Playlist: October 3, 2009

BABYLON BURNING with Jesse I 106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia 5-7 PM > OCTOBER 3 > 2009 Featuring the Maestro riddim by Weedy G... the Come Down riddim by Necessary Mayhem... the Sunshine riddim by Supahype... the Tougher Love riddim from New Zealand's High Stakes Records... plus new Midnite, new Etana, a new Clancy Eccles/King Tubby dub LP reissue from Pressure Sounds, and a new U Roy release from Kingston Sounds... BARRY BROWN - Let Go Jah Jah Children (Best Of Barry Brown: Striker Lee) THE OVERTAKERS - The Big Take Over (Get On Up: Trojan) THE INVENTORS - Food Of Love (Red Bumb Ball: Pressure Sounds) SLIM SMITH - You Don't Care (Studio One 7") NORA DEAN - Barbwire (Queens Of Jamaica: Jah Slams) MR VEGAS & JOVI ROCKWELL - Can't Stop Now (Guns Don't Kill People... Lazers Do) LEROY SIBBLES - Equal Rights (Rocksteady: Moll Selekta) KING STITT & CLANCY ECCLES - Dance Beat (Sound System International Dub LP: Pressure Sounds) U ROY - Gorgon Wise (I Am The Originator: Kingston Sounds) U BROWN - Natty Hold The Handle (Train To Zion: Blood and Fire) BOB MARLEY - Keep On Moving (Songs Of Freedom: Island) --request THE SKULLS - Third World (Jack Ruby) THE RASTAFARIANS - Occupation (Orthodox: ULC) FYAH WALK - Ancient Spirit (Ocean Sounds: Roots-Tree and Stream) THE RED EYES - Long Time Coming SECRET MASTERS & TIPPA IRIE - Black Culture (Master Tunes) ANTHONY B - Pressure (Weedy G 7") BASCOM X - Crime Rate (Weedy G 7") DONOVAN LEVY - Ghetto Youths (Weedy G 7") JUNIOR X - Don't Let It End This Way (Weedy G 7") LITTLE HERO - Want You (Weedy G 7") BLAKKICE, FYAH SAGA - Strictly Sensimilla (Weedy G 7") ETANA - August Town (Freemind) PEETAH MORGAN - Be Mindful (Supahype) BESCENTA - Happy Days (Supahype) ALAINE - So Simple (Supahype) GYPTIAN - Complete Me (Supahype) SOUND DIMENSION - Heavy Rock (Studio One) TERROR FABULOUS - Yu Would A Bawl (Digital B) BERES HAMMOND - Do The Right Thing (Penthouse 7") SUPERCAT - Come Down (Wild Apache 7") PINCHERS - Bandelero (Necessary Mayhem 7") MILLION STYLEZ & JOEY FEVER - Young Gunz (Necessary Mayhem 7") MR WILLIAMS - Real General (Necessary Mayhem 7") PAPA LEVI - Speed Rapping (Necessary Mayhem 7") KARI JESS - We Nah (High Stakes Records) TIFA - So Tired (High Stakes Records) VOICEMAIL - Lie Down (High Stakes Records) KABAKA - Seek Knowledge (High Stakes Records) MUNGA - After 7 (High Stakes Records) YOUNG SHOTTAS - How Do U (High Stakes Records) YELLOWMAN - Who Can Make The Dance Ram (Greensleeves 12") --request MIDNITE - Get Through (Ina Now: Rastar)