Playlist: August 16, 1999

106.7 PBS-FM Midnight - 2 am August 16, 1999 -------------- A strange show... during the pre-recorded interview with Nasio Fontaine, a caller rang to abuse express his disgust. An older sounding man, with a slight South African accent, he told me to "go and get fucked" for putting on that "whinging black bastard". I hung up, but he rang me back and ranted something else before he himself hung up. After the interview, I went into Nasio's "Ras Tafari" track, before speaking about the interview, and the racist caller. I was obviously not happy, so I decided to bun fire pon the wicked! Out came the Sizzla tunes, aimed straight at the racist's head, and I didn't hide the fact... I kept the heat on with Max Romeo, making all wicked man "Melt Away", and then went into some "Dub Fire" from Aswad. And guess what? The caller rang back... and apologised! I asked him if he was serious, and he said he was dead serious about what he said, but he felt he should apologise. I still don't know what to make of it all, but it seems that the power of reggae music had some effect... To cap things off, I went into a nice tune by Dana V - "Brotherly Love". Chanting Down Babylon everytime! FRANKIE WILMOT - Chant Them Down - Rhythm Track 7" JAH CURE - Trod In The Valley Version - Xterminator 7" SIZZLA - Mental Chains - "Royal Son of Ethiopia" on Greensleeves JAH CURE - Trod In The Valley - Xterminator 12" MAD PROFESSOR / MICHAEL PROPHET - Lot's Wife - "Rootsman" on Ariwa DUB FUNK ASSOCIATION - Rockers Specialist - "Sounds of the Heavyweight" on Tanty AUDIO ACTIVE - Kick The Bong Around - "Return of the Red Eye" on Warner Music DUB SYNDICATE - Each Breath I Take - "Fear of a Green Planet" on Shanachie CORNELL CAMPBELL - Queen of the Minstrels - "Silver Jubilee" on Rhino UK CORNELL CAMPBELL - Natty Dread Inna Greenwhich Farm - "Silver Jubilee" on Rhino UK CORNELL CAMPBELL - Natty Dread Inna Greenwhich Farm Dub - "Silver Jubilee" on Rhino UK GARNETT SILK - The Rod - "Live at Reggae Sunsplash 1994" on Tabou 1 NASIO FONTAINE - Rainbow Generation - "Revolution" on Aphelion NASIO FONTAINE - Ras Tafari - "Revolution" on Aphelion SIZZLA - Ripe Leaf - "Royal Son Of Ethiopia" on Greensleeves SIZZLA - Get Rid of Them - Kariang 7" MAX ROMEO - Melt Away - "Open The Iron Gate" on Blood & Fire ASWAD - Dub Fire - "New Chapter of Dub" on Island GLEN WASHINGTON - Jah Glory - "Can't You See" on Charm GLEN WASHINGTON - Wages of Sin - "Studio One Dancehall Selection" on Heartbeat DANA V - Brotherly Love - "Studio One Dancehall Selection" on Heartbeat KY-MANI - Emperor - "The Journey" on Gee Street / V2 MORGAN HERITAGE - "Trodding Jah Road" on VP JUNIOR REID - True World Order - JR Records HALF PINT - One In A Million - "One In A Million" on Greensleeves YAMI BOLO - Love My Woman - "Freedom and Liberation" on Tabou 1 RAS SHILOH - Look Into The World - Flames 7