Playlist: March 25, 2023

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 25th March 2023

Featuring the “Inna Dis Yah” riddim from Global Beat Studios and the “Elevate” riddim from Stingray Records, plus new tunes from Micah Shemaiah, Randy Valentine, Kananga, T’Jean, Chronic Law, and Australia’s own Jah Tung and Belly.

SOUL POWER AND SOUND – Trample Romans (The Right Procedure: RAS)
TREVOR BYFIELD – Burning Bush Version (Fox Fire)
PABLO MOSES – Each Is A Servant (A Song: Island)
DELROY WILLIAMS – Mountain Top (Message)
ERROL HOLT – Congo Dread (Lion)
SUGAR MINOTT – Jahovia (Studio One)
KEN BOOTHE – Black Gold and Green (Soul Beat)
I ROY – Red Gold and Green (Gussie 76)
KC WHITE – Anywhere But Nowhere (A Clarke)
LITTLE ROY – Hard Fighter (Matador)
JACKIE MITTOO – Ram Jam (Studio One)
BOB ANDY – You Don’t Know (Harry J)
FRIGHTNRS & PREET PATEL – Profilin (Always: Daptone)
THE HEPTONES – Book Of Rules (Night Food: Island) –request
YELLOWMAN – King Of The Crop (Greensleeves) –request
BARRY BROWN – Come We Dub Tonight (Hit Bound)
TRISTON PALMER – Bad Minded (Black Solidarity)
AZA LINEAGE – Freedom (Inna Dis Yah riddim: Global Beat Studios)
ANTHONY B – Inna Yard (Inna Dis Yah riddim: Global Beat Studios)
EESAH & JHOE SPENG – Red Now (Inna Dis Yah riddim: Global Beat Studios)
INEZI – Jungle (Inna Dis Yah riddim: Global Beat Studios)
KHAGO – Ruff Life Crisis (Inna Dis Yah riddim: Global Beat Studios)
SIZZLA – We Can Do Better (Inna Dis Yah riddim: Global Beat Studios)
RUNKUS – In Addis Ababa (Inna Dis Yah riddim: Global Beat Studios)
SAMORY I – Power (Black Gold: RoryStoneLove & Black Dub)
KANANGA – Burning Fire (Nuh Rush Records)
BUSY SIGNAL – Conscious Vibes (Elevate riddim: Stingray)
PUBLIK REPORT – Hold Your Breath (Elevate riddim: Stingray)
MEDISUN – African Children (Elevate riddim: Stingray)
CHEZIDEK – It’s Time (Never Stop: Irie Ites)
MICAH SHEMAIAH – Stereo (Evidence Music)
BELLY – Still Trodding (Cornerstone riddim: Miss Mac Music)
KRISTINE ALICIA – You Ah Di Cornerstone (Cornerstone riddim: Miss Mac Music)
JAH TUNG & PRESSURE – Indigenous Government (Digital Degeneration: Jah Tung & Evidence Music)
YAMI BOLO – Babylon System (Bellyfull riddim: FuryBass)
MILLION STYLEZ – Roots Of All Evil (Bellyfull riddim: FuryBass)
RANDY VALENTINE – Own A Plan (Drum Song riddim: Evidence Music)
T’JEAN, CHRONIC LAW, SIZZLA – Worthy Cause (Sonovic Music & Izreal Records)

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