Playlist: November 30, 2013

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia

Saturday 30th November, 2013

Featuring the Militancy riddim from Overstand, the Believe In Love riddim from Pacificland, the Mendocino riddim from RSQTHP Music, the Life Starts riddim on Ajang Records, and the Ghetto College riddim from Gachapan… plus an interview with Ali MC of Melbourne group New Dub City…

STEEL PULSE – Heart of Stone (Caught You: Island)
DUKE REID ALL-STARS – Uncle Sam (Treasure Isle)
THE PIONEERS – Some Of Them A Bawl (Amalgamated)
WINSTON & GEORGE – Denham Town (Pyramid)
AMIEL MOODIE & THE DANDEMITES – Ratchet Knife (Moodisc)
JOHN HOLT – Ali Baba (Treasure Isle)
DR ALIMANTADO – I Killed The Barber (Best Dressed Chicken In Town: Greensleeves) –request
LITTLE ROY – Rat Trap (Packin House: Pressure Sounds) –request
LITTLE ROY – Jah Can Count On I (Tafari Earth Uprising: Pressure Sounds) –request
THE AFRICAN BROTHERS – Youths of Today (Ital)
PRINCE FAR I – Reggae Music Moving (Livity: PRE)
PRINCE FAR I – Ghetto Living (Livity: PRE)
BLACK SKIN THE PROPHET – Red Blood (Cry Tuff 7″)
JIMMY CLIFF – One More (Rebirth: Universal) –request
UB40 – Rat In The Kitchen (live) –request
NEW DUB CITY – Exile (Tap Tap: Raspect Records)
NEW DUB CITY & PRECISE RIFF RAPH – Kingston Town (Tap Tap: Raspect Records)
DRE ISLAND – Uptown Down (Militancy riddim: Overstand Entertainment)
JAH CURE – Territory (Militancy riddim: Overstand Entertainment)
IBA MAHR – Step Away (Militancy riddim: Overstand Entertainment)
JESSE ROYAL – Preying On The Weak (Militancy riddim: Overstand Entertainment)
KING MAS – False Doctrine (Militancy riddim: Overstand Entertainment)
PROTOJE – Resist Not Evil (Militancy riddim: Overstand Entertainment)
KABAKA PYRAMID – The Revival (Militancy riddim: Overstand Entertainment)
TURBULENCE – Believe In Love (Believe In Love riddim: Pacificaland)
CECILE – Love You Up (Believe In Love riddim: Pacificaland)
JAH VINCI – Jah Never Let Me Down (Believe In Love riddim: Pacificaland)
FANTAN MOJAH – Jah Prepare (Believe In Love riddim: Pacificaland)
LUTAN FYAH – Babylon System (Believe In Love riddim: Pacificaland)
XYCLONE & TREES – Smoking (Mendocino riddim: RSQTHP Music)
ANTHONY B – Can’t Cool Can’t Out (Mendocino riddim: RSQTHP Music)
BUGLE – Time (Mendocino riddim: RSQTHP Music)
CHRISINTI – Word and Honour (Life Starts riddim: Ajang)
LUCIANO – Call On Jah Name (Life Starts riddim: Ajang)
MIKEY GENERAL – I Rise (Life Starts riddim: Ajang)
G STARR – Hennessy Friend (Life Starts riddim: Ajang)
G WHIZZ – Don’t Give Up (Ghetto College riddim: Gachapan)
DI GENIUS – Carry On (Ghetto College riddim: Gachapan)
LOYAL FLAMES – Street Life (Ghetto College riddim: Gachapan)
VYBRANT – Trouble (Ghetto College riddim: Gachapan)
ZAGGA – Anti-War (Ghetto College riddim: Gachapan)
CHRONIXX – Capitalists (Zinc Fence)
KELISSA & KEZNAMDI – Gideon (Zince Fence & Anbessa)
MIDNITE – All People (In Awe: Fifth Son)

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