Playlist: November 9, 2019

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 9th November 2019

Paying respects to the late Vaughn Benjamin, founder and lead singer of Midnite, and later Akae Beka. Plus a live studio performance and interview with Richie Stephens & Masia One.

MIDNITE – Rasta Man Stand (Ras Mek Peace: Wildchild)
MIDNITE & LUSTRE KINGS – Right Here Dub (Infinite Dub: Lustre Kings)
MIDNITE – Zion Pavillion (Live at the Aggie 2005)
MIDNITE – Love Is Gonna Win This One / Ring Out A Chant (Live at the Red Sea, Portland, Oregon 2005)
< Ritchie Stephens & Masia One live from PBS Studio 5 with the Ska Vendors >
RICHIE STEPHENS & MASIA ONE – Sukiyaki (Jamaican Flava: Pot Of Gold Production)
MIDNITE – Bushman (Unpolished: Rastafaria)
MIDNITE – Mama Africa (Unpolished: Rastafaria)
MIDNITE – Love The Life You Live (Unpolished: Rastafaria)
MIDNITE – Roll Call (Eastbound vol 1: Iyah Ites)
MIDNITE – In 8 Dub (Intense Pressure: Rastafaria)
MIDNITE – Lion Wears The Crown (Ras Mek Peace: Wildchild)
MIDNITE – Earth Cycle Now A Rasta (Jubilees Of Zion: Afrikan Roots Lab)
MIDNITE – Jah Ovah (Seek Knowledge Before Vengeance: Afrikan Roots Lab)
MIDNITE & I GRADE – Thank The Lord (Vijan: I Grade)
MIDNITE & I GRADE – All My Life (Let Live: I Grade)

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