Playlist: December 7, 2013

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia

Saturday 7th December, 2013

Paying respect to the late Junior Murvin, aka Junior Soul, as well as the late Nelson Mandela. Plus some quality local reggae music, and the Infatuation riddim on Full Charge…

JUNIOR MURVIN – Police and Thieves (Black Art)
JUNIOR MURVIN – Bad Weed (Black Art)
JUNIOR MURVIN – Closer Together / Gypsy Woman (Black Art)
JUNIOR MURVIN – Working In The Cornfield (Police and Thieves: Island)
JUNIOR MURVIN – Tedious (Police and Thieves: Island)
JUNIOR SOUL – The Hustler (Crystal)
JUNIOR SOUL – Give Me Your Love (Clive Hunt)
JUNIOR SOUL – Rescue The Children (Move & Groove)
JUNIOR MURVIN – Badman Posse (Inna Di Yard: Makasound)
JUNIOR MURVIN – Cool Out Son (Joe Gibbs)
LUCKY DUBE – House of Exile (House of Exile: Gallo)
LUCKY DUBE – Group Areas Act (House of Exile: Gallo)
LUCKY DUBE – Take It To Jah (Taxman: Shanachie)
EPISODE – Mandela (Rebel Liberation Records)
DENNIS BROWN – Here I Come (aka Love and Hate) –request
LEE SCRATCH PERRY – Dreadlocks In Moonlight (Black Art) –request
RAS JAHKNOW – Can’t Change Jah Jah Man (Ras Jahknow)
RAS JAHKNOW – Jah Jah Dub (Ras Jahknow)
FYAH WALK – Hate No More (Sunrise Red: Roots Tree and Stream)
LOTEK – International Rudeboy (International Rudeboy: Counter Clockwise)
JESSE I & AGENT 86 – Blazing Fire (Chopshop)
CHRISTOPHER MARTIN – Secret Love (Infatuation riddim: Full Charge)
JAH VINCI – Infatuation (Infatuation riddim: Full Charge)
BUGLE – Be Yourself (Infatuation riddim: Full Charge)
KEZNAMDI – Super Natural (Infatuation riddim: Full Charge)
ZAMUNDA & IQ – Fight The Pressure (Infatuation riddim: Full Charge)
D’KONCEP – Deliver Me (Infatuation riddim: Full Charge)
DANE RAY – Can’t Confuse I (Infatuation riddim: Full Charge)
ZAGGA – Reggae Revolution (Infatuation riddim: Full Charge)
CECILE – Third Finger (Infatuation riddim: Full Charge)
SIZZLA & VIDA SUNSHYNE – The Formula (Savona Records)
ANTHONY B – Guns In Town (Savona Records)
CAPLETON – Prove Them Wrong (Savona Records)
KABAKA PYRAMID – Lead The Way (Rub A Dub Market riddim: Irievibrations)
LUCIANO – Rub A Dub Market (Rub A Dub Market riddim: Irievibrations)
SCIENTIST & THE FORCES OF MUSIC – Nelson Mandela (Tamoki Wambesi)
MIDNITE – Womb (Assini: I Grade)

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