORY I & JESSE ROYAL – Continent (Strength: Overstand & Easy Star)
SAMORY I & MORTIMER – History Of Violence (Strength: Overstand & Easy Star)
JAH LIL – Can A Man Cry (Out Deh Records)
EESAH, GARNET ALKHEM, T’JEAN – Jah No Dead (King I-Vier Music & Loud City)
MARLON ASHER, TARRUS RILEY, CAPLETON – Diamonds and Gold (VAS Productions)
BYRON MESSIA – Dear Dancehall (Tru Believas Entertainment)
YAKSTA – Cut and Clear (Tru Believas Entertainment)
RUSHAWN – Pulse A Move (Tru Believas Entertainment)

listen online at https://www.pbsfm.org.au/program/babylon-burning/2023-11-25/17-00-00

November 4, 2023

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 4th November, 2023

Featuring new tunes from Buju Banton, Luciano, Ginjah, and Sister Carol; classics on the Movie Star riddim from Penthouse and Digital B; deep roots from the VI; and the usual foundation classics.

GINJAH – Fire (Music Is Mine: Rapid Production)
THE OFFICIALS – Babylonians (Jaguar)
GLEN BROWN – Save Our Nation (South East Music)
GLEN BROWN & KING TUBBY – Save Our Dub (South East Music)
HORACE ANDY – Earth Must Be Hell (Corporative Sounds)
GLADIATORS – Know Yourself Mankind (Trenchtown Mix Up: Virgin)
THE MEDITATIONS – War Mongers (Guidance: Tads)
BRIMSTONE – Babylon (Cobra Style: Heartbeat)
TEEZY – Wanted For Version (Two Of A Kind: Tamoki Wambesi)
BARRINGTON LEVY – Warm and Sunny Day (Cha Cha)
DON CARLOS – Declaration of Rights (Wambesi)
MICHAEL PROPHET – Evil Doers (Certify: Burning Sounds)
BURNING SPEAR – Bad To Worst (Fittest Of The Fittest: Burning Spear)
THE TWINKLE BROTHERS – Since I Threw The Comb Away (Countrymen: Virgin) –request
KA’IKENA SCANLAN & THE VITALS 808 – He Kanaka (Ka’ikena Scanlan)
L.A.B – No Roots (L.A.B IV: Loop Recordings Aot(ear)oa)
MIDNITE – Force and Flames (Lion Out Of Zion: Afrikan Roots Lab)
MIDNITE – Jubilees of Zion (Jubilees Of Zion: Afrikan Roots Lab)
MIDNITE – Jubilees of Dub (Intense Pressure: Rastafaria)
DEZARIE – Ghettos Of Babylon (The Fourth Book: Afrikan Roots Lab)
RAS SPARROW & QUEEN SPARROW – Zion Town (Beyond Brilliant Productions) –request
YAMI BOLO – War and Revolution (Fortune Teller riddim: Lustre Kings)
LUTAN FYAH – No More War (Fortune Teller riddim: Lustre Kings)
NORRIS MAN – Thunderous Sound (Fortune Teller riddim: Lustre Kings)
TURBULENCE – Bun Dem Again (Fortune Teller riddim: Lustre Kings)
MICAH SHEMAIAH – Parlez (Kingston Journey: Evidence Music)
LUCIANO – Robbery (Addis Records)
BUJU BANTON – Stop Gazing (Riley Don Music)
SISTER CAROL & NAKEEBA AMANIYEA – Be Alone (Tads Records & Black Cinderella Music)
BUJU BANTON & WAYNE WONDER – Bonafide Love (Movie Star riddim: Penthouse)
GARNETT SILK – Gave Your Everything I”ve Got (Movie Star riddim: Penthouse)
QUEEN IFRICA – Don’t Sign (Movie Star riddim: Penthouse)
JAHMALI & SUGA ROY – Can’t Fool Jah (Movie Star riddim: Digital B)
NORRIS MAN – Cool Meditation (Movie Star riddim: Digital B)
SIZZLA – Trust and Love (Movie Star riddim: Digital B)
GULLY BOP – My God Dem Nuh Bad Like Me (Claims)

listen online at https://www.pbsfm.org.au/program/babylon-burning/2023-11-04/17-00-00

October 28, 2023

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 28th October 2023

From original foundation and classic roots to neo rocksteady and contemporary reggae, including new homegrown sounds from Astro Melody Records.

