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December 19, 2015

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 19th December 2015

Paying respect to the late Gladstone “Gladdy” Anderson, plus new tunes from Chronixx and Jah Vinci, the Cuss Cuss riddim from Irie Ites, the Cold Times riddim from Ice Drop, and the True Colours riddim from Konsequence Muzik.

JR THOMAS & THE VOLCANOS – Burning Fire (Beware: Truth & Soul)
LYNN TAIT & THE JETS – Napoleon Solo (Federal)
ROY SHIRLEY – Hold Them (Amalgamated)
HOPETON LEWIS – Take It Easy (Merritone)
THE ITALS – Temptation (Early Recordings: Nighthawk)
PETER TOSH – Can’t Blame The Youth (Intel Diplo)
PETER TOSH – Can’t Blame The Youth Version (Intel Diplo)
AL CAMPBELL – Working Man (Reggae Road)
RANKING JOE – Natty The Collie Smoker (Channel One)
RANKING TREVOR – Original Place (Channel One)
THE WAILING SOULS – Bredda Gravalicious (Wild Suspense: Island)
THE VICEROYS – Brethren and Sistren (African Museum)
THE VICEROYS – Rise In The Strength Of Jah (Thompson Sound)
EEK A MOUSE – Christmas A Come (Thompson Sound)
BARRINGTON LEVY – Prison Oval Rock (Volcano)
CHRONIXX – Spanish Town Rocking (Overstand)
UPRISING ROOTS BAND – Might Can’t Beat Right (DP&B Ent/TRU Musik Productions)
MORTIMER McPHERSON – Warning (Treasure Chest)
JAH VINCI – Jahliluyah (VP Records)
CALI P – Healing (Cold Times riddim: Ice Drop)
NATASJA & LITTLE HERO – One Love (Cold Times riddim: Ice Drop)
MICHAEL ROSE – Give A Thanks (Cold Times riddim: Ice Drop)
CHEZIDEK & CHAPPA JAN – Some Of Us (Cold Times riddim: Ice Drop)
LUTAN FYAH – One More For The Road (Cold Times riddim: Ice Drop)
NIYORAH – Calculate (Cold Times riddim: Ice Drop)
WARRIOR KING – Too Much Killing (Cold Times riddim: Ice Drop)
LINVAL THOMPSON – Ganja Man (Cuss Cuss riddim: Irie Ites)
TRINITY – Rock Ina Dancehall (Cuss Cuss riddim: Irie Ites)
JOSEPH COTTON – Dancehall Connection (Cuss Cuss riddim: Irie Ites)
GLEN WASHINGTON – Haile Bless (Cuss Cuss riddim: Irie Ites)
MIKEY GENERAL – All Gone (Fresh Again)
MIKEY GENERAL – Parring P (Fresh Again)
KING KONG – Come Down (Jah Life)
JAE PRYNSE – It Coulda Be Worse (True Colours riddim: Konsequence Muzik)
NIGMA – Them Nuh Mightier Than You (True Colours riddim: Konsequence Muzik)
VERSHON – Watch Yu Self (True Colours riddim: Konsequence Muzik)
JAHMIEL – True Colours (True Colours riddim: Konsequence Muzik)
CLAY – Ride Or Die (Asha D)

listen at http://www.pbsfm.org.au/babylonburning

December 12, 2015

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 12th December 2015

Featuring the Go With Jah riddim from Taitu, plus some 90s reggae classics, and a good bracket of local Australian releases…

