Playlist: May 4, 2019

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 4th May 2019

Paying respects to the late Jamaican deejay Jah Stitch (1949-2019). Plus the St Andrew riddim from Chimney Records, the Conquest Parade riddim from Damage Muziq, and some sweet 90s vocals from the likes of Mikey Spice, Sanchez, and Garnett Silk.

HORACE ANDY – Zion Gate (Original Ragga Muffin: Blood and Fire)
JAH STITCH – Every Wicked Have To Crawl (Original Ragga Muffin: Blood and Fire)
JAH STITCH – Ethiopia (Diamond International)
JAH STITCH – Set Up Yourself Dreadlocks (Jackpot)
JAH STITCH – Black Harmony Killer (Original Ragga Muffin: Blood and Fire)
JAH STITCH – African People (3 in 1) (Original Ragga Muffin: Blood and Fire)
JAH STITCH – Watch Your Step Youthman (Original Ragga Muffin: Blood and Fire)
JAH STITCH – Crazy Joe (Tanya)
JAH STITCH – Greedy Girl (Aggrovator)
JAH STITCH – Evilous Things (Sunshot)
JAH STITCH – No Dread Can’t Dead (Original Ragga Muffin: Blood and Fire)
JAH STITCH – Dragon, Snake and Spider (Record City)
LINVAL THOMPSON – Freedom Fighters (Rocking Vibration: Burning Sounds) –request
GREGORY ISAACS – Word of the Farmer (Cool Ruler: African Museum)
DENNIS BROWN – Let Love In (Sunshot) –request
EEK A MOUSE – Tell Them (Black and White) –request
LINVAL COOPER – Happy Birthday (Money Disc) –request
GARNETT SILK – Splashing Dashing (Digital B)
RAS DEMO – Along The Way (Pon Di Riddim: Silly Walks)
MIKEY SPICE – Born Again (Born Again: VP/Digital B)
MIKEY SPICE – Row Fisherman Row (Jah Lifted Me: Digital Eclipse Production)
MIKEY SPICE – Warning You (Born Again: VP)
MIKEY SPICE – Keep Jah Close (Jet Star)
PRINCE MALACHI – So Wrong (Runaway Slave: Jet Star)
SANCHEZ – Sweet Love and Devotion (Forever: Xterminator) –request
TARRUS RILEY – Jamaican Proverbs (St Andrew riddim: Chimney Records)
ALAINE – You Give Me Hope (St Andrew riddim: Chimney Records)
PRESSURE BUSSPIPE – Work (St Andrew riddim: Chimney Records)
JEMERE MORGAN – Proud (St Andrew riddim: Chimney Records)
ROMAIN VIRGO – Melanin (St Andrew riddim: Chimney Records)
QUEEN IFRICA – To See (St Andrew riddim: Chimney Records)
MORGAN HERITAGE – We Don’t Want Dem (St Andrew riddim: Chimney Records)
RAS SHILOH – See It Deh (Reggae Vibes)
SHANE O – Hold On (Conquest Parade riddim; Damage Muziq)
TOMMY LEE – Blessings (Conquest Parade riddim; Damage Muziq)
CHRONIC LAW – Bless Me (Conquest Parade riddim; Damage Muziq)
POPCAAN & AGENT SASCO – Banks Of The Hope remix (Diamond Studios)

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