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December 23, 2000

106.7 PBS-FM 3 - 5pm Saturday afternoon December 23, 2000 -------------- Counting down the top 5 roots reissues of 2000, and the top 10 new albums of 2000 (see below). ROMAN STEWART - Babylon MICHAEL PALMA - Your Love (Hidden Treasures vol 2: Easy Star) CORNELL CAMPBELL - Natty Dread Inna Greenwich Town (I Shall Not Remove: Blood & Fire) BLACK SURVIORS - Come Away Jah Jah Children (Jack Ruby Presents Black Foundation: Heartbeat) SYLFORD WALKER - Burn Babylon (Joe Gibbs Revive 45s : Rocky One) SYLFORD WALKER - Lambs Bread (Lambs Bread International: Blood & Fire) WELTON IRIE - Lambs Bread International (Lambs Bread Intl: Blood & Fire) PETER TOSH - African (Live In NY, 1979) -req ALPHA BLONDY - Psaume 23 (Live Au Zenith) -req ALPHA BLONDY - Jerusalem (Live Au Zenith) -req STEEL PULSE - Bad Man (Handsworth Revolution: Island) COBRA - Tek Dat (Reggae Hits Vol 25: Jet Star) -req MICHAEL ROSE - Last Chance (Ruff Cutt In Roots: Tabou 1) OSSIE DELLIMORE & JUNIOR DEMUS - Sharp As A Razor (Freedom's Journal: AB) JUNIOR DEMUS - Good Over Evil (Stalag 20, 21, 22: DIA) BUSHMAN - Higher (A Better Place: AO) SIZZLA - Be Yourself (Liberate Yourself: Kariang/ Reggae 1 Luv) JUNIOR KELLY - Rise (Rise: Charm) MORGAN HERITAGE - Talking Bout War (Live In Europe: VP) PETER BROGGS - Jah Golden Throne (Jah Warrior) CAPLETON - Glorify (More Fire: VP) CAPLETON - Fire Chant (Danger Zone: VP) JAH CURE - Songs of Freedom (The Truth: J&D) JAH CURE - Move On (The Truth: J&D) TOP 10 NEW REGGAE ALBUMS FOR 2000 1) JAH CURE - Free Jah's Cure: The Truth (J&D / Weeded / Reggae 1 Luv) 2) CAPLETON - More Fire (VP) 3) PETER BROGGS - Jah Golden Throne (Jah Warrior) 4) MORGAN HERITAGE - Live In Europe (VP) 5) JUNIOR KELLY - Rise (Jet Star / Charm) 6) SIZZLA & BREDRENS - Liberate Yourself (Kariang / Reggae 1 Luv) 7) BUSHMAN - A Better Place (Artists Only!) 8) VARIOUS - Stalag 20, 21, 22: The Next Generation (DIA) 9) OSSIE DELLIMORE - Freedom's Journal (AB Records) 10) VARIOUS - Ruff Cutt In Roots (Tabou.1) TOP 5 ROOTS-REISSUES FOR 2000 1) SYLFORD WALKER & WELTON IRIE - Lambsbread International (Blood & Fire) 2) VARIOUS - Joe Gibbs Revive 45s Vol 1 (Rocky One) 3) VARIOUS - Jack Ruby Presents the Black Foundation (Heartbeat) 4) CORNELL CAMPBELL - I Shall Not Remove (Blood & Fire) 5) VARIOUS - Hidden Treasures Vol 2 (Easy Star)

