Playlist: February 19, 2000

106.7 PBS-FM 3 - 5pm Saturday afternoon February 19, 2000 -------------- Highlights included a preview of Macka B's forthcoming album from Ariwa... more cuts from the killer "Liberate Yourself" 2CD on Reggae 1 Luv... local reggae thanks to TransWorld... and a new Rocker T 7". PETER BROGGS - Cool Down - "Progressive Youth" on RAS ROBERT LEE - Too Much War - "Foundational Roots" on Channel One UK JAHMEL - If Today - "Now and Then" on Andy Records EXODUS - Traffic Jam - "Traffic Jam" on Trans World RAS TALENT - African Messiah - "Songs of our Redemption" on Ital, Earth & Zion RABBI - Sweet Home Mama Africa - Neckbone promo CD THE MYSTICS - East Timor Is Our Land - "East Timor Is Our Land" on Terrasphere LUCIANO - I Will Survive - "Liberate Yourself" on Kariang/Reggae 1 Luv BUSHMAN - Somewhere - "Liberate Yourself" on Kariang/Reggae 1 Luv SIZZLA - Get We Out - "Liberate Yourself" on Kariang/Reggae 1 Luv CAPLETON - Nuh Pardon - "One Mission" on J&D ANTHONY B - Mama Forsake You - "One Mission" on J&D JAH CURE - Heartbeat - Manatee 7" AARON SILK - Bless I Oh Jah - "Bless I Oh Jah" on Culture Shock ROCKER T - A New Revelation - Orange 7" MACKA B - Millenium Bug - "Global Messenger" on Ariwa MACKA B - Who Send We Come - "Global Messenger" on Ariwa KENNETH DAYES - Praising Jah - "Reggae 2000" on ERC ZEMA - Their Own Sight - "Look at the Heart" on Melchezidek Music CORNELL CAMPBELL - I'll Mash You Down (req) JACOB MILLER - 80,000 Careless Ethiopians - "Songbook" on VP INNER CIRCLE - Careless Dub - "Killer Dub" on Blood & Fire PRINCE HAMMER - Flash Your Dread - "Bible" on Virgin Frontline U-BROWN - Natty Dread A Take Over - "Mr Brown Something" on Virgin Frontline TAPPER ZUKIE - Go Deh Natty - "MPLA" on Virgin Frontline JOHNNY OSBOURNE - Jah Jah Live Forever - "Warrior" on Black Joy YELLOWMAN & CHARLIE CHAPLIN - Gone A Sth Africa - "Negril Chill Challenge" on ROIR YELLOWMAN & CHARLIE CHAPLIN - Jah Mi Fear - "Negril Chill Challenge" on ROIR BIG YOUTH - Jim Squeechy - "Jammin In The House of Dread" on ROIR ANTHONY B - Me Dem A Ban - "Universal Message" on VP (req) MAX ROMEO - One Step Forward - "In This Time" on Satta Records (req)