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October 19, 2002

Warming things up for the major Chant Down dance "Fully Loaded", with some serious dubplate specials... and a riddim shower on the "Warning" riddim... NATURAL BLACK - My Meditation (Chant Down dubplate special) VERSION - Tempo (Flash 7") MIDNITE - Rasta Man Stand (Ras Mek Peace) TAPPA ZUKIE - MPLA (MPLA: Virgin Frontline) --req JACKIE MITOO - MPLA Rock (The Keyboard Legend: Sonic Sounds) DESMOND YOUNG - Warning (Keep The Pressure Down: Prestige) --req I-ROY - Double Warning (Don't Check Me With No Lightweight Stuff: B&F) BIG YOUTH - Wolf In Sheeps Clothing (Natty Cultural Dread: Trojan) ANTHONY B - Jah Is My Strength (Mixing Lab 7") HALF PINT - Glory Within (Mixing Lab 7") GLEN WASHINGTON - Winner (Brother to Brother: Studio One) CORNELL CAMPBELL - Jah Is My Light (teams 7") JENNIFER LARA - A Change Is Gonna Come (Studio One Presents Jennifer Lara) ALPHA BLONDY - Masada (Live Au Zenith: EMI) --req ANTHONY B & TOOTS - Pomps and Pride (fat Eyes 7") --req SIZZLA - Every Move I Make (Words of Truth: VP) --req MIKEY DREAD - Inna Foriegn (Rasta In Control: DATC) --req CHUKKI STARR - Love and Peace (From Crime to Kodesh: Jet Star) ANTHONY B - Prophecy A Reveal (Live on the Battlefield: Jahmin) TONY REBEL - Eye To Eye (Flames pre-release) EVERTON BLENDER - Lift Up Your Head (Chant Down dubplate special) ED ROBINSON - Rudeboy (Chant Down dubplate special) SIMPLETON - Chant Down Nah Watch No Clock (Chant Down dubplate special) JR DEMUS - Sound Killa (Chant Down dubplate special) PRESTIGE - Get Some Dub (Chant Down dubplate special) VERSION - Stalag 2000 Megamix (Stalag 2000: VP)

October 12, 2002

PRINCE ALLA - Writing on the Wall (More Love: Jah Warrior) NINEY THE OBSERVER - Dub Long Rastafari (Sledgehammer Dub: Motion) BUNNY RUGS - Whats The Use (To Love Somebody: Tabou.1) THE VICEROYS - Slogan on the Wall (Ya Ho: Heartbea) -req HORACE ANDY - Problems (Pressure Sounds 7") BOB MARLEY & WAILERS BAND - Buffalo Soldier dub (Tuff Gong 7") -req ONE LOVE - The Slave Trade (Babylon A Fall Down: Trojan) ROOTBOUND SYSTEM - track 5 (unreleased promo) MIDNITE - Mountains (Nemozian Rasta: I-Grade) I-GRADE - Most High (Nemozian Rasta: I-Grade) ALBAROOT - Jus' Like 'At (Messages from the 7th Sense: 7th Sense) ENOS McCLOUD - Tel Aviv (The Genius of Enos: Pressure Sounds) JR DEMUS & OSSIE DELLIMORE - Sharp As A Razor (AB 7") -req BERES HAMMOND - Rock Away (Harmony House 7") MORGAN HERITAGE - We All Need Love (Harmony House 7") MORGAN HERITAGE - Yad A Mt Zion (Live at the London Astoria DVD) MORGAN HERITAGE - Zion Gates (Live at the London Astoria DVD) LUCIANO & LOUIE CULTURE - Real Rastaman (Bloodhound Collection: CB 321) CAPLETON - Mr Mass Media (HMG 7") NORRIS MAN - Better Your Soul (Better Your Soul: Jah Scout) ROCKER T - Tru Ganjaman (If Ya Luv Luv Show Ya Luv: PSM) -req QUEEN IFRICA - Strong Orange and Herbs (Flames prerelease promo) STEVE MACHETE - Pop It Off (Q45 7") JR REID - Cry Now -req EAST MAN PROJECT - Three Wise Men (HMG 7") CAPLETON & MORGAN HERITAGE - Behold (Still Blazing: VP) -req GLEN WASHINGTON - Feeling (Gurr 7") GEORGE NOOKS - Face of an Angel (Gurr 7") JAH MASON - Plan Out (Gurr 7") TERRY GANZIE, NATTY KING, ATOWA - Move On (Everything Natural 7")

