Playlist: November 17, 2012

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia

Saturday 17th November, 2012

Featuring a live studio interview with legendary Jamaican singer Johnny Clarke, plus nuff Abyssinians ahead of their first ever Melbourne shows… plus new Australian reggae releases from Agency Dub Collective, the Upsteppers, and Kingfisha…

JOHNNY CLARKE – Babylon (Jah Shaka 12″)
THE ABYSSINIANS – Forward Unto Zion (Satta Massagana: Heartbeat)
THE ABYSSINIANS – The Good Lord (Satta Massagana: Heartbeat)
THE ABYSSINIANS – Know Jah Today (Satta Massagana: Heartbeat)
THE ABYSSINIANS – Satta Masagana (Clinch 7″)
THE ABYSSINIANS – Yim Mas Gan (Clinch 7″)
THE ABYSSINIANS – Love Comes And Goes (Talent Corporation)
THE ABYSSINIANS – Jah Loves (Arise: Virgin)
KINGFISHA – Looking Glass (Vital Signs 7″)
UPSTEPPERS – Turn Them Around (Vital Signs 7″)
AGENCY DUB COLLECTIVE – Sub Detonator (Beggars Belief: Agency Dub Collective)
AGENCY DUB COLLECTIVE – New Galaxy (Beggars Belief: Agency Dub Collective)
AGENCY DUB COLLECTIVE – Boss Dub (Beggars Belief: Agency Dub Collective)
MARTIN CAMPBELL – Hard On The Rootsman (Rootsman: Channel One UK)
JOHNNY CLARKE – Nuclear Weapon (Ariwa 7″)
MAD PROFESSOR – Jordan River (Ariwa 7″)
JOHNNY CLARKE – Stop The Tribal War (Rockers Time Now: Virgin)
JOHNNY CLARKE – Don’t Want To Be No Rudeboy (Attack)
JOHNNY CLARKE – African Roots (Rockers Time Now: Virgin)
JOHNNY CLARKE – Roots Natty (Authorized Version: Virgin) –request
JOHNNY CLARKE – Blood Dunza (A Ruffer Version: Trojan)
JOHNNY CLARKE – Every Knee Shall Bow (Dreader Dread: Blood and Fire)
JOHNNY CLARKE – Them Never Love Poor Marcus (Rockers Time Now: Virgin)
< interview with Johnny Clarke >
JOHNNY CLARKE – Going To A Ball (Jamaica 50 Sing Then Dub Them: Johnny Clarke)

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