LINVAL THOMPSON – Get Ready (Irie Ites)
AL CAMPBELL – Fight I Down (Greensleeves)
FREDDIE McKAY – Another Weekend (Volcano) –request
BUNNY WAILER – Rise and Shine (Solomonic)
BUNNY WAILER – Cease Fire (Solomonic)
BURNING SPEAR – Live Good (Marcus Garvey: Island)
THE ABYSSINIANS – Love Comes And Goes Version (Talent Corporation)
BURNING SPEAR – Door Peeper (Studio One) –request
LARRY MARSHALL – Run Babylon (Studio One)
VIN GORDON – Babylon Rock (Studio One)
ASWAD – Behold (Peel Session Oct 1978)
MISTY IN ROOTS – Judgement Coming On The Land (The John Peel Sessions: Strange Fruit)
BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS – The Heathen (Island) –request
JOHNNY OSBOURNE – Children Are Crying (Truths and Rights: Studio One)
SUGAR MINOTT – One Step Ahead (If You Ask Me To… : Daptone Records)
THE FRIGHTNRS – I’d Rather Go Blind (If You Ask Me To… : Daptone Records)
BOB & GENE – I Can Be Cool (If You Ask Me To… : Daptone Records)
ALEIGHCIA SCOTT – Maybe (Windrush Baby: RoryStoneLove & Black Dub Music)
JON FX – If I Could Have This Girl (Vintage Reggae: FX Music Group) –request
PATRICE – Let It Be (Rub-A-Dub Soul: VP Records)
TARRUS RILEY – Bless Me (Broken Hearts riddim: Don Corleon)
PRESSURE – Stand Firm (Broken Hearts riddim: Don Corleon)
DA PROFESSOR – Listen (Broken Hearts riddim: Don Corleon)
I OCTANE – Mi Sorry (Broken Hearts riddim: Don Corleon)
VYBZ KARTEL – Good Father (Broken Hearts riddim: Don Corleon)
RAS RONI – Rastafari Is (Astro Melody Records)
BENJAMINZ – Grades and Reggae (Astro Melody Records)
ANTHONY B, ZAMUNDA, BRAMMA, LINA MULAN – Revolution (Bread & Butter: Ineffable Records)
MARLA BROWN & RAS MUHAMAD – Zion (Royal Order Music)
AKAE BEKA & REEMAH – Still Small Voice (Glory: Zion I Kings)
GROUNDATION – Silver Tongue Show (Hebron Gate: Young Tree)
DEZARIE – Zion (Fya: I Grade)
MICAH SHEMAIAH – House Of Cards (Still: Zion High Productions) –request

listen online at https://www.pbsfm.org.au/program/babylon-burning/2023-10-28/17-00-00

October 21, 2023

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 21st October 2023

Classics from ranging from rocksteady and early reggae right through 70s roots, revisiting Reggae Central’s cut of the Promised Land riddim from 2001, the Selassie I Way riddim from 2013, and new music from Collie Buddz, Kenny Smyth, Richie Spice, and more.

