Playlist: April 15, 2023

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 15th April 2023

Paying respect to the legendary Jah Shaka, and also noting the passing of young singer Jah Wiz. Plus a good run on the Real Rock riddim, the Ouji riddim from Upsetta Records, and some classic 90s Sizzla.

JUNIOR BROWN – Fly Me Away Home (Fly Me Away Home: Jah Shaka Music)
THE OVERNIGHT PLAYERS – Shaka The Great (Babylon Destruction: Cha Cha)
JAH SHAKA – I and I Survive (Kings Music: Jah Shaka Music)
JAH SHAKA – Thanks and Praise (Kings Music: Jah Shaka Music)
POKO BATSARI – Jah Love (Message From Africa: Jah Shaka)
VICTOR ADDIS – In The Ghetto (Message From Africa: Jah Shaka)
TONY RANKING – Guiding Star (Message From Africa: Jah Shaka)
SISTER ASHER – Africa Calling (Message From Africa: Jah Shaka)
AFRICAN PRINCESS – Jah Children Cry (Jah Shaka Music)
JUNIOR BROWN – Warriors (Fly Me Away Home: Jah Shaka Music)
BIM SHERMAN – Happiness (Jah Shaka Music)
VIVIAN JONES – Red Eyes (Jah Shaka Music)
JAH SHAKA – Shaka Special (Jah Shaka Meets Aswad In Addis Ababa Studio)
JOHNNY CLARKE – Babylon (Jah Shaka Music)
THE TWINKLE BROTHERS – Mob Fury (Jah Shaka Music)
MAX ROMEO – Fari, Captain Of My Ship (Jah Shaka Music)
MAX ROMEO – Selassie I Forever (Mafia & Fluxy)
JAH WIZ – Slavery (Stingray)
JAH WIZ – Remember Your Roots (1 2 3 riddim: Stingray)
JAH WIZ – Upfull Meditation (Ouji riddim: Upsetta Records)
BUSY SIGNAL – Hold A Medi (Ouji riddim: Upsetta Records)
JAH VINCI – Only Jah (Ouji riddim: Upsetta Records)
KOFFEE – Burning (Ouji riddim: Upsetta Records)
KOFFEE – Raggamuffin (Frankie Music)
MICAH SHEMAIAH, RASSI HARDKNOCKS, XANA ROMEO, EESAH, MIKEY GENERAL – Roots Blockbuster (Jamaica Jamaica: We Generation & Evidence Music)
ANTHONY B – No Par With (Badmind) (Real Rock riddim: Xterminator)
TURBULENCE – They Must Go Down (Real Rock riddim: Xterminator)
MICHAEL ROSE – Kill Off The President (Real Rock riddim: Xterminator)
LUCIANO & GENERAL PECOS – Back To Africa (Real Rock riddim: Xterminator)
BERES HAMMOND – I Coluld Beat Myself (Real Rock riddim: Xterminator)
COCOA TEA – She Loves Me Now (Real Rock riddim: Xterminator)
SIZZLA – Good Ways (Digital B)
SIZZLA – How Dem Flex (Xterminator)
SIZZLA – Solid As A Rock (Chant Down dubplate special)
JAH TUNG & KABAKA PYRAMID – Behave Your Mouth (Digital Degeneration: Jah Tung & Evidence Music)
VIDA SUNSHYNE – By The Way (Fire Dragon riddim: Savona Records)

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