BRIMSTONE – Babylon (Cobra Style: Heartbeat)
FAMILYMAN & THE REBEL ARMS – Eastern Memphis (Cobra Style: Heartbeat)
DENNIS BROWN – Concrete Castle King (Visions: Joe Gibbs)
ASWAD – African Children (New Chapter: CBS)
PETER BROGGS – I A Field Marshall (Cry Tuff)
PETER TOSH – Johnny B Goode (Mama Africa: EMI)
GREGORY ISAACS – Promise (Extra Classic: Conflict)
GREGORY ISAACS – Extra Classic (Extra Classic: Conflict)
LARRY MALUMA – Walking In The City (Ulemu: Safari)
LARRY MALUMA – Simifi (Ulemu: Safari)
BANAWURUN – Bullymen (Banawurun) –request
DECLAN KELLY & MAD PROFESSOR – Truganini (Diesel N Dub: Declan Kelly)
BLACKBIRD HUM – On and On (Blackbird Hum)
JASON HEERAH – In This Life (Jason Heerah)
CERA KYMARNI – Feelin The Shot (Jam 2)
HUMBLE SERVANT BAND – Cold World (Greatest Gift: One Way & Jah Youth Productions)
AKAE BEKA – Psalm (Homage To The Land: Fifth Son)
MARK WONDER – Real Battle Axe (Go With Jah riddim: Taitu)
MICAH SHEMAIAH – Dread Act (Go With Jah riddim: Taitu)
SAMORY I – Scepter (Go With Jah riddim: Taitu)
DAWEH CONGO – Go With Jah (Go With Jah riddim: Taitu)
KABAKA PYRAMID – King of Kings (Go With Jah riddim: Taitu)
JAH MASON – I Am Going Home (Pleasant Hill 7″)
CAPLETON – Iystic In The Cloud (Pleasant Hill 7″)
GARNETT SILK – Love Is The Answer (Steely & Clevie)
BERES HAMMOND – Giving Thanks (Harmony House)
COCOA TEA & LUCIANO – Rough Inna Town (Xterminator)
MORGAN HERITAGE – Ready To Work (Digital B)
GARNETT SILK – Kingly Character (Digital B) –request
MIDNITE – Weed Burn (Seek Knowledge Before Vengeance: Afrikan Roots Lab)

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More Fire 177 – December 2015

From More Fire 177 – December 2015. Posted by Chant Down Sound on 7/05/2016 (4 items)

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December 5, 2015

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 5th December 2015

Featuring the new riddim Door Of No Return, and paying respect to the late dancehall artist J Capri…

DERRICK MORGAN – Blazing Fire (Beverleys) –request
ROLAND ALPHONSO – Look Away Ska (Studio One)
THE VIKINGS (aka THE MAYTALS) – Six and Seven Books Of Moses (Island) –request
DAVE & ANSEL COLLINS – Double Barrel (Techniques) –request
GREGORY ISAACS – Rasta Business (African Museum)
DR ALIMANTADO – Gimmie Mi Gun (Channel One) –request
JAH WOOSH – Chalice Blaze (Santic)
I ROY – Tiger From Bengalie (Success)
IJAHMAN LEVI – I Am A Levi (Basic Replay 12″)
LEE SCRATCH PERRY – Dreadlocks In Moonlight (Black Art) –request
SOWELL RADICS – Wheel O Matilda (S&G)
ECHO MINOTT – My Fat Millie (Jammys)
GREGORY ISAACS – Night Nurse (African Museum) –request
CHRONIXX – Plant It (Special Delivery)
ZIGGI RECADO – Wolves and Vampires (Special Delivery)
BERES HAMMOND & BUJU BANTON – Ain’t It Good To Know (Harmony House)
COLLIE BUDDZ – Holiday (Homegrown Kush)
GLEN WASHINGTON – Come Away (Jah Life)
BARRINGTON LEVY – Under Mi Sensi (Time 1)
BERES HAMMOND – Focusing Time (321 Strong)
KING RU – The Music (One Way Records)
ROMAIN VIRGO – Work (Lifted: VP) 
RICHIE SPICE – Time Rough (VP)
MIDNITE – Due Reward (Unpolished: Rastafaria) –request
AKAE BEKA – All We Be (Homage To The Land: Fifth Son)
WARRIOR KING – Patience (Door Of No Return riddim: Daily Productions & Blazinfyahsound)
CHUKKI STARR – Guide and Protect Me (Door Of No Return riddim: Daily Productions & Blazinfyahsound)
NORRIS MAN – I Have Seen (Door Of No Return riddim: Daily Productions & Blazinfyahsound)
LUTAN FYAH – Perilous Time (Door Of No Return riddim: Daily Productions & Blazinfyahsound)
DAMAS – Guttaz Of The Ghetto (Door Of No Return riddim: Daily Productions & Blazinfyahsound)
CARIBINGHI – Collie Weed (Door Of No Return riddim: Daily Productions & Blazinfyahsound)
CHARLY BLACK & J CAPRI – Wine and Kotch (Head Concussion)
KONSHENS & J CAPRI – Pull Up To Mi Bumper (Head Concussion)
VYBZ KARTEL & J CAPRI – Mamacita (Head Concussion)
J CAPRI – Boom and Bend Over (Head Concussion)
DEXTA DAPS – Freestyle (Daseca)

