Playlist: February 10, 2007

CHANT DOWN BABYLON with Jesse I 106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia 5-7 PM > FEBRUARY 10 > 2007 Featuring guest selection from Byron Bay's Rub A Dub sound and Perth's Earth Links, both in town for the Sound Summit at Brown Alley... JR BYLES & RUPERT REID - Chant Down Babylon (129 Beat St: Blood and Fire) LITTLE JOHN - Work Us Sp Hard (Kings of Reggae: Rapster) RANKING DREAD - Fattie Boom (Kings of Reggae: Rapster) MARCIA GRIFFITHS - Dreamland (Kings of Reggae: Rapster) BURNING SPEAR - Call On You (Creation Rebel: Heartbeat) MIGHTY DIAMONDS - Gnashing Of Teeth (Go Seek Your Rights: Virgin Frontline) BIG YOUTH - Travelling Man (Melbourne Meets Kingston: Elefant Traks) JR REID & DUB SYNDICATE - God Is A Man BURNING SPEAR - What A Happy Day (Creation Rebel: Heartbeat) --req MIDNITE & MYSTIC VISION - Covenant Keeper (New 1000: Full Grown) MIDNITE & I GRADE - Reminder (Assini: I Grade) --req MORGAN HERITAGE, SHAGGY, RED FOX, SCREECHY DAN - Brooklyn and Jamaica remix (Juke Boxx 7") ANTHONY B - No Love Inna Dem Heart (Juke Boxx 7") CHUCK FENDER - Judgement (Juke Boxx 7") BUJU BANTON - Driver A (Too Bad: VP) ELEPHANT MAN - Bring It (40/40 7") MR G - Police and Bad Man (Taxi 7") ANTHONY RED ROSE - Gimme The Weed (Taxi 7") PRINCE MOHAMMED - Come Mek We Rub A Dub (Techniques 7") HORACE ANDY - Keep It Coming Baby (Moodisc 7") NICODEMUS - Mother In Law (Moods 7") LOUIE CULTURE - Tune In (Star Trail 7") MICHAEL ROSE - Blood Up (Star Trail 7") SIZZLA - Holding Firm (Star Trail 7") MICHAEL ROSE - Love Love (Steven Stanley 7") RICHIE SPICE - My Little Flower (Steven Stanley 7") ANTHONY B - Toughest (Steven Stanley 7") CORNEL CAMPBELL - Why Dem Gwaan So (M Rec 10") FRED LOCKS - Go With The Flow ECCELTON JARETT - More Rub A Dub QUEEN IFRIKA - Living A Lie (Loyal Soldiers 7") BOUNTY KILLER - Warlord Inna De PLace (Purple Skunk 7") HOLLOW POINT - Jamaica A Real Deal (Purple Skunk 7") MR PERFECT - Sinting (Blaque Warriaz 7") LION CUB - Sika (Down Sound 7") DENNIS BROWN - Caress Me Girl (Kings of Reggae: Rapster) --req