Playlist: July 9, 2016

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 9th July 2016

Featuring new riddims Creamy Corner (aka He Prayed, aka Ice Cream Love) from Misik Muzik, Lion Paw from Shiah Records, Maad Sick Reggaeville on Oneness, Mad Lion from Big Dreams, and Pretenders from FME… plus new tunes from Jesse Royal, Bugle, Exile Di Brave, and Samory I.

ASKALA SELASSIE – Holy (Warrior Empress: Stingray)
ASKALA SELASSIE – Rebel (Warrior Empress: Stingray)
MIGHTY SOUL REBELS – Jah Is No Gimmick (Guiding Star)
MICKEY SIMPSON – I and I Can’t Turn Back Now (Total Sounds)
NAGGO MORRIS – False Rasta (S&G)
DENNIS BROWN – Jah Can Do It (Visions: Joe Gibbs) –request
CULTURE – Jah Rastafari (High Note) –request
LEROY SMART – Give Jah Praises (Dread Hot In Africa: Burning Sounds)
VIVIAN JONES – Red Eyes (Jah Shaka)
FREDDIE McKAY & TRINITY – In Times Of Trouble (Live and Love)
MIKEY DREAD – Roots and Culture (Dread At The Controls)
JESSE ROYAL – Roots and Culture (Smile Jamaica: Silly Walks)
SAMORY I – I Am Gad (Smile Jamaica: Silly Walks)
EXILE DI BRAVE & BLACK OMOLO – Born To Reign (To The Foundation)
D MAJOR – Give Praises (Creamy Corner riddim: Misik Muzik)
DRE ISLAND – Dem A Liard (Creamy Corner riddim: Misik Muzik)
KEZNAMDI – Unfair Living (Creamy Corner riddim: Misik Muzik)
GENERAL DEGREE – Ruff It Up (Creamy Corner riddim: Misik Muzik)
WARD 21 – Herbs Man (Creamy Corner riddim: Misik Muzik)
CHRONIXX – Out Deh (Lion Paw riddim: Shiah Records)
KEZNAMDI – Cool Out (Lion Paw riddim: Shiah Records)
AIASHA – Facade (Lion Paw riddim: Shiah Records)
LUTAN FYAH – Never Ever (Lion Paw riddim: Shiah Records)
KELISSA – Stick Up (Lion Paw riddim: Shiah Records)
ZAGGA – In The Ghetto (Lion Paw riddim: Shiah Records)
VOICEMAIL – This Music (Lion Paw riddim: Shiah Records)
ANTHONY B – Jah Jah Be Praised (Maad Sick Reggaeville riddim: Oneness)
KELISSA – Ites Green and Gold (Maad Sick Reggaeville riddim: Oneness)
CALI P – Work (Maad Sick Reggaeville riddim: Oneness)
MORGAN HERITAGE – Modern Man (Maad Sick Reggaeville riddim: Oneness)
RUNKUS & ROYAL BLU – How Mi Sound (Maad Sick Reggaeville riddim: Oneness)
MARLA BROWN – Champion (Maad Sick Reggaeville riddim: Oneness)
CLAY – Rudeboys (Maad Sick Reggaeville riddim: Oneness)
EXCO LEVI – Siren (Maad Sick Reggaeville riddim: Oneness)
GAPPY RANKS – Maad Sick (Maad Sick Reggaeville riddim: Oneness)
CLAY – One Day (Mad Lion riddim: Big Dreams)
RA DEAL – Balance (Mad Lion riddim: Big Dreams)
DEZI MORRISON – Mad Lion Roar (Mad Lion riddim: Big Dreams)
EXCO LEVI – Rise (Mad Lion riddim: Big Dreams)
I WAYNE – Pretenders (Pretenders riddim: FME & Chief Music)
NATURAL BLACK – Never Give Up (Pretenders riddim: FME & Chief Music)
MORGAN HERIATGE – Jah Nah Sleep (Pretenders riddim: FME & Chief Music)
KRANIUM – Hype (Pretenders riddim: FME & Chief Music)
BUGLE – Life and All It Comes With (Smile Jamaica: Silly Walks)

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