Playlist: January 14, 2006

CHANT DOWN BABYLON with Jesse I 106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia January 14 > 2006 Highlights included the brilliant "Passion" riddim on Nap... Gibbo's Hard-Times-esque "Love Life" riddim... the "85" on Mad House... and some Chant Down dubplates ahead of the first More Fire dance for 2006... KNOWLEDGE - Chant Rastaman (Stumbling Block: Tamoki-Wambesi) KNOWLEDGE - Chant Rastaman Version (Wambesi 7") CORNEL CAMPBELL - I'm A Man (Double Top: Tamoki Wambesi) THE ROYALS - Pick Up The Pieces (Wambesi 7") DELROY WILSON - False Rasta (Truths and Rights: Heartbeat) --req JACOB MILLER - False Rasta (Who Say Jah No Dread: Ras) DAWEH CONGO - Jah Is My Shepard (Human Rights and Justice: Roots and Culture) ILLIE P - Love Selassie I (Twinkle Brothers DJ Selection: Twinkle) BIG YOUTH - Lion's Den (Deeper Roots: Twilight Circus) THE ITALS - Time Will Tell (Solid Roots 7") GROUNDATION, DON CARLOS, CEDRIC MYTON - Freedom Taking Over (Hebron Gate: Young Tree) --req DEZARIE - Wait On Jah (Culturellenium 2: Sound V.I.Zion) MIDNITE - Excellency (Culturellenium 2: Sound V.I.Zion) MIDNITE - Dry Bones Live (Assini: I Grade) --req CHRISINTI - acapella medley (Chant Down special) CHRISINTI - Joy (Nap 7") RICHIE SPICE - Babylon System (Nap 7") TURBULENCE - Vampire (Nap 7") CAPLETON - Burn Dem (Nap 7") I WAYNE - Life Service (Gibbo 7") RICHIE SPICE - Uptown Girl (Gibbo 7") NATTY KING - Outta Road (Gibbo 7") CAPLETON - That Was The Day (Gibbo 7") WARRIOR KING - Judah (Hold The Faith: VP) SIZZLA - Kings of the Earth (Xterminator 7") BABY CHAM - Ghetto Story (Mad House 7") PINCHERS - Desperate Scenario (Mad House 7") ASSASSIN - Anywhere We Go (Mad House 7") JAH MARCUS - Leave Chant Down Alone (Chant Down dubplate special) STEVE CULTURE - Some More (Chant Down dubplate special) ANTHONY B - Warrior (Chant Down dubplate special) YAHADANAI - Rise (One Atonement: I Grade) --req