Playlist: July 30, 2022

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 30th July 2022

Featuring a good dose of early 80s rub-a-dub, 90s reggae, and some more contemporary roots…

OMAR PERRY – Chant Down Babylon (Life: Benwah)
JUNIOR BYLES – Remember Me Version (Ja-Man)
HUGH MUNDELL – Time and Place (Blackman’s Foundation: Mun Rock)
EEK A MOUSE – Tell Them (Black and White)
EARLY B – Righteous Rasta (King Jam)
EARLY B – Visit Of King Selassie (Midnight Rock)
JOSEY WALES – It Haffi Bun (Volcano)
BUNNY WAILER – Collie Man (Solomonic)
BUNNY WAILER – Jammins (Rock N Groove: Solomonic)
DENNIS BROWN – Runnings (D.A.N.C.S.I)
THE TAMLINS – Go Away Dream (Taxi) –request
THE TWINKLE BROTHERS – Love (Love: Twinkle)
THE TWINKLE BROTHERS – Big Bam Bam (Rasta Pon Top: Grounation)
MICHAEL PROPHET – The Gates Of Zion (Serious Reasoning: Vivian Jackson)
AKAE BEKA & RAS TEO – All Hail (JahSolidRock)
NGA HAN & ROOTS UNITY w RAW RIDDIM SECTION – Holy (The Living Stream: Roots Unity)
DANNY I – Weak At The Foundation (Unchangable: I Grade)
BAMBU STATION – I Rememba (Break The Soil: Mt Nebo Records)
AXX OF JAHPOSTLES – Give Thanks and Praise (Give Thanks and Praise: Axx)
AXX OF JAHPOSTLES – Man With The Hammer (Axx)
THE MYSTIC REVEALERS & SOULJAH – Religion (Crossin The Atlantic: Mystic Reggae Sounds) –request
LUCIANO, CHARLIE CHAPLIN, JOSEY WALES – Rebel With A Cause (Xterminator)
MIKEY GENERAL – Many Have Fallen (Xterminator)
INI KAMOZE – Jah Never Fail I (Xterminator)
MARSHALL NEEKO & LILLY MELODY – God Alone (Descendance: Idlers Corner)
CAPLETON – As The Hour Pass By (Marshall Neeko Remix) (Rudie riddim: Idlers Corner)
NORRIS MAN – Redder Than Before (Marshall Neeko Remix) (Rudie riddim: Idlers Corner)
JAH MASON & SHEPHERD – One Two Order (Marshall Neeko Remix) (Rudie riddim: Idlers Corner)
SIZZLA – Brainwash (Marshall Neeko Remix) (Rudie riddim: Idlers Corner)
CHARLIE P & NAZAMBA – Rooted (Anything Anytime Anywhere: Boxman Records)
JAZ ELISE – Elevated (The Golden Hour: In.Digg.Nation Collective)

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