Playlist: August 21, 2010

BABYLON BURNING with Jesse I 106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia 5-7 PM > AUGUST 21 > 2010 Featuring the Slaata riddim from Presha, the Dream Dayz riddim by Young Veterans, the Kings Highway riddim from NZ producer Messenjah, the Badda Don riddim from Yard Vybz, and the Ice riddim from Digiplay Records... plus new albums from Horace Andy, Niyorah, and Melbourne band Blue King Brown... MICHAEL ROSE - Babylon Fight (Heartical 7") JOHN HOLT - For The Love Of You (2000 Volts of Holt: Trojan) --request WILLIE WILLIAMS & LITTLE ROY - False Talk (From Studio One To Drum Street 2: M 10) WILLIE WILLIAMS - Give Them Bread (From Studio One To Drum Street: M 10) WILLIE WILLIAMS - Stronger Strong (From Studio One To Drum Street: M 10) SANG HUGH - Pot of Gold (Prestige 7") LEE PERRY - Stay Dead (Words of my Mouth: Sanctuary) JIMMY RILEY - Prophecy (Techniques 7") JOHNNY OSBOURNE - Purify Your Heart (Techniques 7") JUNIOR DAN - Give Thanks No Shanks (Hi Try: Honest Jons) MIGHTY DIAMONDS - No Opportunity For The Youth (Tell Me What's Wrong: Channel One) HORACE ANDY - Serious Times (Serious Times: Minor 7 Flat 5) NIYORAH & SUGAR MINOTT - World Jungle (Feel Your Presence: Denkenesh) BLUE KING BROWN - Say Peace Dub (Worldwize: Lion House Records) JECK PILPIL & PEACEPIPE - We Are Poor (Mabuhay Revolution: Galaxy) MIDNITE & FIFTH SON - Corn and Bread (Momentum: Fifth Son) MASSICKER - Mek Dem Gwaan (Viral Sounds Entertainment) CUTTY CORN - Dreaming (Dream Dayz riddim: Young Veterans) BUGLE - Why Wish You Bad (Dream Dayz riddim: Young Veterans) HYAH SLICE - Pressure We Bear (Dream Dayz riddim: Young Veterans) FYAHKIN - Oyeh No (Dream Dayz riddim: Young Veterans) TEFLON - So Hard (Dream Dayz riddim: Young Veterans) NICO D - Nothing Nuh Change (Dream Dayz riddim: Young Veterans) CHRISINTI - Feel So High (Kings Highway: Reality Chant) HI KEE - Goodness Gracious (Kings Highway: Reality Chant) NATTY KING - Fyah Bed (Kings Highway: Reality Chant) NORRIS MAN - Thanks and Praises (Slaata riddim: Presha) MARLON ASHER - Cleanse Their Ways (Slaata riddim: Presha) BASCOM X - Wanna Be Free (Slaata riddim: Presha) FYAHKIN - They Face It (Slaata riddim: Presha) ICO FLAMES - You Make I Strong (Slaata riddim: Presha) DEVA BRATT - Hard Out There (Slaata riddim: Presha) I OCTANE - No More (DJ Frass) BUGLE - Tears I OCTANE - Weed We Say (Badda Don riddim: Yard Vybz) MAVADO - Jah Is Coming Soon (Badda Don riddim: Yard Vybz) WAYNE MARSHALL - Careless (Badda Don riddim: Yard Vybz) GYPTIAN - Watch Gyal (Badda Don riddim: Yard Vybz) MUNGA - Thank You Jah (Ice riddim: Digiplay) CHARLY BLACK - Good Friend (Ice riddim: Digiplay) PRINCESS THUNDA - Life Can't Done (Jesse I dubplate special) MORGAN HERITAGE - Politicians (Juke Boxx 7")