December 16, 2000

106.7 PBS-FM 3 - 5pm Saturday afternoon December 16, 2000 -------------- Highlights included Black Roots fresh relick of the Glen Brow riddim "Wicked Can't Run Away", and the great "Studbuster" riddim on Ffrench. LINVAL THOMPSON - Down Inna Babylon (Black Roots 7") LEROY SIBBLES - Jah Jah Call You (Black Roots 7") LUCIANO - What Manner Of A Man (Black Roots 7") RAS MICHAEL - Rastaman Chant (Nyahbingi: Trojan) BURNING SPEAR - My Roots (Mek We Dweet: Island) -req MUTABARUKA - Prisoner (Outcry: 3rd Degree) SUGAR MINOTT & MUSICAL YOUTH - Save The Children (Hidden Treasures vol 2: Easy Star) CAPTAIN SINBAD & LITTLE JOHN - 51 Storm (Hidden Treasures vol 2: Easy Star) SUGAR MINOTT - River Jordan (Collectors Collection: Heartbeat) MEDITATIONS - Women Piabba (Message From The Meditations: Liberty) EEK-A-MOUSE - Operation Eradication (Wa Do Dem: Greensleeves) BIM SHERMAN - Mighty Ruler (129 Beat St: Blood & Fire) THE MORWELLS - Bit By Bit (Morwell Esq 7") GLEN WASHINGTON - Serious Man (Hi Power 7") -req GLEN WASHINGTON - Down Low (Reggae Hits Vol 25: Jet Star) MORGAN HERITAGE - Earthquake (Live In Europe: VP) LUCIANO - Final Call (Live: VP) PRINCE MALACHI - Keep The Faith (Love Jah: VP) KING DAVID - Riding High (Ffrench 7") LUCIANO - Blessings (Ffrench 7") YAMI BOLO - Bad Boy (Ffrench 7") ANTHONY B - More Love (Ffrench 7") VERSION - Studbuster Riddim (Ffrench 7") GARNETT SILK - Cry of My People -req RAS SHILOH - Slavery (Babylon You Doom: Shiloh B) -req RAS SHILOH - Look Into The Road (Listen Well: Who Dun It) JAHMALI - Let Me Live (Treasure Box: Brickwall) -req TRISTON PALMA - Revolution (Two Roads: Easy Star) MACKA B - Human Rights (Buppy Culture: Ariwa) -req JUNIOR KELLY - Hungry Days (Front Page 7")

December 9, 2000

106.7 PBS-FM 3 - 5pm Saturday afternoon December 9, 2000 -------------- Featuring a special guest selection from Dreadlock Trinity crew Glen Irie and Inna Dangerous, and a live studio interview with Aboriginal veteran musician Storyteller George. TWINKLE BROTHERS - Chant Down Babylon BARRY BROWN - Progress (Hidden Treasures vol 2: Easy Star) JOHNNY CLARKE - Love Up Your Brothers and Sisters (Dreader Dread: Blood & Fire) JOHNNY CLARKE - I'm Still Waiting (Authorised Rockers) MAX ROMEO, SCRATCH, NINEY - Babylon Burning (Give Me Power: Trojan) RAS SHILOH - Child of a Slave (Babylon You Doom: Shiloh B) BUSHMAN - Fill My Cup (A Better Place: AO) BUNNY WAILER - Bear The Cross (Communication: Solomonic) RAS SHILOH - Slavery (A Better Place: AO) BUSHMAN - Only Jah (A Better Place: AO) FREDDIE McGREGOR - Take Good Care of You (Signature: VP) LUCIANO - Keep I Chanting (12 Disciples: ERC) TONY REBEL - High Grade (12 Disciples: ERC) BUSHMAN - On A Mission (12 Disciples: ERC) BERES HAMMOND - They Gonna Talk (Harmony House 7") SIZZLA - Enemies Are Confounded (Words of Truth: VP) BUNNY WAILER - Fire Red (Communication: Solomonic) CAPLETON - This Is A Mission (This Is A Mission) MORGAN HERITAGE - Roots and Culture (Armageddon Time II: Xterminator) JUNIOR KELLY - Can't Get Away (Rise: Charm) TURBULENCE - Where Are Your Wings (Armageddon Time II: Xterminator) BASS ODESSY MIX MORGAN HERITAGE - Rock n Roll (Platinum Reggae 3: AO) GEORGE RRURRAMBU - Boomerang (Transmitter single) PLUTOPIA - Freedom (DIA single) CULTURE - Humble African (Humble African: VP) -req ERIC DONALDSON - Juan De Bolas (Juan De Bolas) -req TONY REBEL - Bruk It Down (Satta Collection: Brickwall) -req TRISTON PALMA - Show Some Love (Two Roads: Easy Star)

