Playlist: December 20, 2003

The "Week of Musical Distraction" at PBS, with musicians playing live to air from Studio 5 during every show... special guests of Chant Down Babylon were Melbourne's "Red Eyes". Respect due! Other highlights included new albums from Sizzla, Luciano, and Mikey General. COUNT OSSIE & M.R.R. - Wicked Babylon (Tales of Mozambique: Dynamic) THE WAILERS - Put It On (Songs of Freedom: Island) U ROY - Glory To The Father (Augustus Pablo & Friends: Ras) MISTY IN ROOTS - True Rasta (Capefest 2004 promo) JIMMY RILEY - Majority Rule (Babylon A Fall Down: Trojan) THE GATHERERS - Words of my Mouth (Jungle Lion: Music Club) LUCIANO - Gideon War (Visions: Jet Star) MIKEY GENERAL - Red Green and Gold (Red Green and Gold: VP) SIZZLA - Mine and Only (Light of my World: Jet Star) SIZZLA - The One (Rise to the Ocassion: Greensleeves) RAS SHILOH - Little Black Boy (Babylon You Doom: Shiloh B) CHAT PON RIDDIM: "Scientist Meets The Space Invaders" on Greensleeves