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November 28, 2015

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 28th November 2015

Featuring the Lion Of Judah riddim from I Grade Records, Vaughn Benjamin’s first album release under the name Akae Beka, the Selecta riddim from Maximum Sound offshoot Pull Up My Selecta, new music from Iba Mahr, Randy Valentine, Jah9, and an interview with Sista Candice of local band Rasta Unity…

BURNING SPEAR – Weeping and Wailing (Studio One)
VIN GORDON – Fullness (Studio One)
GREGORY ISAACS – Way of Life (African Museum)
PAT KELLY – Man Of My Word
LEROY SMART – Don’t Trust Them (Bone 12″)
RANKING BACKA – The Wicked Shall Not Enter (Bone 12″)
BOBBY MELODY – Try So Hard (African Museum)
LEROY SMART – Shame and Pride (Jackpot)
GREGORY ISAACS – Set The Captives Free (Progress)
SUGAR MINOTT – River Jordan (Black Roots)
BRIGADIER JERRY – Fred Locks A Dreadlocks (Jahmikmusik)
BARRY BROWN – Let’s Go To The Blues
AL CAMPBELL – Late Night Blues (JB Music)
DON CARLOS – I Don’t Care (Negus Roots)
ECHO MINOTT – Ting Ling (African Symbol)
RASTA UNITY – Groove Tonight (Global Warning: Jah Wise Records)
RASTA UNITY – Global Warning (Global Warning: Jah Wise Records)
JAH9 – Feeling Irie (VP)
IBA MAHR & JAH9 – Fame In Our Court (Diamond Sox: VP)
IBA MAHR – Weeping and Mourning (Diamond Sox: VP)
AKAE BEKA – To Live (Homage To The Land: Fifth Son)
AKAE BEKA – Call Out To Jah (Homage To The Land: Fifth Son)
AKAE BEKA – Conquering Lion (Lion Of Judah riddim: I Grade)
DON CARMELO – Lion Of Judah (Lion Of Judah riddim: I Grade)
DANNY I – Lion Of Ayuda (Lion Of Judah riddim: I Grade)
ZIGGI RECADO & STRAWL – Black Lion (Lion Of Judah riddim: I Grade)
ARMY – Skin Deep (Lion Of Judah riddim: I Grade)
MICHAEL ROSE – Do Nuh Follow (Lion Of Judah riddim: I Grade)
LUTAN FYAH – Too Much Ramshackle (Lion Of Judah riddim: I Grade)
RAS ATTITUDE – Real From Fake (Lion Of Judah riddim: I Grade)
PRESSURE – Rastafari Get The Victory (Lion Of Judah riddim: I Grade)
ZION I KINGS – Lion Of Judah riddim (Celebrity Horns) (Lion Of Judah riddim: I Grade)
SARA LUGO & RORY STONELOVE – Criminal (Selecta riddim: Pull Up My Selecta!)
SHANTY B – Won’t Be Denied (Selecta riddim: Pull Up My Selecta!)
RAS DEMO – Feel The Vibes (Selecta riddim: Pull Up My Selecta!)
RANDY VALENTINE – Love Advocate (Selecta riddim: Pull Up My Selecta!)
JAH CURE & PHYLLISIA – Call On Me (Danger Zone) –request

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November 14, 2015

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 14th November 2015

Featuring the Train To Zion riddim from Voiceful Productions, the Holding Firm riddim from Sajay, new Maximum Sound/Calabash remixes by Russ D, and an interview with Brisbane band Kingfisha.