December 2, 2000

106.7 PBS-FM 3 - 5pm Saturday afternoon December 2, 2000 -------------- Paying tribute to the great Bim Sherman... also spinning fresh releases from Easy Star records, and new singles on the Big Jeans and Black Scorpio labels... and featuring UK dub advertiser Crazy B guesting in the studio with some serious steppers. BIM SHERMAN - Mighty Ruler (Danger: Century) BIM SHERMAN - Love Forver (Danger: Century) BIM SHERMAN - Golden Locks (Across The Red Sea: ON-U) BIM SHERMAN - World Of Dispensation (War of Words: ON-U) BIM SHERMAN - Fire (Reality: Century) BIM SHERMAN & DUB SYNDICATE - Slummy Ghetto (Live at the TC: ON-U) BIM SHERMAN & DUB SYNDICATE - Cuss Cuss (Live at the TC: ON-U) SUGAR MINOTT - The People Got To Dub (Ghetto-ology Dub: Easy Star) BLACK FOUNDATION - Nubia (Black Foundation In Dub: Heartbeat) JACOB MILLER - Tired Fe Lick Weed Inna Bush (Reggae Greats: Island) -req JUNIOR DELGADO - Send I&I Home (Hidden Treasures vol 2: Easy Star) FREEDOM MASSES - I Am Who I Am (Coroboree 7") FREEDOM MASSES - Version (Coroboree 7") THE DISCIPLES - Eastern Fire ver 1 (unreleased) ERROL BELLOT - Glory Hallelujah (Jah Tubbys 7") DIXIE PEACH - Jah Road (Jah Tubbys 7") MAX ROMEO - Chanting (Jah Creator 7") MIKE ANTHONY - Our Identity (Gussie P 7") NEREUS JOSEPH - Send Another Moses (Gussie P 7") KING EVERAL - Send Fe The King (Sound War: Jammys) LUCIANO - Blast Off Go A Moon (Kennedy Intl 7") LUCIANO - Injustice (Black Scorpio 7") PRESTIGE - Life Hard (Black Scorpio 7") VERSION - Right Now (Black Scorpio 7") CAPLETON - Right Now (Black Scorpio 7") CAPLETON - Gimme The Woman (Big Jeans 7") ELEPHANT MAN - You A War (Big Jeans 7") TONY CURTIS - Body Calling (Big Jeans 7") LADY SAW - Gimme Respect (Big Jeans 7") VERSION - Blue Drawers (Big Jeans 7") JAHMALI - Oh Jah Jah (Ffrench 7") TRISTON PALMA - Two Roads (Two Roads: Easy Star) DANNY ENGLISH & KANDI SYLK - No (Stalag 20, 21, 22: DIA) LMS & MORGAN HERITAGE - Saddle Up (Reality Check: VP) -req BUNNY WAILER - Rockstone (Communication: Solomonic)

November 18, 2000

106.7 PBS-FM 3 - 5pm Saturday afternoon November 18, 2000 -------------- Highlights included the new My Life riddim on Heart to Heart and the Skylarking riddim on Slam. RAS SHILOH - Doom (Babylon You Doom: Shiloh B) DETERMINE & BERNARD COLLINS - Satta Massa Gana (Freedom Chant: Brickwall) EDI FITZROY - Tough Luck (Satta Collection: Brickwall) MICHAEL ROSE - Jah Jah Never Fail I (Bonanza: Heartbeat) PRINCE & THE SERAPHIM - Decent Citizen (Black Foundation: Heartbeat) BLACK FOUNDATION - Dub Upright (Black Foundation In Dub: Heartbeat) MICHAEL PALMER - Smoke The Weed (When The Dances Were Changing: Pressure Sounds) PRINCE JAZZBO - Jamaican Collie (Mr Funny: Pressure Sounds) ALPHEUS - I See You Through My Window (Quality Time: Heartbeat) ALPHEUS - Running From My Love (Quality Time: Heartbeat) BIG YOUTH - Lightning Flash (Dreadlocks Dread: Virgin Frontline) -req STEEL PULSE - Jah Pickney (Tribute To The Martyrs: Island) TONY TUFF - Nobody Like You (20 Super Hits: Sonic Sounds) LUCIANO, LOUIE CULTURE, TERROR FABULOUS - In This Together (Where There Is Life: Island) TONY REBEL - Celebrate Life (If Jah: VP) SIZZLA - I'm Not Sure (Jet Star Reggae Max: Jet Star) VARIOUS ARTISTS - Mr Zion Medley (Planet Reggae: VP) GREGORY ISAACS - Maximum Respect (Heart to Heart 7") DETERMINE & THRILLER BLACKS - See No Joy (Heart to Heart 7") RICHIE LAW - Mama Mama (Heart to Heart 7") GOVENOR B - Achor (Heart to Heart 7") YAMI BOLO - Stop The Bloodshed (Builders 7") VERSION - School riddim (Builders 7") ANTHONY B - Guide I&I (Builders 7") MR VEGAS - Push It Up (Stalag 20, 21, 22: DIA) DANNY ENGLISH - Turn On (Stalag 20, 21, 22: DIA) COCOA TEA - Scandal In The White House (Unforgettable: Roaring Lion) SUGAR MINOTT & FLOURGON - Rise (Slam 7") CHRISINTY - Rub A Dub (Slam 7") SIZZLA - Judgement (Slam 7") VERSION - Skylarking riddim (Slam 7") BERES HAMMOND - Honey Wine and Love Song (Xterminator 7") GLEN WASHINGTON - Prisoner of Love (Brother to Brother: Studio 1) PRINCE ALLA - No Fun (Lion A Go Bite Yu: Headphone)

