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December 28, 2002

Paying tribute to Clash legend Joe Strummer, and running through the best tunes and albums of 2002. THE CLASH - London Calling (London Calling: Epic) THE CLASH - Justice Tonight (Black Market Clash: Epic) TOP 3 REISSUE/REVIVE ALBUMS OF 2002: 3. DENNIS BROWN - Together Brothers (Promise Land: Blood and Fire) 2. PRINCE ALLA - Man From Bosrah (I Can Hear The Children: Blood and Fire) 1. THE ROYALS - Pick Up The Pieces (Pick Up The Pieces: Pressure Sounds) TOP 5 NEW ALBUMS OF 2002: 5. WARRIOR KING - Virtous Woman (Virtous Woman: VP) 4. QUEEN OMEGA - Uprising (Queen Omega: Green House Family) 3. CAPLETON - Search Fi Find (Still Blazing: VP) 2. GENTLEMAN - Dem Gone (Journey To Jah: Columbia) 1. MIDNITE - Ras For A Reason (Seek Knowledge Before Vengence: ARL) MIDNITE - You Don't Know Me (Seek Knowledge Before Vengence: ARL) TOP 3 BASHMENT/JUMP UP SINGLES OF 2002: 3. CAPLETON, JAH THUNDER, IKAY - Fire (Kings of Kings 7") 2. SEAN PAUL - Gimme The Light (Black Shadow 7") 1. BOUNTY KILLER - Sufferer (40/40 7") TOP 10 ROOTS SINGLES 0F 2002: 10. ANTHONY B - Police (John John 7") 9. FRISCO KID - Cant Stop The Blessings (Real Music 7") 8. LUCIANO - Warning (Rashanco 7") 7. CAPLETON - Things You Do (Star Trail 7") 6. JAHMALI - Poor Man's Strength (Fire Ball 7") 5. JR REID - Rise Up (Black Diamonds 7") 4. MORGAN HERITAGE, LMS, ANTHONY B, JR KELLY - Never Go Under (HMG 7") 3. CAPLETON & MORGAN HERITAGE - Behold (Kickin 7") 2. ADMIRAL TIBET - If You A Warrior (321 Strong 7") NATURAL BLACK - What Happened To (321 Strong 7") GEORGE NOOKS - Musical Sweetness (321 Strong 7") SUGAR ROY - Who Start The War (321 Strong 7") 1. LUCIANO & CAPLETON - Never Want The Youths Dem Die (Black Scorpio 7")

December 21, 2002

Back in action after taking last week off to play at the Meredith Music Festival. Highlights include live Beres Hammond taken from VP's DVD "Live From New York"... A version excursion on the "Sidewalk Doctor" riddim... new singles on Star Trail... And a couple shots straight to the head of Mr Neck Tie Man from Cocoa Tea and Jah Mason... VELVET SHADOWS - Babylon A Fall Down (Babylon A Fall Down: Trojan) DEZARIE & I GRADE - Love Yourself (Fya: I-Grade) ISRAEL VIBRATIONS - We A De Rasta (Power of the Trinity: Ras) BARRINGTON - Black Roses (When The Dances Were Changing: Pressure Sounds) HORACE ANDY - Quiet Place (Gorgon 7") ERROL DUNKLEY - Don't Go Nowhere --req THE HEPTONES - Sweet Talkin (Night Food: Island) SUGAR MINOTT - I Need A Roof (Showcase: Studio One) JACKIE MITOO - Sidewalk Doctor (Studio One Scorcher: Soul Jazz) I ROY - Sidewalk Killer (Don't Check Me With No Lightweight Stuff: Blood and Fire) DAWEH CONGO - So Happy (Recession Beater 7") DRY AND HEAVY - The Dog and the Chicken (New Creation: Valve) LARRY MALUMA - Punzisani Anna (unreleased live take) HOPETON JAMES - I Am So Proud (Relic World 7") BERES HAMMOND - Can't Stop A Man (Live From New York DVD: VP) BERES HAMMOND - What One Dance Can Do (Live From New York DVD: VP) BERES HAMMOND - She Loves Me Now (Live From New York DVD: VP) BERES HAMMOND - No Disrespect (Live From New York DVD: VP) SYLVIA TELLA - Plastic Smile (Stingray 7") ANTHONY B - Three Cheers (Star Trail 7") MICHAEL ROSE - Moving On (Star Trail 7") JR KELLY - God Bless (Conscious Voice: Jetstar) COCOA TEA - Mr Neck Tie Man (Xterminator 7") JAH MASON - Mr Jacket and Tie (Unlimited: reggae Vibes) SIZZLA - Trod Through The Valley (unreleased Judgement Yard exclusive) I JAH BONES & AFRICAN DISCIPLES - High and Low Places (Trample The Beast) JACOB MILLER - All I Want Fo Ismas (Natty Christmas: ras)

