Playlist: March 25, 2000

106.7 PBS-FM 3 - 5pm Saturday afternoon March 25, 2000 -------------- Kicking things off with a terrific 20 minute interview with Lucky Dube, before moving into some great new releases - Cornell Campbell on Blood & Fire, killer Jah Warrior and Prince Alla material, and new singles from Blender, Capleton, and Jah Mason. LUCKY DUBE - Mr DJ - "Serious Reggae Business" on Gallo LUCKY DUBE - Slave - "Captured Live" on Shanachie LUCKY DUBE - Serious Reggae Business - "Trinity" on Tabu LUCKY DUBE - My Brother My Enemy - "Trinity" on Tabu LUCKY DUBE - The Way It Is - "The Way It Is" on Gallo CORNELL CAMPBELL - The Gorgon - "I Shall Not Remove" on Blood & Fire THE HEPTONES - Baby - "Studio One Showcase" on Heartbeat THE HEPTONES - There Ain't Anybody Else - "Studio One Showcase" on Heartbeat (req) PETER & PAUL LEWIS - Ethiopian Land - "Black Ark Singles Selector" on Ascension THE MIGHTY DIAMONDS - No Opportunity For The Youth - "Tell Me What's Wrong" on Channel One MAX ROMEO - Fari Captain of my Ship - "Fari Captain of my Ship" on Jah Shaka PRINCE ALLA - Jah Mountain - Jah Warrior 7" JAH WARRIOR - Mountain Dub - Jah Warrior 7" CAPLETON - Rome A Blaze - Pickout 7" TURBULENCE - Where Are Your Wings - "Armageddon Time Chapter II" on Xterminator EVERTON BLENDER - World In Need - Finatic 7" BABA TUNDEH - Baba Tundeh A Come - "Armageddon Time Chapter I" on Xterminator MORGAN HERITAGE - Roots & Culture - "Armageddon Time Chapter II" on Xterminator NORRIS MAN - Bad Road - "Persistence" on VP (req) JAH MASON - Natural Vegetable - Flames 7" (req) RAS SHILOH - Set Him Free - "Reggae Free Mumia" on Without Apology JOHNNY OSBOURNE - All I Have Is Love - "Studio One Showcase" on Heartbeat (req) KEITH HUDSON - Dreader Than - "Pick A Dub" on Blood & Fire (req) CORNELL CAMPBELL - The Conquering Gorgon - "I Shall Not Remove" on Blood & Fire