Playlist: February 4, 2017

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 4th February 2017

Paying respect to the late singer Ronnie Davis, and the late trombonist Nambo Robinson, plus a chat with UK artist YT and Melbourne producer Monkey Marc.

RONNIE DAVIS – No Weak Heart (Iyahcoustic: Skinny Bwoy Records)
VERSION – Vanity riddim (Studio One)
THE TENNORS – Hope Village (Duke Reid)
THE TENNORS – Weather Report (Treasure Isle)
RONNIE DAVIS – Run Come (MM Records)
RONNIE DAVIS – Peace and Love (On Top)
RONNIE DAVIS – Won’t You Come Home (Spiderman)
THE ITALS – Ina Dis Ya Time (Spiderman)
RONNIE DAVIS – No One (Spiderman)
RONNIE DAVIS – Hard Times (Hard Times: Third World) for Dale
RONNIE DAVIS – My World (Striker Lee)
RONNIE DAVIS – Too Much Religion (Too Much Iron In The Fire: Trojan)
RONNIE DAVIS – Go Down A Di Dance (Wheel Of Life: Upstairs Music)
RONNIE DAVIS – Swinging My Love (Iyahcoustic: Skinny Bwoy Records)
TARRUS RILEY – System Set (Mecoustic: Soulbeats Records)
SLY & ROBBIE – Taxi riddim (Taxi)
DEAN FRASER & NAMBO ROBINSON – Idi Amin (Emmanuel Music)
BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS – Trench Town (Confrontation: Island)
BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS – Wake Up and Live (Survival: Island)
CEDRIC IM BROOKS & THE LIGHT OF SABA – Lambs Bread Collie (The Light Of Saba: Honest Jons)
THE TAMLINS – Baltimore (Taxi)
BITTY McLEAN – Let Them Talk (Taxi)
YT – Forward To Life (Revolution Time: Sativa Records)
YT – Boomsound (No Wata Down Ting: Scotch Bonnet)
YT – What You Got To Do (No Wata Down Ting: Scotch Bonnet)
YT & JOHNNY OSBOURNE – No Wata Down Ting (No Wata Down Ting: Scotch Bonnet)
YT & MONKEY MARC – Stress (unreleased)
YT – Going In (live in the studio)
YT – Human Rights (Retro Locks riddim: Oneness)

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