SIZZLA – Thunder Roll (Roaring Lion 7″)
STRANGER COLE – Crying Every Night (Treasure Isle 7″)
STRANGER COLE – Rough and Tough (Treasure Isle 7″)
KEN BOOTHE & STRANGER COLE – Artibella (Studio One)
BOBBY KALPHAT – Artibella Version (Sunshot)
BIG YOUTH – Keep Your Dread (Sunshot)
JACOB MILLER – Each One Teach One (Rockers)
HUGH MUNDELL – Zion A Fe Lion (Rockers 7″)
BITTY McLEAN – Fu Manchu (Axe Attack 7″) –request
BINGY BUNNY – Coming Home To Zion (Archive 7″)
THE HEPTONES – We Are In The Mood (Studio One)
TENOR SAW – African Children (Black Roots 7″)
CHRISINTI – Forgive and Care (Cali Bud 7″)
WARRIOR KING – Empress So Divine (Cali Bud 7″)
KINGFISHA – Looking Glass (Kingfisha: Vitamin)
KINGFISHA – Enough (Kingfisha: Vitamin) –request
KINGFISHA – Water Running (Kingfisha)
LARRY MALUMA – Staying In The World (Ulemu: Safari)
PRINCE JAMMY – Feel Jammys Spirit (Fat Man Dub Contest: Star)
HUMBLE SERVANT BAND – One Way (Greatest Gift: One Way & Jah Youth Productions)
PROTOJE – Bubblin (Ancient Future: Overstand) –request
NAAMAN – Pop Dem Bubble (Rays of Resistance: Soulbeats)
LINVAL THOMPSON, BOUNTY KILLER, SIZZLA – Train To Zion (Train To Zion riddim: Voiceful)
SHARRIE – Jah Never Let Me Down (Train To Zion riddim: Voiceful)
CHUCK FENDA – God Nah Sleep (Train To Zion riddim: Voiceful)
IBA MAHR & CAPLETON – Clean and Pure (Train To Zion riddim: Voiceful)
TWIN OF TWINS & DAN I – Shoes Like Mine (Zion Room & Charlie Pro)
DRE ISLAND – Let Jah Love Shine Down (Russ D Remix) (Calabash)
YAMI BOLO – Jah Is The Fire (Russ D Remix) (Calabash)
JAH VINCI – Try Jah Love (Rumours riddim: Soundbank)
MILLION STYLEZ & NORRIS MAN – Rumours (Rumours riddim: Soundbank)
BUGLE – Can’t Please Anybody (Holding Firm riddim: Sajay)
IBA MAHR – She Make Me Bawl (Holding Firm riddim: Sajay)
LUTAN FYAH – Big Up (Holding Firm riddim: Sajay)
I OCTANE – Babylon (My Journey: DJ Frass)

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November 7, 2015

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 7th November 2015

Featuring new albums from Million Stylez and Romain Virgo, a new Charly Black tune from Australian/Jamaican label One Way Records, new music from YT, Vybz Kartel, and Munga… and nuff roots and culture classics.