December 7, 2002

SUGAR MINOTT - Rough Ole Life (Sufferer's Choice: Heartbeat) KING JAMMY MEETS DRY & HEAVY - Rumble Dub (In The Jaws of the Tiger: Valve) TRISTAN PALMA - Entertainment JAH THOMAS & TOYAN - Two Bad DJ Haffe Talk PABLOVE BLACK - Push Pull (Studio One Scorcher: Soul Jazz) BURNING SPEAR - Swell Headed (Rocking Time: Studio One) EARL 16 - Jah Army (Phoenix of Peace: Seven Leaves) LEE SCRATCH PERRY - S.D.I. (Time Boom X De Devil Dead: On-U) -req THIRD WORLD - Uptown Rebel (Reggae Ambassadors: Island) THIRD WORLD - 96 Degrees In The Shade (Reggae Ambassadors: Island) -req BARRY BROWN - International Step (Sings Roots and Culture: Fatman) SYLFORD WALKER - Deuteronomy (Lambs Bread International: Blood and Fire) ROOTBOUND SYSTEM - Unreleased promo track 1 SIZZLA - Burning Down (unreleased Judgement Yard exclusive) BUSHMAN - Herb Field (King Stur Gav 7") TONY REBEL - Nuh Nuh No (Black Scorpio 7") -req DETERMINE - Si De Fire (Black Scorpio 7") BERES HAMMOND - Come Down Father (Harmony House 7") -req JR KELLY - Come One Day (Conscious Voice: Jet Star) JAH CURE & JAH MASON - Run Come Love Me (Harmony House 7") -req SEAN PAUL & BUSTA RHYMES - Gimme The Light remix (Dutty Rock: VP) -req BUJU BANTON - Africa Awaits Its Creator (Cultural Merger vol.1: 321 Strong) THE WAILERS - High Tide Low Tide (Catch A Fire deluxe remasters: Tuff Gong) -req CHAT PON - King Jammy Meets Dry and Heavy "In The Jaws of the Tiger" on Valve records.

November 30, 2002

Chanting Down Babylon while the state goes to vote, featuring over 30 minutes of interview with Bushman... new Jah Mason album on Reggae Vibes... new Sean Paul album "Dutty Rock"... and classic Michael Rose, Peter Tosh, and Burning Spear in a live style... MIDNITE - Esta Es The Truth (Nemozian Rasta: I-Grade) GREGORY ISAACS - Rock On (Rebel Music: Trojan) -req KING TUBBY - Big Combo Dub (Dub Conference: 2B1) -req JOHNNY CLARKE - Warrior (Truths and Rights Observer Style: Heartbeat) PRINCE ALLA - Only Love (Recession Beater 7") DONETTE FORTE - Wilderness (Wilderness: Jah Works) MIGHTY DIAMONDS - Have A Little Mercy (Tell Me Whats Wrong) BARRINGTON - Shine Eye Gal (Bounty Hunter Wanted: Jah Life) MICHAEL ROSE - Shine Eye Gal (Live In San Fransisco: 2B1) PETER TOSH - Mystic Man (Honorary Citizen: Columbia) -req BURNING SPEAR - I&I Survive (Live!: Island) BUSHMAN - Knowledge (Toe to Toe: Jet Star) BUSHMAN - Fire Pon A Weakheart (Jammys 7") BUSHMAN - Life (Pickout 7") JAH MASON & DON ANGELO - No Limit (Unlimited: Reggae Vibes) LOUIE CULTURE - Nanco (Brickwall 7") -req BUJU BANTON - Champion (Til Shiloh: Penthouse) -req SEAN PAUL - Intro (Dutty Rock: VP) SEAN PAUL - Gimme The Light (Black Shadow 7") VERSION - The Buzz (Black Shadow 7") ANTHONY B - Nah Vote Again (Universal Message: VP) LUCIANO - He Is My Friend (Where There Is Life: Island)

