Playlist: June 10, 2023

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 10th June 2023

Featuring the new Inna De Yard release “Family Affair”, more from the new Alborosie album “Destiny”, and new music from Lutan Fyah, Pressure Busspipe, Perfect Giddimani, Prince Levy, Christopher Ellis, Joe Yorke, Jah Tung, and moreā€¦ plus the usual vintage classics

GABRIEL & THE ANGEL – Dread In A Earth (Golden Air)
KING TUBBY & ERROL T – Burning (Black Foundation In Dub: Jack Ruby)
THE MYSTIC EYES – Reality (Dub Irator)
THE MYSTIC EYES – Judgement Time (Thompson Sound)
THE MYSTIC EYES – Free Up (Mysterious: Burning Sounds)
U ROY & DELROY CRUTCHES JONES – Double Attack (Puzzle)
DENNIS WALKS – Heart Don’t Leap (Moods International)
LEROY SMART – Ethiopia (Joe Gibbs)
LITTLE ROY – Mr T (Tafari)
KEITH HUDSON – Blood Of My Blood (Flesh Of My Skin, Blood of My Blood: Mamba)
HUGH MUNDELL – Feeling Alright (Rockers International)
STEVE BOSWELL & JAH BERRY – Cool Rastaman Cool (Children Of Jah: Phase One)
SYLFORD WALKER – I Can’t Understand It (Attack)
BIM SHERMAN – Blacker Sound (Scorpio)
INNA DE YARD & CEDRIC MYTON – Humanity (Family Affair: Chapter Two & Wagram Music)
INNA DE YARD & KUCH McANUFF – Come Away Jah Jah Children (Family Affair: Chapter Two & Wagram Music)
FIKIR AMLAK & DRE Z MELODI – Man of the Road (Go A Chant Productions)
JAH TUNG – Ital Generation (Digital Degeneration: Jah Tung & Evidence Music)
MARVIN PRIEST – Require (Loves Free: Ragga Records)
RAS JAHKNOW – Can’t Change Jah Jah Man (Jah Sta Li: Ras Jahknow)
KERBSIDE COLLECTION & ECHO DEX – Horizonte (Colours) (1 Shot Out The Box Dub) (Legere Records)
JOE YORKE & THE 18TH PARALELL – End Of The Day (Fruits Records & Evidence Music)
CHRISTOPHER ELLIS – Stick Together (Ghetto Youths International)
PRESSURE BUSSPIPE – Wake Up (Current Situation riddim: Rich Affiliates & Pouding Da Pavement)
LUTAN FYAH – None Shall Escape (Bird Of Paradise riddim: Big Bus Records)
PERFECT GIDDIMANI – Fire Fire (Bird Of Paradise riddim: Big Bus Records)
ALBOROSIE & BUJU BANTON – Over My Shoulders (Destiny: VP Records & Greensleeves)
ALBOROSIE & BURRU BANTON – Give It To Them (Destiny: VP Records & Greensleeves)
ALBOROSIE – Herbalist (Forward)
RICHIE PHOE & KINGSTON EXPRESS – Fire Red Hot (Remix) (Kingston Express)
PRINCE LEVY – Roots and Banner (King I-Vier Music & Loud City Music)
LILA IKE – I Spy (In.Digg.Nation & Six Course Music)

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