Playlist: July 6, 2002

PBS-FM Radio Festival 2002 The second of two radio fest specials for Chant Down Babylon, bringing in almost 50 subscribers again! Many thanks to all the subscribed, and showed their support for PBS-FM, and reggae music in Melbourne. This show special was a "riddim revue", looking at some of the biggest riddims in reggae music, and the practise of "versioning". Riddims included The Heathen, Satta, Drum Song, Real Rock, Stalag, Darker Shade of Black, Answer, Forever Loving Jah, and Cuss Cuss. PREZIDENT BROWN - Heathen Chant (Showcase Vol 2) VERSION - Heathen (Brickwall 7") BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS - Heathen (Exodus: Tuff Gong) VERSION - Satta (Clinch 7") THIRD WORLD - Satta Massa Gana (Reggae Ambassadors: Mango) ANTHONY B - Dreader Than Dread (Manatee 7") SOUND DIMENSION - Drum Song (100% Dynamite) PRINCE FAR I - Every Time I Hear The Word (Voice of Thunder: Trojan) MORGAN HERITAGE - Set Yourself Free (Protect Us Jah: Anansi) BOMBA - Copshow (Copshow EP) BOMBA - Sensa Sole (Copshow EP) SOUND DIMENSION - Real Rock (Coxcone 7") WILLIE WILLIAMS - Armageddon Time (100% Dynamite) JR DEMUS - Sound Killa (Chant Down Dubplate Special) VERSION - Stalag 17 (Techniques 7") SISTER NANCY - Bam Bam (Stalag 2000: VP) TENOR SAW + BUJU BANTON - Ring Alarm Quick (Techniques 7") JACKIE MITTOO - Darker Shade of Black DENNIS BROWN - Yagga Yagga (Money In My Pocket: Trojan) FRANKIE PAUL - Pass The Tusheng Peng (Volcano 7") SLIM SMITH - I'll Never Let You Go (Born To Love) JAH MASON - Fire (Keep Your Joy: Ghettotech) VERSION - Forever Loving Jah (Penthouse 7") SYLVIA TELLA - There Is No Love (Jetstar Reggae Max) RAS SHILOH - Who Can't Hear (Penthouse 7") LLOYD ROBINSON - Cuss Cuss (Rare Reggae Grooves From Studio 1: Heartbeat) JR KELLY - Far From Jah (Mixing Lab 7")