Playlist: April 9, 2016

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 9th April 2016

Paying respects to the late Silvertones singer Gilmore Grant, plus more Johnny Osbourne ahead of his first Melbourne show, the new Akae Beka album “Portals” from I Grade Records, the Blueberry Haze riddim from Maximum Sound, the Vacation riddim from SHS, and a few Chant Down dubplate specials ahead of the More Fire 15th Birthday.

THE SILVERTONES – When Knotty Came (Clocktower 7″)
THE SILVERTONES – Smile (Studio One)
THE SILVERTONES – Midnight Hour (Soul Shot)
THE SILVERTONES – Stop Crying (Studio One)
THE SILVERTONES – Feel All Right (rehersal) (Born In The Sky: Motion)
THE SILVERTONES – Rejoice Jah Jah Children (Black Art)
JAH LION – Colombia Colly (Colombia Colly: Black Art & Island)
JOHNNY OSBOURNE – Inflation (Warrior: Black Joy)
JOHNNY OSBOURNE – Truths and Rights (Studio One)
JOHNNY OSBOURNE – People Watch Me (Studio One)
JOHNNY OSBOURNE – All I Have Is Love (Studio One)
JOHNNY OSBOURNE – Jah Promise (Studio One)
JOHNNY OSBOURNE – Jealousy, Heartache and Pain (Studio One)
JOHNNY OSBOURNE – Fally Ranking (Jammys)
JOHNNY OSBOURNE – Trench Town School (Jammys)
JOHNNY OSBOURNE – Water Pumping (Jammys)
MR VEGAS – Weed Baking (Blueberry Haze riddim: Maximum Sound)
LATTY J – Sweet Cannabis (Blueberry Haze riddim: Maximum Sound)
RAS DEMO – Share You (Blueberry Haze riddim: Maximum Sound)
SHANTY B – Can’t Stop (Blueberry Haze riddim: Maximum Sound)
RANDY VALENTINE – Hold On (Blueberry Haze riddim: Maximum Sound)
CHRISTOPHER MARTIN – London Queen (Blueberry Haze riddim: Maximum Sound)
VERSHON – Bring Back (Blueberry Haze riddim: Maximum Sound)
ROMAIN VIRGO – Caan Sleep (Chant Down dubplate special)
MR VEGAS – Kick Off Your Face (Chant Down dubplate special)
FREDDIE McGREGOR – Little Tin Pan Sound (Chant Down dubplate special)
RANDY VALENTINE – Foundation (Bring Back The Love: Straight Sound)
CHRONIXX – News Carrying Dread (Chronixx Music & Federation Sounds)
BUGLE – Clean Heart (Vacation riddim: SHS Records)
DEXTA DAPS – Meditation (Vacation riddim: SHS Records)
AKAE BEKA – Like Rhyme (Portals: I Grade)
AKAE BEKA & DANNY I – Let Babylon Go (Portals: I Grade)
MIDNITE – Shout That (Nemozian Rasta: I Grade) –request
FIKIR AMLAK – Chant Out (Roots and Dub: Black Lion Sounds)
FIKIR AMLAK – Dub Out (Roots and Dub: Black Lion Sounds)
CHRONIXX – Roots and Chalice (Chronixx Music & Federation Sounds)
FANTAN MOJAH – Hungry Sound 10 Year Special (Chant Down dubplate special)

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