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December 20, 2008

BABYLON BURNING with Jesse I 106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia 5-7 PM > DECEMBER 20 > 2008 Live Music Week at PBS... featuring the Red Eyes playing live to air from Studio 5... MIKEY MELODY - Stand Up and Chant (Furybass 7") MICHAEL ROSE - Never Let Babylon Fool You (Furybass 7") JR ROSS & THE SPEAR - Liberty (I Can Hear The Children Crying: Blood and Fire) UNTOUCHABLES - Help Us Jah (We Are Getting Bad: Motion) PRINCE FARI - When The King Comes On Earth (Health and Strength: Pressure Sounds) DENNIS BROWN - The Existance of Jah (Foul Play: A&M) JR DELGADO - Merry Go Round (Original Guerrilla Music: Soundboy) LUTAN FYAH - Like Wild Fire (Taxi 7") BUSHMAN - This World (Fireball 7") NIKKI BURT, TONY REBEL, QUEEN IFRIKA - Blackman Redemption (Penthouse) BERES HAMMOND & BUJU BANTON - I'm Gonna Do My Best (Penthouse 7") QUEEN IFRIKA - Put On Yu Thong (Penthouse 7") TARRUS RILEY - Cold Kisses (Don Corleon) TORCH - No Escape (Penthouse 7") LUTAN FYAH - What Made Us Vex (House of Hits 7") SIZZLA - Conscious Within Yourself (House of Hits 7") RAS SHILOH - Hardcore Steppers (Only King Selassie: Greensleeves) PRINCESS THUNDA - Life Can't Done (Organic) KONSHENS - Rasta Imposter (Young Veterans) --req JR CAT & HOLLOW POINT - General Don (Truck Back 7") BEENIE MAN - Hardest Way (Truck Back 7") ANTHONY B - Violate (Truck Back 7") CAPLETON - Light House Top (Truck Back 7") MIDNITE - Fraud (live at the Aggie 2005)

More Fire 91 – December 2008

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November 15, 2008

BABYLON BURNING with Jesse I 106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia 5-7 PM > NOVEMBER 15 > 2008 NATURAL BLACK - Babylon A Burn (Yard Vybz) ALTON ELLIS - I'm Just A Guy (Sings Rock and Soul: Coxsone) ALTON ELLIS - Live and Learn (Studio One 7") DELROY WILSON - Can't Explain (Coptic Lion 7") TWINKLE BROTHERS - Too Late (Coptic Lion 7") TWINKLE BROTHERS - Gone Already (Twinkle 7") CORNEL CAMPBELL - Didn't I (Studio One 7") LEROY SMART - Mother Liza (Keep The Pressure Down: Prestige Elite) FE ME TIME ALLSTARS - Mother Liza (Dub I: Pressure Sounds) DELANO & SHERON TUCKER - Gather Israelites (Wanted: Makasound) BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS - Is This Love (Songs of Freedom: Island)n --req KING TIDE - Beggars Waltz (Vitamin) MIDNITE & LION TRIBE - Herd (Standing Ground: Fifth Son) LITTLE JOHN - United We Stand (Jah Guidance 7") LITTLE HARRY - Jessat Promotion (Jah Guidance 7") VEGAS - Must Come A Road (A Team) -req COLLIE BUDZ - Hustle (A Team) -req NEW KINGSTON BAND - In The Streets QUEEN OMEGA - The Mirror (Servant Of Jah Army: Ariwa) CHUKKI STARR - Ghetto Youths Livity (Ghetto Youths Livity: Ariwa) BERES HAMMOND - Say Thank You (Ruff Cutt 7") JR KELLY - Jah No Dead (Ruff Cutt 7") STARKY BANTON - Blaze Up The Fire (Ruff Cutt 7") CAPLETON - Save Dem (No Doubt 7") I WAYNE - One Hit Wonder (No Doubt 7") ETANA - Bad Mind (No Doubt 7") RICHIE SPICE - How Could I (No Doubt 7") COCOA TEA - Sweeter (No Doubt 7") FANTAN MOJAH - Rising (No Doubt 7") TEFLON - One Thing (No Doubt 7") D'ANGEL - Stronger (Tads 7") BUGLE & TARRUS RILEY - Nothing Change (Tads 7") MIDNITE & RASTAR - Supplication To HIM (Supplication To HIM: Rastar)