JOHNNY CLARKE – Down In A Babylon (Next Cut: Pressure Sounds)
KING TUBBY & YABBY YOU – Hungering Dub (Vivian Jackson)
LORD CREATOR – Such Is Life (Seven Leaves)
PETER TOSH & THE WAILERS – Stepping Razor (Wail N Soul M)
ALBERT TOMLINSON – Don’t Wait For Me (Studio One)
NORA DEAN – Mojo Girl (Studio One)
ERROL DUNKLEY – Trying To Keep Me Down (Hop)
JOY WHITE – Counting On You Version (Studio One)
GREGORY ISAACS – Warriors (African Museum)
JACOB MILLER – Tired Fe Lick Weed In A Bush (E-E Saw)
BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS – Midnight Ravers version (Tuff Gong)
WAYNE WADE – Man of the Living (Vivian Jackson)
TRINITY – Rasta Determination (TR Interntational)
JAH SHAKA – Addis Ababa (Jah Shaka Meets Aswad In Addis Ababa Studio: Jah Shaka)
JUNIOR ROSS & THE SPEAR – Rasta Come From Zion (Stars)
MISTY IN ROOTS – Peace and Love (Wise And Foolish: People Unite)
LINVAL THOMPSON – Freedom Fighters (Rocking Vibration: Burning Sounds)
TONY SCOTT – Freedom (Ultra Records)
YELLOWMAN – Tribal War (Xterminator) –request
CULTURE – International Herb (High Note)
COLLIE BUDDZ – High Grade (Take It Easy: Harper Digital)
COLLIE BUDDZ & DEMARCO – Trap Set (Take It Easy: Harper Digital)
YOUTHIE & MACCA DREAD – Jungle Groove (Nomad Skank: Youthie Records) –request
RICHIE SPICE & LOUIE CULTURE – Young Juvenile (Black Man Time: VP Records)
MICHAEL ROSE – Freedom (Promised Land riddim: Reggae Central)
ANTHONY B – Stop Curfew (Promised Land riddim: Reggae Central)
PINCHERS – Heathen (Promised Land riddim: Reggae Central)
CAPLETON – Words Of Mind (Promised Land riddim: Reggae Central)
JAH MASON – High Grade (Promised Land riddim: Reggae Central)
SIZZLA – Catch The Place A Fire (Promised Land riddim: Reggae Central)
ALBOROSIE – Cry (Freedom and Fyah: Shengen & Greensleeves)
KENNY SMYTH – Feel It (Powerful Dread: JahSolidRock Music)
TARRUS RILEY & KABAKA PYRAMID – Fly Di Gate (Selassie I Way riddim: Israel Records)
LUTAN FYAH – Jah Nah Sleep (Selassie I Way riddim: Israel Records)
CHRONIXX – Prayer (Selassie I Way riddim: Israel Records)
KELISSA – Selassie I Way (Selassie I Way riddim: Israel Records)
PRESSURE – One Way (Selassie I Way riddim: Israel Records)
BUJU BANTON – Hills and Valleys (Penthouse) –request
MIDNITE – Love Right (Live Right) (Ras Mek Peace: Wildchild)

listen online at https://www.pbsfm.org.au/program/babylon-burning/2023-10-21/17-00-00

October 14, 2023

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 14th October 2023

Paying respect to keyboardist and founding member of Third World, Michael “Ibo” Cooper (1952-2023). Plus new music from Derajah & The 18th Paralell, Stephen and Damian Marley, Kenny Smyth, Koro Fyah, and more.

