Playlist: December 12, 2015

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 12th December 2015

Featuring the Go With Jah riddim from Taitu, plus some 90s reggae classics, and a good bracket of local Australian releases…

BRIMSTONE – Babylon (Cobra Style: Heartbeat)
FAMILYMAN & THE REBEL ARMS – Eastern Memphis (Cobra Style: Heartbeat)
DENNIS BROWN – Concrete Castle King (Visions: Joe Gibbs)
ASWAD – African Children (New Chapter: CBS)
PETER BROGGS – I A Field Marshall (Cry Tuff)
PETER TOSH – Johnny B Goode (Mama Africa: EMI)
GREGORY ISAACS – Promise (Extra Classic: Conflict)
GREGORY ISAACS – Extra Classic (Extra Classic: Conflict)
LARRY MALUMA – Walking In The City (Ulemu: Safari)
LARRY MALUMA – Simifi (Ulemu: Safari)
BANAWURUN – Bullymen (Banawurun) –request
DECLAN KELLY & MAD PROFESSOR – Truganini (Diesel N Dub: Declan Kelly)
BLACKBIRD HUM – On and On (Blackbird Hum)
JASON HEERAH – In This Life (Jason Heerah)
CERA KYMARNI – Feelin The Shot (Jam 2)
HUMBLE SERVANT BAND – Cold World (Greatest Gift: One Way & Jah Youth Productions)
AKAE BEKA – Psalm (Homage To The Land: Fifth Son)
MARK WONDER – Real Battle Axe (Go With Jah riddim: Taitu)
MICAH SHEMAIAH – Dread Act (Go With Jah riddim: Taitu)
SAMORY I – Scepter (Go With Jah riddim: Taitu)
DAWEH CONGO – Go With Jah (Go With Jah riddim: Taitu)
KABAKA PYRAMID – King of Kings (Go With Jah riddim: Taitu)
JAH MASON – I Am Going Home (Pleasant Hill 7″)
CAPLETON – Iystic In The Cloud (Pleasant Hill 7″)
GARNETT SILK – Love Is The Answer (Steely & Clevie)
BERES HAMMOND – Giving Thanks (Harmony House)
COCOA TEA & LUCIANO – Rough Inna Town (Xterminator)
MORGAN HERITAGE – Ready To Work (Digital B)
GARNETT SILK – Kingly Character (Digital B) –request
MIDNITE – Weed Burn (Seek Knowledge Before Vengeance: Afrikan Roots Lab)

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