November 11, 2000

106.7 PBS-FM 3 - 5pm Saturday afternoon November 11, 2000 -------------- Welcoming Ras Crucial onto the show as a regular guest... paying respect to Rastafari's reburial... and some wicked news cuts on the classic Stalag riddim thanks to DIA records. BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS - Chant Down Babylon (Confrontation: Island) THE MELLOTONES & DILLINGER - Uncle Charlie (Heartbeat 2000) THE BLACK DISCIPLES - Death Before Dishonor (Black Foundation: Heartbeat) THE BLACK FOUNDATION - Track 20 Dub (Black Foundation In Dub: Heartbeat) RAS MICHAEL - Kings of Kings (Zion Train: Cesstone) ROD TAYLOR - H.I.M. (Rockers Vibration: Heartbeat) CULTURE - Calling Rastafari (Two Sevens Clash: Shanachie) RAS LEVI - Haile Selassie I (Cultural Showcase: Rockers) WELTON IRIE - Jah Come (Lambs Bread International: Blood & Fire) MORWELLS - Jah Star (Dub Me: Blood & Fire) DON CARLOS - Just A Passing Glance (Just A Passing Glance: Greensleeves) MOSES O'JAH - Ayama Slave MOSES O'JAH - Same Boat MOSES O'JAH - Benya Child MOSES O'JAH - Home Sweet Home HORACE ANDY - We Conquer BUNNY WAILER - The Conqueror (Roots, Rock, Radics, Reggae: Shanachie) -req BMW - Zimbabwe (Songs of Freedom: Island) -req JUNIOR DEMUS - Good Over Evil (Stalag 20, 21, 22: DIA) ELEPHANT MAN - Never Bow (Stalag 20, 21, 22: DIA) DETERMINE - Jah A Mi Sponsor (Freedom Chant: Brickwall) -req SIMPLETON - Jah Save I&I (Cultural Consciousness: VP) LUCIANO - He's My Friend (Live In Venezuela: J&D) -req COCOA TEA - Scandal In The White House (Unforgettable: Roaring Lion) MIKEY GENERAL - Fire Never Cease (Spiritual Revolution: Redbridge)

