Playlist: November 4, 2017

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 4th November 2017

Featuring an interview and live freestyle performance with Jamaican singer Bushman, ahead of his “Conquering Lion” tour.

BUSHMAN – Nyah Man Chant (Nyah Man Chant: Steely & Cleevie)
BESHARA – Glory Glory Version (Beshara Music 12″)
JACOB MILLER – False Rasta (Rockers)
PABLO MOSES – I Man A Grasshopper (Klik)
LEROY SIBBLES – Now You’re Gone (Wackies)
KEITH & TEX – Stop That Train (Move & Groove) –request
SOUL SYNDICATE – Red Gold and Green (Harvest Uptown, Famine Downtown: Epiphany)
THE PIONEERS – Ahuma (Pusher Man: Trojan)
JOHNNY CLARKE – Cold I Up (Attack)
MUSICAL INTIMIDATORS – Escape From Hell (Trojan)
HALF PINT – One In A Million (Jammys)
HALF PINT – Mr Landlord (Jammys)
BUSHMAN – Fire Bun A Weakheart (Jammys)
BUSHMAN – Fire Pon a Deadas (Higher Ground: Jammys)
BUSHMAN – Worries and Problems (Total Commitment: Jammys)
BUSHMAN – Works To Do (Total Commitment: Jammys)
BUSHMAN – Grow Your Natty (Studio 2000)
BUSHMAN – Black Starliner (Studio 2000)
BUSHMAN – Life (Pickout)
BUSHMAN – Call The Hearse (Studio 2000)
BUSHMAN – So Easy (Digital B)
BUSHMAN – One Way (Safire)
BUSHMAN – Extortioners (Penthouse)
BUSHMAN – Hungry Days (Overstand)
< Bushman live freestyle >
BUSHMAN – Downtown (King of Kings)
BUSHMAN – Give Jah The Praise (Total Commitment: Jammys)

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