FIKIR AMLAK – Ghetto Youth Cry (My Time Will Come: One Drop Music)
BESHARA – Glory Glory Version (Beshara Music)
EARTH AND STONE – False Rulers (Kool Roots: Pressure Sounds)
WILLIE WILLIAMS – Stronger Strong (M10)
DENNIS BROWN – Black Liberation (Joe Gibbs)
JAH MIKES – Down In The Bottom Of The Well (Jah Mikes)
THE GLADIATORS – Struggle (Naturality: TR Groovemaster) –request
PRINCE FAR I – Give I Strength (Voice of Thunder: Trojan)
PRINCE FAR I – Coming In From The Rock (Voice of Thunder: Trojan)
STEEL PULSE – Soldiers (Handsworth Revolution: Island)
BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS – Guiltiness (Exodus: Island)
DEZARIE – Omega (Fya: I Grade)
MIDNITE – Structa (Vijan: I Grade)
MIDNITE – Humble Wha? (Assini: I Grade)
DANNY I – Seek Zion (Unchangeable: I Grade)
MIDNITE – Intense Pressure Dub (Intense Pressure: Rastafaria)
FIKIR AMLAK – Born To Win (Kings of Kings: Jah Youth & Black Lion) –request
KABAKA PYRAMID – Too Long (Notis)
SIZZLA – Dem A Wonder (Xterminator)
ROMAIN VIRGO – Work (Lifted: VP)
MILLION STYLEZ & PEETAH – Never Conquer I (Revelation Time: Undisputed Records)
MILLION STYLEZ – Conquering Lion (Revelation Time: Undisputed Records)
YT, JOHNNY OSBOURNE, MUNGO’S HI-FI – No Wata Down Ting (Scotch Bonnet)
CHARLIE P & MUNGO’S HI-FI – Skidip (Scotch Bonnet)
JAH VINCI – Naah Go Suffer Too Long (Run In riddim: Frenz For Real)
CHARLY BLACK – Street Code (One Way)
VYBZ KARTEL – How Mi Grow (Farr Out riddim: Down Sound)
MUNGA – Another Prayer (Hilltop Records)

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October 31, 2015

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 31st October 2015

Featuring new music from Torch, Chino, King Mas, Randy Valentine, and Miriam Simone… plus new releases on the Colonel Mustard’s record label straight out of Coburgistan, and the new “Summertime” joint from Easy Now Productions…

CAPITAL LETTERS – Fire (Headline News: Greensleeves)
CAPTIAL LETTERS – Fi Wi Parents (Vinyard: Greensleeves)
CAPTIAL LETTERS – Baggawolf (Vinyard: Greensleeves)
ROMAN STEWART – Rice and Peas (Rockers)
ENOS McLEOD – Tel Aviv Dub (aka Massacre) (The Genius Of Enos: Pressure Sounds)
BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS – Top Ranking (Survival: Island)
IJAHMAN LEVI – Jah Watch Man (Tell It To The Children: Jahmani)
ISRAEL VIBRATION – Universal Father (Why You So Craven: Arrival)
JOY WHITE – Dread Out Deh (Leo 7″)
THE ITALS – Time Will Tell (Solid Roots 7″)
KEITHUS I – Red Hot Version (Jah Dynasty 7″)
NATIRUTS – Vento, Sol, Coracao (Racaman: Unimar)
NATIRUTS – Caraiva (Mega Hits)
JASON HEERAH – In This Life (Jason Heerah)
THE LUCKY DUBE BAND – Give Thanks (Celebrate His Life: Different Colours Productions)
LUCKY DUBE – Prisoner (Prisoner: Gallo)
TORCH – Lion (Voices: VP Records)
CHINO – Zion Step (Frankie Music)
ADDIS PABLO – RFID Chip (Royal Order Music)
KING MAS – Zombie Apocalypse (Royal Order Music)
MARLA BROWN & KABAKA PYRAMID – Hunt You Down (Deliverance: Golden Brown Music)
MIRIAM SIMONE – I Am Love (Mount Zion: Dreddarecords)
MIRIAM SIMONE & LUTAN FYAH – His Kingdom Arise (Mount Zion: Dreddarecords)
RANDY VALENTINE – I Can Love You Better (Peckings)
TASONIA – Bill (Peckings)
TANYA STEPHENS – Tonight (Xterminator)
DEVON RUSSELL – Thanks and Praise (Studio One)
JIM BROWN – Love In The Dance (Studio One)
NICODEMUS – Dog Better Than Gun (Gorgon Records)
WARD 21 – Ganja Smoke (John John)
DANNY DREAD – Chatty Mouth Defeat (Colonel Mustard’s 7″)
JUNIOR CAT – See Di Bobo Dread (Colonel Mustard’s 7″)
NARAM – Bobo Dread Version (Colonel Mustard’s 7″)
TOM SHOWTIME & DJ MAARS – Summertime (Easy Now Recordings)