November 16, 2002

Highlights include live material from the Twinkle Brothers, Abyssinians and Yellowman on the 2B1 label... the new Studio One Scorcher on Soul Jazz... killer herb tunes on the Digital One label... the Golden Hen riddim on Rashanco... and brand new singles on the Ghetto Youths International label... TWINKLE BROTHERS - Babylon Falling / Don't Wanna Be Lonley / Since I Threw The Comb Away (Live at Maritime Hall: 2B1) JENNIFER LARA - Hurt So Good (Studio One Presents Jennifer Lara: Studio One) CEDRIC IM BROOKS & SOUND DIMENSION - Mun-Dun-Gu (Studio One Scorcher: Soul Jazz) THE SOUL VENDORS - Ringo Rock (Studio One Scorcher: Soul Jazz) PETER TOSH - Burial (Legalize It: CBS) PRINCE ALLA - Funeral ext (I Can Hear The Children Singing: Blood and Fire) ABYSSINIANS - Shadrach, Mesach and Abendigo (Live In SF: 2B1) YELLOWMAN - Mr Chin / Getting Married / Bam Bam / Mad Over Me / Zungugzeng (Live In SF: 2B1) BARRINGTON LEVY - Warm and Sunny Day (Total Recall vol 10: VP) JR REID - Rasta Government (Rasta Government: One Blood) BERES HAMMOND - Kids Play (Penthouse 7") --req FREDDIE McGREGOR - Coming Home Tonight (Explorer pre-release) WARRIOR KING - Virtous Woman (Virtous Woman: VP) --req BEENIE MAN - Ganja Anthem (Digital One 7") MEGA BANTON - Herbalist (Digital One 7") JR GONG & BOUNTY KILLER - Educated Fools remix (Ghetto Youths International 7") CAPLETON - You Nah Hear (Ghetto Youths International 7") LUCIANO - Warning (Rashanco 7") LUTAN FIYAH - Teach Us To Die (Rashanco 7") HALF PINT - Soul Mate (Rashanco 7") JAH MASON - Listen (Rashanco 7") PINCHERS - Hot Number (321 Strong Presents Cultural Merger: 321 Strong) JR KELLY - God Bless (Conscious Voice: Jet Star) JULIAN MARLEY - Systems (Ghetto Youths International 7") COCOA TEA & SHABBA RANKS - Time A Go Dread (Dimensions: 2B1) CHAT PON RIDDIM: "Killer Dub" by Inner Circle and Fatman Riddim Section on Blood and Fire

November 9, 2002

Highlights included the new David's Heart riddim on The Psalms label... Jah Teach Dem riddim on Village Roots... a new cut of Real Rock on Kickin... and a special guest selection from UK roots soundman Milton Naphtali from Jah Trinity Outernational. JAHMALI - Face The Challenge (The Psalms 7") VERSION - David's Heart riddim (The Psalms 7") ABIJAH - Jah Set It So (The Psalms 7") ANTHONY B - Fire Fe Opressor (The Psalms 7") NATURAL BLACK - Weh Dem A Go Pass (The Psalms 7") FREDDIE McGREGOR - Rastaman Camp (Bobby Babylon: Heartbeat) THE LOVE GROCER - A Little Rain Must Fall (Rocking With The Love Grocer: Dubhead) DRY & HEAVY - Reverse Again (New Creation: Valve) THE LOVE JOYS - How Long (Reggae Vibes: Wackies) MEDITATIONS - War Mongers (Reggae Crazy: Nighthawk) JR ROSS & THE SPEARS - Hold Them Prophecy ext (I Can Hear: Blood & Fire) GREGORY ISAACS - Private Secretary (Out Deh!: Island) DENNIS BROWN - Milk and Honey (Visions: Shanachie) LUCIANO - Love and Blessings (Heights of Heights 7") HALF PINT - Feel Good (Heights of Heights 7") MIKEY SPICE - Give A Little (Reality Calling vol 2: Jet Star) SABBATTICAL AHDAH - Life (Heart Ah Joy: Iyah Ites) PABLO GAD - The Prophet, Bob Marley (CDH 12") FABIAN - Prophecy MAX ROMEO - Fari Captain of my Ship (Jah Shaka 7") TENASTELIN - Flying Saucer (River Bank 7") ANTHONY B & DONIKI - Break Free (Kickin 7") CAPLETON - Take The Veil From Your Eyes (Kickin 7") NATURAL BLACK - Sick Pon Dem (Kickin 7") GEORGE NOOKS - You Better Know (Village Roots 7") SUGAR MINOTT - Jah Teach Dem (Village Roots 7") PINCHERS - When When When (Village Roots 7") CHAT PON RIDDIM: "Rocking With The Love Grocer" on Dubhead records

