Playlist: June 16, 2001

Highlights included an Australian reggae set, and a bunch of fresh singles mixed up by Chant Down co-selector Ras Crucial. MAX ROMEO - It Sipple Out Deh (In This Time: Satta) -req TRIBU ACUSTICA - Dub Out Deh (In This Time: Satta) TONY BREVETT & THE ISRAELITES - Starlight (Motion pre-release) SENYA - Natural Woman (Cobra Style: Heartbeat) BUSHRANGERS - Identification SLYVAN WHITE - One Destiny (African's Unite: Roots Foundation) DR ALIMANTADO - Born For A Purpose (Born For A Purpose: Greensleeves) -req BROKENHEAD - Zoo Army (Locarno) JEFF DREAD - Dub The Farmers Daughter (Dub For The Masses: Creative Vibes) HERBAL TERRORISTS - Forward Notion (You Can't Resist: I-Sonic) TECHNICIAN - East of Baccus Marsh (Roots of Dub Funk: Tanty) IRIE - Stand Up (Irie) -req BOMBA - Aston Is The Man SLIM SMITH - Watch This Sound (Techniques 7") ALPHA BLONDY - New Dawn (Paris Bercy: Shanachie) -req RIDDIM - Anwer (Massive B 7") RuCL - live freestyle in studio CHRONICLE - Give A Little Love (Massive B 7") NICODEMUS - Keep A Dance (Massive B 7") HALF PINT - Fever (Massive B 7") SUGAR ROY - Dance Nice Again (Fire Ball 7") MICHAEL FABULOUS & POWERMAN - One Way (Fire Ball 7") CAPLETON - Can't Tan Yah (Fire Ball 7") CAPLETON - Gimme The Woman (Big Jeans 7") ELEPHANT MAN - Yu A war (Big Jeans 7") BUSHMAN - Bush Doctor (Jam Pac 7") FREDDIE McGREGOR - Hand In A De Fire (Stingray 7") -req VERSION - Ready for This (David House Warriors and Kings: Lion & Roots) MOSES I - Ready for the World (David House Warriors and Kings: Lion & Roots) LMS - Zion's Gate (Zion Gates: VP) -req MIKEY GENERAL - Conquer All My Foes (321 Strong 7")