October 5, 2002

Featuring an interview with original dancehall singer Pinchers... PINCHERS - Cut Them Down (Blacka Dread 7") VERSION - Sweeny (Blacka Dread 7") MAX ROMEO - Open The Iron Gate (Open The Iron Gate: Blood and Fire) -req JOLLY BROTHERS - Conscious Man (Conscious Man: Black Ark) -req THE WAILERS - All Day All Night (Catch A Fire Deluxe: Island) THE BLACK FOUNDATION - Jah Jah Dub (Black Foundation In Dub: Heartbeat) ALTHEA AND DONNA - Uptown Top Ranking (Uptown Top Ranking: Virgin) -req ALTON ELLIS - I'm Still In Love (I'm Still In Love: Trojan) TWINKLE BROTHERS - Jahova (Love: Twinkle Music) SIS NYA - Works of Jah (Jah Music: Jah Shaka) THE CABAL - Spacious Dub (Prototype Dub) DENNIS BROWN - Let Me Down easy (Musical Heatwave: Trojan) -req DENNIS BROWN - The Half (The Promised Land: Blood and Fire) SIZZLA - The Half Never Been Told (Goodways: Brickwall) TONY REBEL - Ups and Down (Street People prerelease promo) CHRISINTI - Crazy Glue (Comfort My People: VP) SMILEY CULTURE - Cockney Translation (Massive: Virgin) -req PRESTIGE - No Love (Black Scorpio 7") PINCHERS - Never Hurt Her (Black Scorpio 7") VERSION - Live On (Black Scorpio 7") PINCHERS - Agony PINCHERS - My Chiquetta (Love Promotion 7") PINCHERS - Girls Girls (Soljie 7") VERSION - Flying Home (Soljie 7") BUSHMAN - Too Much (Stalag 2000: VP) -req MORGAN HERITAGE - Live Up (Live In Europe: VP) -req

September 28, 2002

Featuring the "Expo Train" riddim from Black Diamonds... royal thunder from Jah Warrior and Jah Mason... and pre-release promos from Mikey General, Toots and Anthony B... TURBULENCE - Chant With Me (Chant Down dubplate special) JR MURVIN - Closer Together (Arkology: Island) ROY COUSINS & THE ROYALS - Heart In Pain (Pick Up The Pieces: Pressure Sounds) RANKING DREAD & DENNIS BROWN - General (The Promised Land: Blood and Fire) SISTER ASHA - African Call (Message From Africa: Jah Shaka) DUB JUDAH - Jah Shaka Rock (Too Much Innocent Blood: Dub Jockey) DEZARIE - Walk Wid Me (Fya: I Grade) MIDNITE - Urt (Seek Knowledge Before Vengence: Afrikan Roots Lab) PREZIDENT BROWN & CHACHI - Woman of the Rising Sun (Showcase 1: Jahmani) -req CORNELL CAMPBELL - Ten To One (Magic Charm: Studio 1) UB40 - One In Ten (Present Arms In Dub: Virgin) HALF PINT - Bounce (Black Diamonds 7") TOOTS & ANTHONY B - Pomps and Pride (Fat Eyes pre-release promo) FLOURGON - Love One Another (Black Diamonds 7") GEORGE NOOKS - Lord I (Black Diamonds 7") -req ADMIRAL TIBET - Call Me A Warrior (Black Diamonds 7") DREAD SON - Loot and Shoot (Black Diamonds 7") LUCIANO - Lesson of Life (Black Diamonds 7") -req ANTHONY B - Not An Easy Road (Black Diamonds 7") SUGAR BLACK, LEBANCULAH, ANTHONY B - Stress In The Ghetto (Claim The Joy) MIKEY GENERAL - Change of Attitude (Exalt Jah) AL PANCHO - Joy Bells (Lustre Kings 7") ILUE - The Sabbath (Lustre Kings 7") JAH MASON - Most Royal (Jah Warrior 7") JAH WARRIOR - Royal Dub (Jah Warrior 7") PETER TOSH - Babylon Queendom (Intel Diplo 7") -req PETER TOSH - Iration (Intel Diplo 7") -req