More Fire 90 – November 2008

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November 8, 2008

BABYLON BURNING with Jesse I 106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia 5-7 PM > NOVEMBER 8 > 2008 My first radio show since PBS forced me to change the name of my program from Chant Down Babylon. Still blazing it up with the same sounds as always... Featuring two new albums from Midnite's Vaughn Benjamin, the Jah Jah See Dem A Come riddim on Fireball, The Crazy Night riddim on SWS, Early Morning riddim on Macro Beats... also paying respect to Byron Lee... SIZZLA - Burning Down (Judgement Yard) BYRON LEE & THE DRAGONAIRES - Frankenstien BYRON LEE & THE DRAGONAIRES - Rocksteady BYRON LEE & THE DRAGONAIRES - Musical Pressure KEN BOOTHE - Artibella (Sunshot 7") BIG YOUTH - Dreadlocks Dread (Sunshot 7") EARL FLUTE & HORACE ANDY - Peter and Judas (Mafia 7") I ROY - Silver Platter (Mafia 7") THE WAILERS - Slave Driver (Catch A Fire: Island) THE CONGOS - Sodom and Gomorrah (Heart of the Congos: Blood and Fire) HUGH MUNDELL - Jah Fire Will Be Burning (Jah Fire: Live and Love) JOHNNY CLARKE - Fire and Brimstone (Dreader Dread: Blood and Fire) MIDNITE & YOUSSOUPHA SIDIBE - Strong Will (For All: Sacred Sound Records) MIDNITE & RASTAR - Make It In Time (Supplication To HIM: Rastar) CULTURE - Jah Jah See Them A Come (Joe Gibbs 7") ANTHONY B - Calm Down De Gun (Fire Ball 7") PRESSURE - More Justice and Truth (Fire Ball 7") JAH MASON - Rasta Nah Support (Fire Ball 7") CALI P - Babylon Get A Beating (Fire Ball 7") COCOA TEA - Barack Obama (Roaring Lion) CAPLETON - People Want Change (special) PRESSURE - Black Man Rise (Don Corleon) ELIJAH PROPHET - Dem A Call Jah Name (Macro Beats 7") JAH MASON - Man to Man (Macro Beats 7") BARRINGTON LEVY, BEENIE MAN, SUGAR ROY, CONRAD CRYSTAL - She Call Mi Phone (Fireball 7") MICHAEL ROSE & CALI P - Mr Collie Remix DEMARCO & SIZZLa - Kings and Queens ANTHONY B - Territory (Kings of Kings 7") NINJAMAN - In The Dancehall (SWS 7") BUNNY GENERAL - Ready Like Freddy (SWS 7") JR CAT - Would A Let You Go (SWS 7") STITCHIE - Poor People Business (SWS 7") BURRO BANTON - Friday Dress (SWS 7") FLOURGON - Ganja (SWS 7") KING KONG - Niceness (Black Scorpio 7")

October 25, 2008

CHANT DOWN BABYLON with Jesse I 106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia 5-7 PM > OCTOBER 25 > 2008 After more than a decade of Chant Down Babylon, this was my last program under that name. PBS FM are forcing me to change the name due to concerns about perceived "conflict of interest" between the program and Chant Down Sound. As a quiet protest, this final show was comprised entirely of Chant Down Babylon anthems, including all of the songs that made up the intro I used every week for the last decade. This was also the last opportunity to use most of the 300+ jingles I had for Chant Down Babylon (many of which are irreplacable, such as those by Lucky Dube and Joseph Hill), so I played far more than normal. From next week, my program will be known as "Babylon Burning". They can change the name, but dem can't stop the fire from blaze! BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS - Chant Down Babylon (Tuff Gong 7") LEE SCRATCH PERRY - Dub Revolution (Arkology: Island) GARNETT SILK - Cry of my People (El Paso 7") JR BYLES - Beat Down Babylon (Beat Down Babylon: Trojan) JR BYLES & RUPERT REID - Chant Down Babylon (129 Beat St: Blood and Fire) YABBY YOU & TRINITY - Chant Down Babylon Kingdom (Jesus Dread: Blood and Fire) BURNING SPEAR - Door Peep (Chant Down Babylon: Island) DESMOND IRIE - Babylon You Must Go Down (The Sound of Channel One: Motion) KING TUBBY - Dub You Must Go Down (The Sound of Channel One: Motion) DON CARLOS - In Pieces (Harvest Time: Blue Moon) FREDDIE McGREGOR - Chant It Down (Zion Chant: Heartbeat) LUCIANO - Chant Down Babylon (Xterminator 7") JR REID - Chanting (Firehouse Clash: Live and Learn) SYLFORD WALKER - Chant Down Babylon (Chant Down Babylon: Blood and Fire) SUGAR MINOTT - Chant Them Down (African Solider: Heartbeat) MIDNITE - Ring Out A Chant (Jubilees of Zion: Afrikan Roots Lab) DEZARIE - Gone Down (Gracious Mama Africa: Arfrikan Roots Lab) SIZZLA - Chant Them Down (Kalonji 7") SIZZLA - Rastaman Chant (Dill-Ox 7") BUSHMAN - Nyah Man Chant (Nyah Man Chant: Greensleeves) WARRIOR KING - Power To Chant (VP 7") MIDNITE - Chant Ina Babylon (live at the Aggie 2005)