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October 24, 2015

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 24th October 2015

Featuring the Radikaly riddim from Flash Hit Records, the Yemisi riddim from Oneness, plus new Prince Malachi, Beenie Man, and nuff more…

THE OFFICIALS – Babylonians (Observer 7″)
THE AFRICAN BROTHERS – Things and Time (Want Some Freedom: Easy Star)
THE TIDALS – Land of Joashifia (Combination 7″)
THE TIDALS – Great Day (Great Days: Tidal Sound)
THE TIDALS – Natty Dread (Great Days: Tidal Sound)
GREGORY ISAACS – Love Is Overdue (GGs) –request
GREGORY ISAACS – John Public (Cool Ruler: Virgin)
DESMOND DEKKER – No Place Like Home (Cactus)
VIVIAN JACKSON & THE SONS OF JAH – Jah Vengeance (Vivian Jackson)
DILLINGER – Freshly (Vivian Jackson)
TOMMY McCOOK – Revenge (Vivian Jackson)
MIDNITE – Banking In The Pig (Ras Mek Peace: Wildchild)
MIDNITE – Rastafari Now (Treasure: Rastar)
TRINITY ROOTS – The Dream (Home, Land and Sea: Trinity Roots) –request
NATIRUTS – Racaman (Racaman: Unimar)
KINGFISHA – Water Running (Kingfisha)
ROCKER T – No Surprise (Ifficial riddim: Itation Records) –request
PRINCE MALACHI – Wait Too Long (Third Rock: Ten Mile Media)
FIKIR AMLAK – Too Far (Soul High riddim: Lyon House Music & Roots Rocket) –request
QUEEN IFRICA – Montego Bay (VP) –request
MACKA B – Gangster (Yemisi riddim: Oneness)
SARA LUGO & LUTAN FYAH – They Know Not Love (Yemisi riddim: Oneness)
HOUSE OF SHEM – Jah Love (Yemisi riddim: Oneness)
NAPTALI & AROFAT – Rasta Freedom (Yemisi riddim: Oneness)
J BOOG & IRIE LOVE – Been So Long (Yemisi riddim: Oneness)
KABAKA PYRAMID – No Cliche (Radikaly riddim: Flash Hit)
EXILE DI BRAVE – Talk It Like It Is (Radikaly riddim: Flash Hit)
PUBLIK REPORT – Corruption (Radikaly riddim: Flash Hit)
WARD 21 – Badmind People (Radikaly riddim: Flash Hit)
PAPA MICHIGAN – Ready Fi Dem (Radikaly riddim: Flash Hit)
LITTLE KIRK – Foundation (Radikaly riddim: Flash Hit)
DERRICK PARKER & JIGSY KING – We Kill Sound (Radikaly riddim: Flash Hit)
VIRTUS – Rub A Dub Session (Radikaly riddim: Flash Hit)
LT STITCHIE – Turn Up (Radikaly riddim: Flash Hit)
JAH SUN & BOBBY HUSTLE – Reggae Anthem (Radikaly riddim: Flash Hit)
MILLION STYLEZ & REBELIOUS – Inna Di Vibez (Radikaly riddim: Flash Hit)
JAH VINCI – Burn Di Fire (Radikaly riddim: Flash Hit)
BEENIE MAN – Anyway (Lazy Body riddim: Black Scorpio)

listen via PBS radio on demand