Playlist: January 28, 2012

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia

JANUARY 28, 2012

a musical tribute to the late Winston Riley, founder of both the Techniques vocal group, and the label of the same name… plus a live studio interview and performance from Million Stylez ahead of his first Australian tour…

JOHNNY OSBOURNE – What A Fire (Warrior: Techniques)
ERROL SCORCHER – Dance Hall Style (Tony Tuff Meets Errol Scorcher: Mal’s)
ERROL SCORCHER – One Man Ranch (Rasta Fire: Ballistic)
ERROL SCORCHER – Roach In De Corner (Aires 7″)
ALTON ELLIS – I’ll Be Waiting (Techniques 7″)
CARL DAWKINS – Satisfaction (Techniques 7″)
THE ETHIOPIANS – Pirate (Techniques 7″)
THE INTERNS – Nothing Is Impossible (Roots Techniques: Pressure Sounds)
DONOVAN ADAMS – Don’t Mock Jah (Roots Techniques: Pressure Sounds)
I ROY – Who Is The Man (Roots Techniques: Pressure Sounds)
PRINCE FAR I – Deck Of Cards (Techniques 7″)
JOHNNY OSBOURNE – Purify Your Heart (Techniques 7″)
JIMMY RILEY – Prophecy (Techniques 7″)
LONE RANGER – Collie Dub (Techniques 7″)
SISTER NANCY – Transport Connection (Techniques 7″) –request
SISTER NANCY – One Two (Techniques 7″)
SISTER NANCY – Bam Bam (Techniques 7″)
BIG YOUTH – All Nations Bow (Techniques 7″)
YAMI BOLO – When A Mans In Love (Techniques 7″)
TENOR SAW – Ring The Alarm (Techniques 7″)
REGGAE STEPPER – Cuh Onno (Techniques 7″)
LADY G & THE TECHNIQUES – Samfie Lover (Techniques 7″)
YAMI BOLO – Jah Made Them All (Techniques 7″)
ADMIRAL TIBET – Leave People Business (Techniques 7″)
CUTTY RANKS – Gun Man Lyrics (Techniques 7″)
SUPER CAT – Cry Fi Di Youths (Techniques 7″)
SUPER CAT – Si Boops Deh (Techniques 7″)
COURTNEY MELODY – Bad Boys (Techniques 7″)
DADDY LIZARD – A Fi Fly Out (Techniques 7″)
MILLION STYLEZ – More Life (Devil’s Angel: Supersonic)
MILLION STYLEZ – Born In The System (Prisonbreak riddim: Bassrunner)
MILLION STYLEZ – Roots Of All Evil (Bellyfull riddim: FuryBass)
< live interview with Million Stylez >
MILLION STYLEZ – Police In Helicopter (KBC 7″)
< live interview with Million Stylez>
MILLION STYLEZ – Fade Away (live in the studio)
MILLION STYLEZ – Miss Fatty Fatty (live in the studio)
MILLION STYLEZ – Ya Habibti (Arabian Nights riddim: Adonai)
MILLION STYLEZ – Milli Swagga (Necessary Mayhem 7″)

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