JAH VINCI – Burn Di Fire (Radikally riddim: Flash Hit)
KABAKA PYRAMID – No Cliche (Radikally riddim: Flash Hit)
YELLOWMAN – Out Of Hand (Thrillseekers)
YELLOWMAN – Soldier Take Over (Taxi)
ROLAND BURRELL – Johnny Dollar (Taxi)
JOHNNY OSBOURNE – To The Rub A Dub Session (Midnight Rock)
THIRD WORLD – Freedom Song (Third World: Island)
THIRD WORLD – Brand New Beggar (Third World: Island)
THIRD WORLD – 1865 (96 Degrees In The Shade: Island) –request
ASWAD – Ethiopian Rhapsody (Aswad: Island)
DENNIS BOVELL – Rowing (Decibel: Pressure Sounds) –request
DANNY CLARKE – Nuh Fi Run It Down (Black Art From the Black Ark: Pressure Sounds)
DENNIS BROWN – The Song My Mother Used To Sing (Ashanti)
KEN BOOTHE – Black Gold and Green (Soul Beat)
MAX ROMEO – Valley Of Jehosaphat (Black World/Blood and Fire)
KENNY SMYTH – Can’t Say I Didn’t Tell You (Powerful Dread: JahSolidRock Music)
DERAJAH & THE 18TH PARALELL – Row Fisherman (Prosperity: Fruits Records)
DERAJAH & THE 18TH PARALELL – Nil Rome (Prosperity: Fruits Records)
KORO FYAH – Straight and Narrow (Addis Records)
MIDNITE – Give Jah The Glory (Marshall Neeko Remix)
MIDNITE – Grapes Of Wrath (Marshall Neeko Remix)
BERES HAMMOND – False Preacher (Star Trail)
EVERTON BLENDER – Create A Sound (Star Trail)
EVERTON BLENDER – Fret Them A Fret (Mafia & Fluxy)
LUCIANO – Mankind Cease (Mafia & Fluxy)
RC – Palestine (Rough Survivor: Penthouse)
STEPHEN MARLEY & DAMIAN MARLEY – Cast The First Stone (Old Soul: Ghetto Youths International)
NAOMI COWAN – El Shaddai (Live From Levels 2023)
KEE’AHN & EMMA DONOVAN – Take No More (Singing Our Futures: Cooking Vinyl Australia)
ALBOROSIE – For The Culture (VP Records) –request
MIDNITE – Listen (Rule The Time: I Grade)

listen online at https://www.pbsfm.org.au/program/babylon-burning/2023-10-14/17-00-00

October 7, 2023

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 7th October 2023

Featuring the new album “Prosperity” from Derajah & The 18th Paralell, plus new Collie Buddz, Tydal Kamau, Hempress Sativa, and more.

BARRINGTON SPENCE – Blood Of Babylon (Next Cut: Pressure Sounds)
I ROY – Don’t Touch I Man Locks (Virgin)
JAH STITCH – Watch Your Step Youthman
JAH STITCH – Ethiopia Version (Diamond International)
TWO RASTA MAN & KING TUBBY – False Rumour Version (Talent)
PABLO MOSES – Give I Fe A Name (Revolutionary Dream: Jigsaw)
WILLI WILLIAMS – Stronger Strong (From Studio One To Drum Street: M 10)
THE HEPTONES – Warden (Got To Get Away) (Night Food: Island)
THE CHANTELLS – How Can I Get Over (High Note)
TOMMY McCOOK – Beirut Version (Reggae In Jazz: Pressure Sounds)
JUNIOR BYLES – Weeping (Observer)
I ROY – Hail Stones (Trojan) –request
SUSAN & BUNNY – Keep On Trying (Mr Perry I Presume: Pressure Sounds)
THE JOLLY BROTHERS ft HENRICK NICHOLSON – Brotherly Love (Conscious Man: Seven Leaves)
THE TWINKLE BROTHERS – Babylon Falling (Countrymen: Virgin) –request
JOE HIGGS – Gold Or Silver (Unity Is Power: Elevation/Pressure Sounds)
JOE HIGGS – Devotion (Unity Is Power: Elevation/Pressure Sounds)
COLLIE BUDDZ – Mr Wicked (Take It Easy: Harper Digital)
JOE YORKE – What Kind of World (A Distant Beat: Waggle Dance Records)
DERAJAH & THE 18TH PARALELL – Gwaan And Low Me (Prosperity: Fruits Records)
DERAJAH & THE 18TH PARALELL – I Man Beam (Prosperity: Fruits Records)
DERAJAH & THE 18TH PARALELL – I and I Dub (Prosperity: Fruits Records)
DERAJAH & THE 18TH PARALELL – Old John Crow (Prosperity: Fruits Records)
TYDAL KAMAU – Trouble (I Become A Man: Oneness)
TYDAL KAMAU – Don (I Become A Man: Oneness)
SAMORY I, KABAKA PYRAMID, CAPLETON – Wrath (Overstand & Easy Star Entertainment)
PROTOJE – Self Defence (In Search Of Lost Time: In.Digg.Nation & Six Course Music)
NAAMAN – Riot (Big Scoop Records)
HEMPRESS SATIVA – Time Has Come (Charka: Conquering Lion Records)
YAMI BOLO – Trample (Taxi & Tabou 1)
SIZZLA – Blaspheme (Xterminator)
LUCIANO – Youthman (XTM Nation Presents Fatis Tapes In The Oven vol 3)
BERES HAMMOND – How Come You Don’t Know Me (XTM Nation Presents Fatis Tapes In The Oven vol 4)

