Playlist: August 19, 2023

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 19th August 2023

Paying respects to the firebrand Jamaican artist Jesse Jender (1965-2023). Plus new posthumous Akae Beka from Zion I Kings, and the usual foundation classics.

JESSE JENDER – Praise Rastafari (Rolling Drums riddim: Golden Cartel)
LITTLE ROY – Prophecy (Tafari)
GREGORY ISAACS – I Am Struggling (GGs)
THE ETHIOPIANS – Conditions Bad A Yard (Treasure Isle)
SOUND DIMENSION – Ten To Ten (Studio One)
CORNEL CAMPBELL – Ten To One (Studio One)
DILLINGER – Natty Ten To One (Studio One)
BIG YOUTH – Ten Against One (Negusa Negast)
BARRY BROWN – Life Is So Funny (Can’t Stop Natty Dread: Thompson Sound)
SUGAR MINOTT – Africa Is The Black Man’s Home (Ghetto-ology: Trojan)
SUGAR MINOTT – Nah Follow No Fashion (Arrival)
TENOR SAW – Roll Call (Power House)
IJAHMAN LEVI – Africa Crisis (Africa: Jahmani)
PETER TOSH – Guide Me From My Friends (Wanted Dread & Alive: EMI) –request
SPIRITUAL MOVEMENTS – Serious Time (Harry J)
AKAE BEKA & MICAH SHEMAIAH – Aqueduct (Glory: Zion I Kings)
AKAE BEKA & KABAKA PYRAMID – Glory (Glory: Zion I Kings)
SIZZLA & JESSE JENDER – Ready Ghetto Youth (Xterminator)
JESSE JENDER – Rude Boy Remember (Cross Iland Records)
JESSE JENDER – Rude Boy College (Knight Templar: REMS Icords)
JESSE JENDER – Dreadlocks And A Sell Coke (Roaring Lion)
JESSE JENDER – Hail King Selassie I (Knight Templar: REMS Icords)
JESSE JENDER – Trodding Along (Knight Templar: REMS Icords)
JESSE JENDER – Knight Templar (Knight Templar: REMS Icords)
JESSE JENDER – Where Can I Find (Fatis Tapes From The Oven vol 3: Xterminator/XTM Nation)
JESSE JENDER – 21 Family (Xterminator)
JESSE JENDER – Earthquake (Kariang)
SIZZLA – Healing Of The Nation (Kariang)
SIZZLA & JESSE JENDER – Travel Jah Road (Xterminator)
LUCIANO, SIZZLA, JESSE JENDER – Born In Famine (Xterminator)
JESSE JENDER – Hotta Claps (9 Sound Clik)

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