November 4, 2000

106.7 PBS-FM 3 – 5pm Saturday afternoon November 4, 2000 ————– Highlights included a tribute to Blacka Morwell, and new live Luciano. DON CARLOS – Mr Babylon (Day To Day Living: Greensleeves) FREDDIE McGREGOR – Riddim So Nice (Come On Over: ras) FREDDIE McGREGOR – Bandulu (Bobby Bobylon: Heartbeat) NATURALITES – Picture On The Wall (15 Classic Cuts) *req* THE MORWELLS – Victory Song (Morwell Eqs 7″) LITTLE ROY – Prophecy (Tafari Earth Uprising: Pressure Sounds) SLY & ROBBIE – Unmetered Taxi (Sly-Go-Ville: Tabou 1) KING DAVID – Trials and Crosses (Millenium Taxi: ERC) THE MORWELLS – Swing and Dine (Burning Up: Trojan) KING TUBBY & MORWELLS – Swing and Dub (Dub Me: Blood & Fire) KING TUBBY & MORWELLS – Concord Dub (Dub Me: Blood & Fire) THE EAGLES – Rasta Harvest (Black Foundation: Heartbeat) SYLFORD WALKER – Lambs Bread (Lambs Bread International: Blood & Fire) U ROY – Number One In The World (Dubble Attack: Greensleeves) *req* U BROWN – No Wicked Can’t Reign (3 The Roots Way: Jah Warrior) PETER BROGGS – Rasta Nah Lose Him Culture (Jah Golden Throne: Jah Warrior) ROBERT LEE – Stride (Foundational Roots vol 1: Reggae Retro) LINTON KWESI JOHNSON – Doun de Road (Dread Beat and Blood: Virgin) *req* MOSES O’JAH – Home Sweet Home (Makola EP) *req* MICHAEL ROSE – Rising Star (Voice of the Ghetto: VP) COCOA TEA – Unforgettable (Unforgettable: Roaring Lion) JUNIOR KELLY – What Will It Take (Rosh 7″) SIZZLA – Guide Over Us live (Words of Truth: VP) LUCIANO – Over The Hills (Live: J&D) *req* LARRY MALUMA – I Want To Know (Roots and Herbs: Safari) *req* DAWEH CONGO – Guidance (Guidance: Jet Star) CANDYMAN – Killa Sound (Stalag 2000: VP) PRINCE JAMMY – Revolution Dub (Africa Must Be Free By 1983 dub: Greensleeves)

October 28, 2000

106.7 PBS-FM 3 - 5pm Saturday afternoon October 28, 2000 -------------- Classic roots from the Black Foundation... Black Scorpio's Right Now riddim... nice new Chrisinti singles.. and nuff requests. SYLFORD WALKER - Babylonians (Lambs Bread International: Blood & Fire) GLEN BROWN & KING TUBBY - Assack Lawn Dub ver 2 (Termination Dub: Blood & Fire) WELTON IRIE - Jah Come (Lambs Bread International: Blood & Fire) PRINCE JAZZBO - Kick Boy Face (Mr Funny: Pressure Sounds) THE BLACK SURVIVORS - Come Away Jah Jah Children (Jack Ruby Presents Black Foundation: HB) THE BLACK FOUNDATION - Jah Jah Dub (Black Foundation Dub: HB) RANKING JOE - Give Thanks And Praise (3 The Roots Way: Jah Warrior) PRINCE ALLA - Gather Round (Glory: Jah Warrior) TONY TUFF - Sound Clash (20 Super Hits: Sonic Sounds) NITTY GRITTY - How You A Go Cross (Hidden Treasures: Easy Star) BARRINGTON LEVY - Stray Away Girl (Prison Oval Rock: ras) *req* MARCIA GRIFFITHS - I Shall Sing (Truly: HB) *req* THE WAILERS - Put It On (Climb The Ladder: HB) *req* CULTURE - Rolling Stone (Humble African: VP) *req* BURNING SPEAR - Old Time Saying (Rocking Time: Studio 1) *req* FREDDIE McKAY - Picture On The Wall (Right Time: Rhino UK) *req* JAH STONE - Picture On The Wall (Right Time: Rhino UK) JAH WARRIOR - What Kind Of Wolrd Are We Dubbing In (3 Roots Way: Jah Warrior) ASWAD - Can't Stand The Pressure (BBC Sessions: Strange Fruit) LARRY MALUMA - Come With Me (Roots and Herbs: Safari) *req* BUSHMAN - Only Jah (A Better Place: AO) FREDDIE McGREGOR - Key To The City (Signature: VP) SIZZLA - Think Positive (Words of Truth: VP) CAPLETON - Fire Chant (More Fire: VP) CAPLETON - Right Now (Black Scorpio 7") VERSION - Right Now (Black Scorpio 7") BEENIE MAN - Selassie I Word (Black Scorpio 7") CHRISINTY - Losing Battle (Heart to Heart 7") CHRISINTY - Rub A Dub (Slam 7") JAH CURE - Who Is Going To Fight (The Truth: J&D) VERSION - Identify (Real Music 7")

