Playlist: April 28, 2018

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 28th April 2018

Featuring new riddims including Twilight from Maximum Sound, Love Emoji from Kheilstone, Ancient Kingdom from Reality Chant, Enchanted from Blue Lava, and Shackled from Yard 127.

LINVAL THOMPSON – Fussing and Fighting (Med Tone)
LITTLE ROY – Bongo Nyah (Matador)
LLOYD ROBINSON – Death A Come (Matador)
THE VICEROYS – Take Your Hand (Matador)
THE JESTERS – Cholera (Syndicate)
JUSTIN HINDS & THE DOMINOES – The Rainbow (Travel With Love: Nighthawk)
JUSTIN HINDS & THE DOMINOES – Book of History (Travel With Love: Nighthawk)
CORNEL CAMPBELL – The Minstrel (Attack)
CORNEL CAMPBELL – The Investigator (Jackpot) 77
GREGORY ISAACS – Material Man (Night Nurse: Island)
BLACK UHURU – Solidarity (Anthem: Island) –request
CULTURE – Two Sevens Clash (Joe Gibbs) –request
BO JANGLES – Prophecy Reveal (Joe Gibbs) –request
TALISMAN – Look What A Gwan Dub (Star Time)
ISRAEL VIBRATION – Cool and Calm (Ras)
RUDO – Freedom (Star Time)
JOE PILGRIM & THE LIGERIANS – Migrants (Step Out: Soul Nurse Records)
JOE PILGRIM & THE LIGERIANS – Migrants Dub (Step Out: Soul Nurse Records)
EXILE DI BRAVE – Equally (Ancient Kingdom riddim: Reality Chant)
INFINITE – Electric City (Ancient Kingdom riddim: Reality Chant)
KAZAM DAVIS – King of Kings (Ancient Kingdom riddim: Reality Chant)
JODIAN PANTRY – Haffi Change (Jsmall Records)
CHINEY KIKI – Liad (Jace Records)
MIKEY GENERAL – Militancy (Tewahdo: Irie Sounds International)
DAVILLE – Dirty Laundry (Love Emoji riddim: Kheilstone)
DELLY RANX – Another Place (Love Emoji riddim: Kheilstone)
ESCO – Too Many (Love Emoji riddim: Kheilstone)
HI KALIBA – Love Is On The Way (Love Emoji riddim: Kheilstone)
DI REBEL – Ms Right (Love Emoji riddim: Kheilstone)
D MAJOR – Heavenly (Love Emoji riddim: Kheilstone)
EKELA – Miss You (Love Emoji riddim: Kheilstone)
BOBBY HUSTLE – Rock With Me (Love Emoji riddim: Kheilstone)
JAY-A – Never Born Lucky (Love Emoji riddim: Kheilstone)
CHRISTOPHER MARTIN – Bun Fi Bun (Twilight riddim: Maximum Sound)
JAH LIL – Expensive Tears (Twilight riddim: Maximum Sound)
ETANA – Be Alright (Twilight riddim: Maximum Sound)
DUANE STEPHENSON – Play That Song (Twilight riddim: Maximum Sound)
SANCHEZ – Share The Memory (Twilight riddim: Maximum Sound)
MR VEGAS – Black Princess (Twilight riddim: Maximum Sound)
GINJAH – Bring Heaven Down (Twilight riddim: Maximum Sound)
SHANTY B – Call Di Doctor (Twilight riddim: Maximum Sound)
DEAN FRASER – RA Super Special (Twilight riddim: Maximum Sound)
YONICA – In Time (Enchanted riddim: Blue Lava Entertainment)
GAILSOGORGEOUS – Wha Do Dem (Frenenemy) (Enchanted riddim: Blue Lava Entertainment)
EMPRESS GOODNESS – The Purge (Enchanted riddim: Blue Lava Entertainment)
DEADLY HUNTA & JAH TUNG – Bed Of Roses (Shackled riddim: Yard 127)
ANDI-ITES – System of Destruction (Shackled riddim: Yard 127)

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