Playlist: September 2, 2000

106.7 PBS-FM 3 - 5pm Saturday afternoon September 2, 2000 -------------- Laying down the reggae soundtrack to the Bombers win in the AFL Grand Final this afternoon. A very packed show, featuring wicked new singles from the Heart to Heart and Love Promotion labels, a sneak preview of the new album from local dub artist The Technician, an interview with touring group Exodus, and guest sounds from Ras Crucial and MC Damajah. YAMI BOLO - Protocols of Babylon (Love Promotion 7") PINCHERS - My Chiquetta (Love Promotion 7") LT - No Worthy (Heart to Heart 7") CHRISINTI - Losing Battle (Heart to Heart 7") GARNETT SILK - Evacuate (Jaro Remembers Garnett Silk: Revue) THE TECHNICIAN - track 1 (Eve of Destruction dub: prerelease) THE TECHNICIAN - track 9 (Eve of Destruction dub: prerelease) LARRY MALUMA - Come With Me (Roots and Herbs: Safari) EXODUS - Jah Calling (Traffic Jam: Trans World) EXODUS - Traffic Jam (Traffic Jam: Trans World) O'YABA - Running Away (One Foundation) PRINCE ALLA - Stop Your Crying (Glory: Jah Warrior) JAH WARRIOR - Start Your Dubbing (Glory: Jah Warrior) SABA - This Millenium (V1 7") JUNIOR KELLY - Dem and Those (Love Promotion 7") VERSION - Debate (Love Promotion 7") CAPLETON - Bus It (Annex 7") ELEPHANT MAN - Replacement Killer (Shocking Vibes 7") TERROR FABULOUS - Jah Works (Fat Eyes 7") JUNIOR REID - Fire (JR 7") EDI FITZROY - Road Block (Essence: Empire) CHEZIDEK - Almond Tree (Kariang 7") OSSIE DELLIMORE - Justice (Freedom's Journal: AB) JOHNNY OSBOURNE - No Ice Cream Love (Fally Lover: Greensleeves) JOHNNY OSBOURNE - Ringcraft (Nightfall Showcase)