Playlist: July 12, 2014

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 12 July 2014

TARRUS RILEY – One Two Order (Mecoustic: Soulbeats Records)
THE SKATALITES – Give Thanks (Heroes of Reggae In Dub: Motion)
DOBBY DOBSON – Loving Pauper (Treasure Isle) –request
THE WAILERS – Thank You Lord (Wail N Soul M)
THE GLADIATORS – Roots Natty (Studio One)
JOHNNY OSBOURNE – Truths and Rights (Studio One)
AL CAMPBELL – Take A Ride (Studio One)
THE TWINKLE BROTHERS – Barabas (Rasta Pon Top: Twinkle Music)
WILLIE WILLIAMS – Give Jah Praise (Messenger Man: Blood and Fire)
HUGH MUNDELL – Rastafari’s Call (Blackman’s Foundation: Mun Rock)
HUGH MUNDELL – Rastafari Tradition (Rockers)
BOBBY SOUL – God Is Love (Roots Man 7″)
FREDDIE McKAY – Jah Man (Earthquake 7″)
SYLFORD WALKER – Golden Pen (Joe Gibbs 7″)
PETER BROGGS – I A Field Marshall (Cry Tuff 7″)
ALPHA BLONDY – Jah Houphouet (Apartheid Is Nazism: Shanachie)
MIDNITE & DESMOND WILLIAMS – Jah I (Kayamagon: Rastafaria) 2008
ARMY – Tek Your Time (Rasta Awake: I Grade) 2008
DEZARIE – Most High (Fya: I Grade)
MIDNITE – Mountains (Nemozian Rasta: I Grade)
MIDNITE – Ises (Assini: I Grade)
MIDNITE – Is Real (Rule The Time: I Grade)
DANNY I – Redda Fyah (Unchangeable: I Grade)
REEMAH – Be Free (Jump For Joy riddim: Splatterhouse)
ARMY – Long Long Road (Jump For Joy riddim: Splatterhouse)
BATCH – Win (Jump For Joy riddim: Splatterhouse)
JAHMAN & SIZZLA – Jump For Joy (Jump For Joy riddim: Splatterhouse)
DANNY I – Gathering Of Lion (Jump For Joy riddim: Splatterhouse)
MADA NILE – Bending Knee (Jump For Joy riddim: Splatterhouse)
PRESSURE – When A Door Is Close (Jump For Joy riddim: Splatterhouse)
LUTAN FYAH – Rasta Won’t Fail (Jump For Joy riddim: Splatterhouse)
GARNETT SILK – Every Knee Shall Bow (Rythem Track 7″)
JAH CURE – Every Song I Sing (Ghetto Life: Harmony House)
SIZZLA – Live and Give Praises (Harmony House 7″)
BUGLE – False Prophet (CR203)
CHRONIXX – Thanks and Praise (Lifeline Music)

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