Playlist: June 17, 2000

106.7 PBS-FM 3 - 5pm Saturday afternoon June 17, 2000 -------------- Highlights included the new Millenium Taxi compilation on ERC, and a special spotlight on local Australian reggae. BRENT DOWE - Down Here In Babylon - "Black Ark Singles Selector" on Ascension THE UPSETTERS - Dub Along - "Super Ape" on Island DEVON MORRIS - Su-Su Pon Rasta - "Joe Gibbs Revive 45s" on Rocky One PRINCE FAR I - Heavy Manners - "The Golden Years" on Cleopatra JAH STITCH - African People - "Original Raggamuffin" on Blood & Fire THE REVOLUTIONARIES - A.N.C. - "The Revolutionaries" on Channel One LARRY MARSHALL - Heavy Heavy Load - "I Admire You In Dub" on Motion DOREEN SCHAFFER - Try A Little Smile - "Feel Like Jumping" on Heartbeat LEE PERRY - White Belly Rat - "Black Ark Singles Selector" on Ascension (req) CLINTON FEARON - What A System - "Reggae Free Mumia" on Without Apology LARRY MALUMA - Nzeelu Zoipa - "Motion" on Safari (req) BOMBA - Pashcrush - "Population" on Transmitter EXODUS - Godhead - "Traffic Jam" on Trans World SHERIFF LINDO - Dread-ging The River - "Ten Dubs That Shook The World" on Creative Vibes ATONE - Jah Cryptosporidium - "Dub For The Masses" on Creative Vibes DUB FUNK ASSOCIATION - A Family Affair - "Sounds of the Heavyweight" on Tanty SLY & ROBBIE - Millenium Taxi dub - "Millenium Taxi" on ERC LUCIANO - I'll Follow Thee - "Millenium Taxi" on ERC PAUL ELLIOT - Real Thing - "Millenium Taxi" on ERC JAH THUNDER - Hype - "Millenium Taxi" on ERC MORGAN HERITAGE - So Long - "Culture Warriors" on VP JOSIE WALES - Strong Ganja - "King Stur Gav Live in London" U BROWN - So Long - "King Stur Gav Live in London" U ROY - Rock With Me - "King Stur Gav Live in London" FREDDIE McGREGOR - What You Gonna Do? - "Signature" on VP PREZIDENT BROWN - Encouragement - "To Jah Only" on Kariang SIZZLA - Healing of the Nation - "Liberate Yourself" on Kariang SIZZLA - Diamond and Pearl - "Be I Strong" on VP HORACE ANDY - Smiling Face - "Living In The Flood" on Melancholic (req) JAH WARRIOR - See Them A Dub - "Jah Warrior Showcase" on Jah Warrior DUB FUNK ASSOCIATION - Trojan Horse - "Sounds of the Heavyweight" on Tanty (req) JUNIOR DELGADO - Hanging Tree - "Reasons" on Big Cat