September 21, 2002

Jesse I returns to Chant Down Babylon after two months in the USA and Jamaica! Highlights include exclusive Chant Down Sound dubplates... the rare Peter Tosh gem "Babylon Queendom"... the best new roots CD in years from Midnight... pre-release tunes from Tony Rebel's Flames label... Heavenless riddim on 321 Strong... and the Rachik and Diwali riddims... BABATUNDE - Chant Down A Come (Chant Down Sound dubplate special) VERSION - Created By The Father (Henfield 7") MILTON BLAKE & LUCIANO - Listen Chant Down (Chant Down Sound dubplate special) DENNIS BROWN - 3 Meals A Day (Promised Land: Blood & Fire) PETER TOSH - Babylon Queendom (Intel Diplo 7") CARLTON & THE SHOES - This Heart of Mine (This Heart of Mine: Quality Records) MIDNIGHT - Ras For A Reason (Seek Knowledge Before Vengence: African Roots Lab) MIDNIGHT - Urt (Seek Knowledge Before Vengence: African Roots Lab) LEE SCRATCH PERRY - Introducing Myself (live in Melbourne 1999) QUEEN IFRIKA - Life (Flames pre-release) TONY REBEL - Eye To Eye (Flames pre-release) NORRIS MAN - Park Your Guns (Brickwall 7") CHRISINTI - Mightier Than Dem (Comfort My People: VP) CHRISINTI - Land of the Nazarine (Comfort My People: VP) ADMIRAL TIBET - Nah Tarry Yah (321 Strong 7") GEORGE NOOKS - Musical Sweetness (321 Strong 7") SUGAR ROY - Who Start The War (321 Strong 7") NATURAL BLACK - What Happen To (321 Strong 7") MORGAN HERITAGE, JR KELLY, ANTHONY B - Never Go Under (HMG 7") LUCIANO - Serve Jah (HMG 7") MORGAN HERITAGE & GENTLEMAN - Man of My Own (HMG 7") LMS - Nah Look Back (HMG 7") ANTHONY B - Fandangles (Fire Ball 7") WARD 21 - Hotter Than Them (Crystal Ball 7") BOUNTY KILLER - Sufferer (40/40 7") WAYNE MARSHALL - Overcome (40/40 7") TOK - Glazing Gal (40/40 7") SIZZLA - We've Been Together (Golden Cartel 7") TERRY GANZIE - King of Kings (Penthouse 7") SIZZLA - Worthy To Be Praised (Lustre Kings 7") TURBULENCE & JOSEY MEL - Nothing But The Best (Chant Down Sound dubplate special)

