Playlist: July 20, 2002

Featuring a guest selection from Jessie Proverbs... killer new live Anthony B... and nuff tunes praising Rastafari... RAS MICHAEL & SONS OF NEGUS - Rasta Man Chant (Nyahbingi: Trojan) ABYSSINIANS - Thunderstorm (Satta Dub: Tabou.1) PETER TOSH & U-ROY - Rightful Ruler (Honorary Citzen: Columbia) BOB MARLEY - Jah Live (Songs of Freedom: Island) THE ROYALS - Pick Up The Pieces (Pick Up The Pieces: Pressure Sounds) JUNIOR DELAHAYE - Love (Showcase: Wackies) FREDDIE McGREGOR - Natural Collie (Anthology: VP) -req VIN GORDON - Zion Youth (Keep The Pressure Down: Elite) SKAZZ - Sway (Welcome To Civilization) ROOTBOUND SYSTEM - Track 2 (unreleased promo) KING JAMMY WITH DRY & HEAVY - Breaking Dub (In The Jaws of the Tiger: Valve) ROD TAYLOR - His Imperial Majesty (Ethiopian Kings: Patate) BASEY JOCKEY - Hail King Selassie Non Stop (Proverbs 7") JESSIE PROVERBS - Reaction (Proverbs 7") STEVE MACHETE - Vote For Jah (Strictly Roots and Culture: Pickout) SCREWDRIVER - Nah Bow To The System (Operation Attack Babylon: Charm) BUSHMAN - What A Gwaan (Treasure Chest vol 1: Jet Star) SUGAR MINOTT - Herbman Hustling (Herbman Hustling: Heartbeat) JR KELLY - Black African Star (Reality Calling vol 1: Jet Star) JESSIE PROVERBS - Chapter and Verse (Chapter and Verse: Proverbs) JESSIE PROVERBS - Judge Not (Chapter and Verse: Proverbs) DAWEH CONGo - Iration (Reality Calling vol 1: Jet Star) CHRISINTI - Comfort My People (Comfort My People: VP) CHRISINTI - Better Days (Comfort My People: VP) BERES HAMMOND - Hail His Name (Star Trail 7") -req ANTHONY B - Burning and Looting (Live on the Battlefield) ANTHONY B - Storm Winds (Live on the Battlefield) SUGAR ROY - Legalize The Herb (Dance Nice Again: Brickwall) JAH MASON - Keep The Fiya (Keep Your Joy: Ghettotech)