Playlist: November 1, 2003

Highlights include the Rebirth riddim on Renaissance, complete with dubplate special from Xsytment... a selection of classics on the Satta riddim... and nuff riddims by request... PETER TOSH - Babylon Queendom (Intel Diplo 7") JAH WARRIOR - Fistful of Dub (Dub From The Heart pt 2: Jah Warrior) PETER TOSH - No Mercy (Honorary Citizen: Columbia) --req BURNING SPEAR - Them A Come (Burning Spear: Studio One) CARLTON AND THE SHOES - Better Days (This Heart of Mine: Quality) ABYSSINIANS - Satta Massagana (Clinch 7") --req BIG YOUTH - Dreader Than Dread (Clinch 7") PRINCE FARI - Wisdom (Clinch 7") ABYSSINIANS - Mabrak (Clinch 7") BIM SHERMAN - Love Forver (Danger: Century) BIM SHERMAN - 10,000 Ethiopians (Danger: Century) KING KONG - Jah Jah Rule (Thompson Sound 7") DEZARIE - Law for the Outlaw (Gracious Mama Africa: Rastafaria) --req MIDNITE - Dagger Man (Seek Knowledge Before Vengeance: ARL) --req BAMBU STATION - Fire (One Day: Mt Nebo) SHABBA RANKS - Heart of a Lion (Digital B 7") --req COCOA TEA - Heathen (Digital B 7") TONY REBEL - Warning (Digital B 7") ANTHONY B - Love or Infatuation (Bak Beat 7") COCOA TEA - Feel The Power (Xterminator 7") --req INI KAMOZE - One of Dem (Xterminator 7") SIZZLA - Taking Over (Xterminator 7") XYSTMENT - Boom Boom (Chant Down dubplate special) TANYA STEPHENS - Just Work It (Renaissance 7") BOUNTY KILLER - Gal Fi Get Score (Renaissance 7") SIZZLA - Got To Live (Renaissance 7") TURBULENCE - Facts (Minor 7, Flat 5 7") --req SPECTACULAR - So Long (Minor 7, Flat 5 7") JAH MARCUS - Rebel Sound (Chant Down dubplate special) CHINA - Love Jah (Barry U 7") --req YELLOWMAN - Girl Watcher (Live In San Francisco: 2B1) --req SISTER NANCY - Proud A We (Techniques 7") CHAT PON: Jah Warrior's "Dub From The Heart pt 2" on Jah Warrior