Playlist: December 1, 1998

December 1, 1998. THE VELVET SHADOWS - Babylon A Fall Down (Babylon A Fall Down CD) CAPLETON - Babylon Judgement (Prophecy CD) SIZZLA - Show Us The Way (Kings of Kings CD) BERES HAMMOND/BUNNY RUGS/CAPLETON - No Crime (In Control CD) GLEN WASHINGTON - Wages of Sin (Studio One Dancehall Selection CD) SUGAR MASSIVE - Never Felt This Way (Studio One Dancehall Selection CD) THE HURRICANES - You Can Run (Wizdom CD) BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS - Jammin' 12" Mix (Songs of Freedom CD) PETER TOSH - I'm Not Gonna Give It Up (live)(Honorary Citizen CD) MICHAEL ROSE - Sensimilla (Party In Session Live CD) CULTURE - Love Shines Bright (Livity CD) BURNING SPEAR - I Stand Strong (Peace and Love Live CD) THE MEDITATIONS - Pattin' On Shoulder (Anthology CD) THE MEDITATIONS - War Mongers (Anthology CD) ALPHA BLONDY - Selah (Apartheid Is Nazism LP) THE OVERTONES - Hail That Taxi (Hail That Taxi CD) DERRICK MORGAN - The Conquerer (Time Marches On CD) JAH THOMAS - Stop Yu Loafing (Stop Yu Loafing LP) U BROWN - Hard Times (Train To Zion CD) GREGORY ISSACS - Tam Tam (Slub Dub CD) BOB MARLEY & BILL LASWELL - Midnight Ravers (Dreams of Freedom CD) MIKEY DREAD - Heavyweight Sound (S.W.A.L.K. CD) SUGAR MINOTT - Dancehall Business (Herbman Hustling CD) BLACK SLATE - Rockers Everytime (Sirens In The City LP) BUNNY WAILER - Bright Soul (Struggle LP) JAH LION - Black Lion (Columbia Colly LP)