November 2, 2002

Featuring a special guest set from New Zealand dancehall sound "Badman Badgal", and Jr Reid's latest album "Rasta Government". JR REID - Chant Down Babylon (Rasta Government: One Blood) ZUVUYA - Fat Eddys (Weed of Wisdom: Dub Eden) DUB SYNDICATE - More Kaya (Acres of Space: Lion & Roots) --req THE LOVE GROCER - Wood of Life (Rocking With: Dubhead) --req DRY & HEAVY - Riders Version (New Creation: Valve) KEITH HUDSON - Satan Side (Studio Kinda Cloudy: trojan) --req DILLINGER - Datlight Savings Time (If Deejay Was Your Trade: Blood & Fire) PRINCE ALLA - Jah Jah Bird (I Can Hear The Children Singing: Blood & Fire) JOHNNY CLARKE - Ites Gold and Green (Authorised Rockers: Virgin Frontline) BLACK UHURU - Guess Whos Coming To Dinner (Guess Whos Coming: Heartbeat) SISTER CAROL - Love In The Morning (Liberation for Africa) MIDNITE - Late Night Ghetto (Seek Knowledge Before Vengence: Afrikan Roots Lab) DENNIS BROWN - To The Foundation (Judge Not: Greensleeves) JAH THUNDER - Hold Your Own (Mixing Lab 7") ANTHONY CRUZ - You Got It Bad (Mixing Lab 7") CAPLETON - Rat Race (Mixing Lab 7") AFRIKAN SIMBA - Roots Man Deya --req GARNETT SILK - Passing Judgement --req BOUNTY KILLER & TYRICAL - Big Up The Music (Gold Pot 7") DEGREE - Summer Flow (Gold Pot 7") FRISCO - Thug It Out (Studio 2000 7") BUCCANEER - One Pop (Studio 2000 7") JR REID & TERRY GANZIE - One Blood remix (JR 7") CUTTY RANKS - Who See Me Dun (VP 12") MR EASY - Drive Me Crazy (K.Licious 7") SEAN PAUL - Like Glue (VP 12") HAWKEYE - You Gone (True Blue 7") CAPLETON - We Nuh Tek Dis (Stone Love 7") ANTHONY B - Cut Out That (Live on the Battlefield: Jahmin) JR REID - Hat Over Turban (Rasta Government: One Blood) CHAT PON RIDDIM: Zuvuya "Weed of Wisdom" on Dub Eden

October 26, 2002

JR ROSS & THE SPEARS - Bow Down Babylon (I Can Hear The Children Singing: B&F) IMPACT ALL STARS - Easy Come Dub (Forward The Bass: B&F) PRINCE ALLA - Bosrah (I Can Hear The Children Singing: B&F) PRINCE ALLA - Slave Master (I Can Hear The Children Singing: B&F) ROD TAYLOR - Bad Man Comes and Goes (Ethiopian Kings: Patate) DILLINGER - Nuh Chuck It (Ethiopian Kings: Patate) LINTON KWESI JOHNSON - All We Doing Is Defending (Dread Beat & Blood: Virgin Frontline) -req LINTON KWESI JOHNSON - Sonny's Lettah (Forces of Victory: Island) -req ASWAD - It's Not Our Wish (Aswad Showcase: Island) THE ITALS - Give Me Power (Give Me Power: Nighthawk) BIG YOUTH & THE DISCIPLES - Chucky No Lucky (Select Cuts 3: Echo Beach) QUEEN IFRIKA - True Divine (Flames prerelease) -req QUEEN OMEGA - Uprising (Queen Omega: Green House Family) -req WARRIOR KING - Jah Is Always There (Isle of Springs 7") SIZZLA - No Pain (Black History: Kalonji) -req JAH CURE - Spread Jah Love (The Truth: J&D) VERSION - Tonight riddim (Big Neck 7") JAHMALI & LEEGO - Smile (Big Neck 7") NATURAL BLACK - Gun Nuh Mek Yah (Big Neck 7") MORGAN HERITAGE & TONY REBEL - People are Fighting (Protect Us Jah: Anansi) TONY REBEL & GARNETT SILK - Rub A Dub Soldier (Garnett Meets Conquering Lion: J&D) LADY SAW - Hail Jah (Stone Cold 7") -req CAPLETON - Seek Knowledge (Stone Cold 7")