October 7, 2000

106.7 PBS-FM 3 - 5pm Saturday afternoon October 7, 2000 -------------- Highlights include an interview with Peter Broggs, a disc of wicked Glen Brown productions from Blood & Fire, new singles from Jah Cure and Jah Mason, and some new cuts on Black Scorpio's Friends for Life riddim. SYLFORD WALKER - Chant Down Babylon (Lambs Bread International: Blood & Fire) WELTON IRIE - Ghettoman Corner (Lambs Bread International: Blood & Fire) BIG YOUTH - Honesty (Screaming Target: Trojan) SCOTTY - I Worry (Unbelievable Sounds: Trojan) WAILERS - Dreamland (Climb The Ladder: Heartbeat) THIRD WORLD - Dreamland (Rasta Ambassadors: Island) IJAHMAN LEVI - Thank You (Tell It To The Children: Tree Roots) PETER BROGGS - Jah Jah Help Us Progressive (Progressive Youth: ras) PETER BROGGS - Jah Jah Voice Is Calling (Jah Golden Throne: Jah Warrior) PETER BROGGS - Sing A New Song (Rare Reggae Grooves From Studio 1: Heartbeat) MARCIA GRIFFITHS - No No No (Truly: Heartbeat) ---req IJAHMAN LEVI - Closer To You (Tell It To The Children: Tree Roots) ---req O'YABA - Jah Man (The Game Is Not Over) ---req O'YABA - Running Away (One Foundation) ---req CULTURE - Never Give Up (Humble African: VP) BUSHMAN - King Selassie I (A Better Place: Artists Only) RIDDIM - King Selassie I (Safire 7") JAH CURE - This One For You (Safire 7") JAH MASON - They Take Love For Granted (Safire 7") CHRISINTI - Losing Battle (Heart to Heart 7") FREDDIE McGREGOR - It's So Nice (Finatic 7") ---req BUJU BANTON - Straight Forward (12 Disciples: ERC) CAPLETON - Seek Knowledge (12 Disciples: ERC) ANTHONY B - No Like What A Gwaan (12 Disciples: ERC) DAMAJAH - Chant Down special on Tempo GARNETT SILK - Put On The Pressure (Garnett Meets The Conuqering Lion: Reggae 1 Luv) GARNETT SILK & PRESTIGE - Seeing Zion remix (Black Scorpio 7") CAPLETON & JOSIE MEL - Youth Fi Big (Black Scorpio 7")

September 30, 2000

106.7 PBS-FM 3 - 5pm Saturday afternoon September 30, 2000 -------------- A full show, featuring a great interview with sweet roots singer Prince Alla, and touring South African group O'Yaba. RAS MICHAEL & SONS OF NEGUS - Keep Cool Babylon (Nyahbingi: Trojan) WAILERS - Climb The Ladder (Climb The Ladder: Heartbeat) WAILERS - I Don't Need Your Love (Climb The Ladder: Heartbeat) GLADIATORS - Hearsay (Vital Selection: Virgin) PRINCE ALLA - Ruff Way Ahead (Lion A Go Bite Yu: Headphone) PRINCE ALLA - Stone (Only Love Can Conquer: Blood & Fire) PRINCE ALLA - Glory (Glory: Jah Warrior) TECHNICIAN - Track 3 (Eve of Destruction Dub) JAH WARRIOR - Declaration of Chant Down ver 2 (unreleased special) JAH CURE - Sunny Day (The Truth: J&D) SANCHEZ - Back At One (Reggae Gold 2000: VP) ---req BUSHMAN - Black Star Liner (Nyah Man Chant: Greensleeves) ---req BONGO DASHI - Chalwa Dub (Ruff Cutt In Roots: Tabou.1) YAMI BOLO - Children (12 Disciples: ERC) TENOR SAW - Hard Road (With Lots of Signs: Jet Star) SISTER NANCY - No Any Man Can Test Sister Nancy (The Yellow, The Purple, The Nancy: Greensleeves) BIG JOE - Rich Man (Keep On Rocking and Swinging: Third World Music) BARRINGTON LEVY - Robber Man (Prison Oval Rock: ras) LARRY MALUMA - I Am Breathing (Roots and Herbs: Safari) O'YABA - Tommorow Nation (The Game Is Not Over) O'YABA - Crazy Love (Crazy Love) CAPLETON - Conscience A Go Hang Dem (More Fire: VP) SIZZLA - Powers of the Earth (Words of Truth: VP) SIZZLA - Babylon A Listen (Words of Truth live disc: VP) PETER BROGGS - Give Thanks (Progressive Youth: ras)