Playlist: May 4, 2024

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 4th May, 2024

Featuring classics from the early 70s to the early 80s; new music from the likes of Jah Lil, Tribal Seeds & the Twinkle Brothers, Jahshii & Lila Ike; new riddim “Dem A Fight” from Grubby Mitts; and nuff more.

PINNACLE SOUND & JOLLY JOSEPH – Man A Chant (Still Dread: Bat Records)
JACKIE MITTOO – Atom Sounds (In Cold Blood: Third World)
ZAP POW – Irie Land (Roosevelt) –request
DELROY WILSON – Live and Learn (Smash)
ROMAN STEWART – Try Me (Gussie)
BIG YOUTH – Tipper Tone Rock (Lion)
I ROY – Don’t Get Weary Joe Fraizer (The Sunshine Showdown)
PETER BROGGS – Don’t Get Weary Rastaman (Itation)
CULTURE – Natty Never Get Weary (High Note)
CULTURE & BUJU BANTON – Can’t Get Weary (Penthouse)
SIZZLA – Purified Woman (Cell Block 321)
CULTURE – Citizen As A Peaceful Dub (High Note)
WELLESLEY BRAHAM – Never Get Weary (Love Love Love)
PRINCE ALLA – Heaven Is My Roof (Stars)
STEEL PULSE – Soldiers (Handsworth Revolution: Island) –request
THE TWINKLE BROTHERS – Watch The Hypocrites (Love: Twinkle)
TRIBAL SEEDS & THE TWINKLE BROTHERS – Bondage (Ancient Blood: Tribal Seeds Music)
GROUNDATION – Something More (Hebron Gate: Young Tree)
DEZARIE – Not Yours (The Fourth Book: Afrikan Roots Lab)
CHEZIDEK & THE LIGERIANS – Over The Mountains (Timeless: Soulnurse & Baco Records)
JALIFA – Hear Ye (Incient Ras: Zion High Productions)
JALIFA – Hon Our Rebel (Zion I Matic riddim: Lions Flow Productions) –request
RUNKUS – Judgement (Zion I Matic riddim: Lions Flow Productions)
DANIEL JOHN & LIONS FLOW – Don’t Run (Zion I Matic riddim: Lions Flow Productions)
QUEEN OMEGA – Fittest (Zion I Matic riddim: Lions Flow Productions)
JAH LIL – Step By Step (Out Deh Records & Sinky Beats)
EESAH – Real Ganja Farmer (Ajal Music Group)
MYKAL ROSE & HOLLIE COOK – Get High (Subatomic Sound)
L.A.B – Mr Rave Rider (L.A.B IV: Loop Recordings Aot(ear)oa)
ZION HEAD & ANTHONY B – Enemies (Z2diZ Music)
JAHSHII & LILA IKE – Blessings (Slyda Di Wizard & Romeich)
GEORGE NOOKS – Rude Bwoy (Message In De Music: Tads)
ROBERT LEE – Sound A Go Dead (Dem A Fight riddim: Grubby Mitts)
ADMIRAL TIBET – Dem A Fight (Dem A Fight riddim: Grubby Mitts)
ADMIRAL TIBET & DADDY LYNX – Wi Run Wi Business (Dem A Fight riddim: Grubby Mitts)
RAS SHILOH – Slavery (Babylon You Doom: Shiloh B)

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