Playlist: September 27, 2014

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 27th September 2014

Featuring the Junction riddim from Lustre Kings and Zion I Kings… plus local artist Ras Jahknow live in the studio…

ANTHONY QUE – Ease Up The Pressure (Meditation Time: 149 Records)
TOOTS & THE MAYTALS – Pressure Drop (Beverly’s)
TOOTS & THE MAYTALS – Got To Feel It (From The Roots: Trojan) –request
PETER TOSH – Maga Dog (Black Dignity: Trojan) –request
BUNNY FLIP – Maingy Dog (Black Dignity: Trojan)
PETER TOSH – Black Dignity (Black Dignity: Trojan)
THE JAY BOYS – African People (Harry J 7″)
AL BROWN – Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City (Arab 7″)
I KONG – The Way It Is (Top Ranking)
AUGUSTUS PABLO – The Way (Talent Corporation)
ASHER & TRIMBLE – Humble Yourself (Rockers)
DELROY WILLIAMS – Three Men In A Truck Back (Message)
DELROY WILLIAMS – Mountain Top (I Stand Black: Rockers)
JOHN HOLT – Police In Helicopter (Volcano) –request
RAS JAHKNOW – World Of Tribulation (Jah Sta Li: Ras Jahknow)
RAS JAHKNOW – Obrigado Jah (Jah Sta Li: Ras Jahknow)
CLINTON FEARON – The Hunter (Goodness: Boogie Brown)
HEZRON – Inna Di Ghetto (The Life I Live (D) : Tad’s)
ARMY – Tru Luv Come Down (Dredlocks Time: Higher Bound)
ARMY – Long Long Road (Jump For Joy riddim: Splatterhouse)
MIDNITE & DESMOND WILLIAMS – Repatriation Song (Kayamagon: Rastafaria)
MIDNITE – I People (Junction riddim: Zion I Kings)
PRESSURE – Who You Are (Junction riddim: Zion I Kings)
PERFECT GIDDAMANI – The People We Are (Junction riddim: Zion I Kings)
LUTAN FYAH – Up In The Hills (Junction riddim: Zion I Kings)
LLOYD BROWN – Get It Rights (Junction riddim: Zion I Kings)
BOBBY HUSTLE – Chatty Mouth (Junction riddim: Zion I Kings)
HEMPRESS SATIVA – Still Survivng (Junction riddim: Zion I Kings)
JAHDAN BLAKKAMORE & KABAKA PYRAMID – For The Children (Junction riddim: Zion I Kings)
ASSASSIN – Badda Dan Dem (Zinc Fence)
LATTY J – Same Pay (MV Music)
MACKA DIAMOND – We Run Things (Nicko Rebel Music)
RICKY GENERAL – Pressure Dem (Joe Fraiser)
KIPRICH – Loyalty (DJ Frass)

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