listen online at https://www.pbsfm.org.au/program/babylon-burning/2023-10-07/17-00-00

September 30, 2023

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 30th September 2023

From sweet and mellow reggae through to original 70s steppers, and then into new music from the likes of Nga Han, Bugle, Chezidek, Claye, and more.

FREDDIE McGREGOR – Zion Chant (Observer)
VIN GORDON & THE AGGROVATORS – Enforcement (Next Cut!: Pressure Sounds)
VAL BENNETT – Judgement Rock (GGs)
SUGAR MINOTT – Have No Fear (Studio One)
CEDRIC IM BROOKS – Full Time (Studio One)
BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS – Johnny Was (Rastaman Vibration: Island)
FREDDIE McGREGOR – Natural Collie (High Times)
FREDDIE McGREGOR – Joggin’ (56 Hope Road)
THIRD WORLD – Human Market Place (96 Degrees In The Shade: Island)
ASWAD – Hey Jah Children (Babylon – The Original Soundtrack: Chrysalis)
ROMAN STEWART – Natty Deh Deh (Foreward Recording Co)
DEVON LYON – Shadow After Dark (Weed Beat)
DENNIS BROWN – Children Of Israel (DEB)
PRINCE ALLA – Daniel (Stars)
NGA HAN – Jah Hold It (Grubby Mitts)
DUB JUDAH & MYSTICAL POWA – Unity Is Strength (4Weed Records) –request
DUB JUDAH – If I’m Right Dem Say I’m Wrong (Love From The Rastaman: Gussie P) –request
GLEN WASHINGTON & CHET SAMUEL – Jah Children (Jah Children: Zion High Productions)
REEMAH – Jah World (Feel Line)
PERFECT & GINJAH – Mash Up Di Ting (Lustre Kings)
PREZIDENT BROWN – Towerful (Zion High Productions)
QUEEN MAKEDAH – Hoo Yahvo (Peace Process: Queen Makedah)
QUEEN MAKEDAH – Suspicious (Peace Process: Queen Makedah)
BUGLE – Fight (Derrick Sound & Evidence Music)
CHEZIDEK – Faith (Derrick Sound & Evidence Music)
LUTAN FYAH – Bla Bla Bla (Derrick Sound & Evidence Music)
EESAH & RANDY VALENTINE – Tired Of The System (Derrick Sound & Evidence Music)
KHALIA & TANYA STEPHENS – No Answer (K.Licious)
CLAYE – Disappointment (Intuition: Rocket Life Records)
CLAYE – Fear (Intuition: Rocket Life Records)
TANYA STEPHENS – Mi and Mi God (Marshall Neeko Remix)(Reggae Rock riddim)
TONY REBEL – Know Jah (Marshall Neeko Remix)(Reggae Rock riddim)
FRANKIE WILMOT – Vision (Marshall Neeko Remix)(Reggae Rock riddim)
MIKEY MELODY – Reggae Rock (Marshall Neeko Remix)(Reggae Rock riddim)
BUJU BANTON – Sensimilla Persecution (Marshall Neeko Remix)(Reggae Rock riddim)
MICHIGAN – Bad Boyz (Marshall Neeko Remix)(Reggae Rock riddim)
SEVANA – Mango (Marshall Neeko Remix) –request
CHRONIXX – I Can (Chronology: Soul Circle Music) –request

listen online at https://www.pbsfm.org.au/program/babylon-burning/2023-09-30/17-00-00