Playlist: January 16, 2016

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 16th January 2016

Featuring the Crossroads riddim from Notis, and an interview with Adrian of Adrian’s Wall, producer of the new riddim Works You Do on Reality Shock records…

DAMAS – Red Hot (MacLes Music Factory)
THE WAILERS – Lyrical Satirical 1 (Wail N Soul M)
BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS – The Lord Will Make A Way Somehow (Wail N Soul M)
RITA MARLEY – Play Play (Wail N Soul M)
PETER TOSH & THE WAILERS – Steppin Razor (Wail N Soul M)
THE TIDALS – Young Companion (Big M)
THE TIDALS – Botheration (Great Days: Tidal Sound)
LITTLE ROY – Easy Chair (Tafari)
HORACE ANDY – The Children (Kingston Allstars Meet Downtown At King Tubbys: Jamaican Recordings)
JAH STITCH – Greedy Girl (Earthquake)
JOHNNY CLARKE – A Man Like Me (Gorgan)
ISRAEL VIBRATION – Weep and Mourn (The Same Song: Top Ranking)
STEEL PULSE – Nyahbinghi Voyage (Caught You: Island)
MISTY IN ROOTS – Peace and Love (People Unite)
MIDNITE – Recounciliation (Rule The Time: I Grade)
RAS ABJA & AKAE BEKA – Love N Forgiveness (Kush Tafari: Iaahden Sound)
MACKA B – Be Yourself (Works You Do riddim: Reality Shock 10″)
< Interview with Adrian’s Wall Sound System >
VERSION – Works You Do dubplate (Works You Do riddim: Reality Shock 10″)
VERSION – Works You Dub (Works You Do riddim: Reality Shock 10″)
DIXIE PEACE – Rise Up (Works You Do riddim: Reality Shock 10″)
REALITY SOULJAHS – Government Official (Works You Do riddim: Reality Shock 10″)
MORGAN HERITAGE – Lion Order (Crossroads riddim: Notis)
IBA MAHR – Carry It On (Crossroads riddim: Notis)
JESSE ROYAL – Bless My Soul (Crossroads riddim: Notis)
CHEZIDEK – Moving Up (Crossroads riddim: Notis)
DRE ISLAND – Jah Is Here For Me (Crossroads riddim: Notis)
GINJAH – Nuh Water Down (Crossroads riddim: Notis)
JEMERE MORGAN – War (Crossroads riddim: Notis)
KABAKA PYRAMID – Too Long (Crossroads riddim: Notis)
ALBOROSIE – Jahnoy (Skateland Killer riddim: Maximum Sound) –request
LUCIANO – By Jah Will (Skateland Killer riddim: Maximum Sound) –request
TARRUS RILEY – Rebel (Skateland Killer riddim: Maximum Sound) –request
CAPTAIN SINBAD – Worldwide Rebellion (Skateland Killer riddim: Maximum Sound) –request
JAH VINCI – Singing Amazing Grace (Milla 9)
APPRENTICE – Wash My Sins Away (Dread EFX & Bassline Rock)
CHINO – Never Change (Big Ship) –request
IBA MAHR – Weeping and Mourning (Diamond Sox: VP)
I OCTANE – Merciful Father (John John)

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