Jamaica – August & September 2002

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July 20, 2002

Featuring a guest selection from Jessie Proverbs... killer new live Anthony B... and nuff tunes praising Rastafari... RAS MICHAEL & SONS OF NEGUS - Rasta Man Chant (Nyahbingi: Trojan) ABYSSINIANS - Thunderstorm (Satta Dub: Tabou.1) PETER TOSH & U-ROY - Rightful Ruler (Honorary Citzen: Columbia) BOB MARLEY - Jah Live (Songs of Freedom: Island) THE ROYALS - Pick Up The Pieces (Pick Up The Pieces: Pressure Sounds) JUNIOR DELAHAYE - Love (Showcase: Wackies) FREDDIE McGREGOR - Natural Collie (Anthology: VP) -req VIN GORDON - Zion Youth (Keep The Pressure Down: Elite) SKAZZ - Sway (Welcome To Civilization) ROOTBOUND SYSTEM - Track 2 (unreleased promo) KING JAMMY WITH DRY & HEAVY - Breaking Dub (In The Jaws of the Tiger: Valve) ROD TAYLOR - His Imperial Majesty (Ethiopian Kings: Patate) BASEY JOCKEY - Hail King Selassie Non Stop (Proverbs 7") JESSIE PROVERBS - Reaction (Proverbs 7") STEVE MACHETE - Vote For Jah (Strictly Roots and Culture: Pickout) SCREWDRIVER - Nah Bow To The System (Operation Attack Babylon: Charm) BUSHMAN - What A Gwaan (Treasure Chest vol 1: Jet Star) SUGAR MINOTT - Herbman Hustling (Herbman Hustling: Heartbeat) JR KELLY - Black African Star (Reality Calling vol 1: Jet Star) JESSIE PROVERBS - Chapter and Verse (Chapter and Verse: Proverbs) JESSIE PROVERBS - Judge Not (Chapter and Verse: Proverbs) DAWEH CONGo - Iration (Reality Calling vol 1: Jet Star) CHRISINTI - Comfort My People (Comfort My People: VP) CHRISINTI - Better Days (Comfort My People: VP) BERES HAMMOND - Hail His Name (Star Trail 7") -req ANTHONY B - Burning and Looting (Live on the Battlefield) ANTHONY B - Storm Winds (Live on the Battlefield) SUGAR ROY - Legalize The Herb (Dance Nice Again: Brickwall) JAH MASON - Keep The Fiya (Keep Your Joy: Ghettotech)

July 13, 2002

Featuring a whole heap of requests, new albums from Jah Mason and Chrisinti, and new singles from Capleton, Ras Shiloh, and Queen Omega... CORNELL CAMPBELL - I'll Mash You Down (ossie 7") VERSION - I'll Mash You Down (ossie 7") U-ROY & THE PARAGONS - Wear You To The Ball (Your Ace From Space: Trojan) -req GLADIATORS - Naturality (Vital Selection: Virgin) -req BUNNY WAILER - Love Fire (Roots Radics Rockers Reggae: Shanachie) -req NINEY THE OBSERVER - Dub Long Rastafari (Sledgehammer Dub: Motion) PETER TOSH - Buk-In-Hamm Palace (Mystic Man: Intel-Diplo) -req CONGOS - Don't Blame It On I (Arkology: Island) -req LEROY SMART - Mirror Mirror (Keep The Pressure Down: Prestige) DR ALIMANTADO - Best Dressed Chicken In Town (Best Dressed Chicken: Greensleeves) -req ROOTBOUND SYSTEM - Track 1 (unreleased promo) MISTY IN ROOTS - Judas Iscariot (Misty over Sweden) -req ERROL DUNKLEY - Keep The Pressure Down (Keep The Pressure Down: Prestige) -req HEPTONES - Suffering So (Cool Rasta: Trojan) JESSIE PROVERBS - Reaction (Proverbs 7") PREZIDENT BROWN - Can't Touch My Soul (Showcase vol 2: Jahmani) JAH MASON - Impress (Keep Your Joy: Ghettotech) -req QUEEN OMEGA - Bomb Inna Sodom (Charm 7") RAS SHILOH - It's The Truth (Penthouse 7") BERES HAMMOND & MORGAN HERITAGE - Help The Needy (Family and Friends 3: AO) CHRISINTI - Mightier Than Dem (Comfort My People: VP) BERES HAMMOND - Warriors Don't Cry (Penthouse 7") -req GLEN WASHINGTON - Serious Man (Hi Power 7") -req CAPLETON - Still A Bun Dem (John John 7") BOUNTY KILLER - Sufferer (40/40 7") -req CORNELL CAMPBELL - Jah Jah Give Us Love (Tomoki-Wambesi 7")