October 18, 2008

CHANT DOWN BABYLON with Jesse I 106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia 5-7 PM > OCTOBER 18 > 2008 Paying respect to the "godfather of rocksteady" Alton Ellis. RIP. Also featuring the I Love riddim on Rootdown, Bloody City on Jam 2, and Kolo Kolo on Opera House... ALTON ELLIS - Willow Tree (Treasure Isle 7") ALTON ELLIS - Cry Tough (Treasure Isle 7") ALTON ELLIS - Get Ready Rocksteady ALTON ELLIS - Girl I've Got A Date (Treasure Isle 7") ALTON ELLIS - Ain't That Loving You (Cry Tough: Heartbeat) ALTON ELLIS - Tumbling Tears (Studio One 7") ALTON ELLIS - Can I Change My Mind (Nice Up The Dance: Heartbeat) ALTON ELLIS - Breaking Up (The Best Of Alton Ellis: Coxsone) ALTON ELLIS - Sunday Coming (Sunday Coming: Heartbeat) ALTON ELLIS - These Eyes (Sunday Coming: Heartbeat) ALTON ELLIS - I'll Be Waiting (Rebel Music 2: Trojan) ALTON ELLIS - It's A Shame (Darker Than Blue: Blood and Fire) ALTON ELLIS - Rise and Fall (Many Moods Of: Culture Press) ALTON ELLIS - The Children Are Crying (Many Moods Of: Culture Press) ALTON ELLIS - I'm Still In Love (Still In Love: Trojan) PETER TOSH - Downpressor (The Toughest: Heartbeat) --request MIDNITE & LION TRIBE - Standing Ground (Standing Ground: Fifth Son) MIDNITE - Lianess (Live 94117: Rastafaria) --request LUCIANO - Deliver Us From All Evil (Rootdown 7") MILLION STYLEZ - Oh Jah Jah (Rootdown 7") NATTY KING - Slew U In The OPen (Rootdown 7") NATURAL BLACK - Be Careful Of Your Enemies (Rootdown 7") ZIGGI - Need To Tell You This (Rootdown 7") ANTHONY B - Can't Stop The Fire (Rootdown 7") ALBOROSIE - Diversity (Soul Pirate: Forward) --request FANTAN MOJAH - Crying Out (Jam 2 7") LUTAN FYAH - How Many More (Jam 2 7") DEMARCO - Police (Jam 2 7") I OCTANE - All Alone (Jam 2 7") FANTAN MOJAH - High Grade (Opera House 7") BEENIE MAN - Money Fi Spend (Opera House 7") ANTHONY B - Out A Road (Opera House 7") VYBZ KARTEL - Old Time Jamaica (Opera House 7") TYRICAL - Ghetto Prayer (Seanizzle 7") ELEPHANT MAN - Gully Creepa (Seanizzle 7") KONSCIOUS - Trod It (Asafa Powell/Stephen McGregor)

More Fire 89 – October 2008

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October 11, 2008

CHANT DOWN BABYLON with Jesse I 106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia 5-7 PM > OCTOBER 11 > 2008 Featuring new riddims The Session, Live Wire, Drop It, Mountain Top... plus an interview and guest selection from NZ's Reality Chant producer (and member of Dubwize sound) Messenjah... MIDNITE - Chant Out (Standing Ground: Fifth Son) BOB ANDY - Unchained (Song Book: Unchained) ALTON ELLIS - Willow Tree (The Best of Alton Ellis: Coxsone) LADY LEX & THE SUPERSONICS - At Last (Packings 7") DESMOND DEKKER - Fu Man Chu (Beverlys 7") TWINKLE BROTHERS - Babylon Falling (Countrymen: Twinkle) --request PABLO MOSES - Give I Fi I Name (House of Moses 7") LUTAN FYAH - Eden (No Doubt 7") MORGAN HERITAGE - People Hungry (No Doubt 7") KONSHENS - Teach Them How To Pray (No Doubt 7") GYPTIAN - Give Thanks and Praise (Kings of Kings 7") LUTAN FYAH - What A Woah (Kings of Kings 7") ANTHONY B - Whip Them Jah Jah (Kings of Kings 7") BERES HAMMOND - I Feel Good (Penthouse 7") GAPPY RANKS - Mountain Top (Peckings 7") PRINCE MALACHI - Just keep Calm (Peckings 7") JAHMALI - Love For Each Other (Peckings 7") EMPRESS AYEOLA - Dem Bow (Peckings 7") LUCIANO - Work Hard (Reality Chant 7") JAH MASON - Put Jah Above (Reality Chant 7") CHRISINTI - So High (Reality Chant 7") MIKEY GENERAL - Mighty Jah Jah (Reality Chant 7") GINJAH - Happy Years (Reality Chant 7") SNYPA LEVI - Country Living (Reality Chant 7") SNYPA LEVI - Man of Athens (The Sojourner: Reality Chant) DARK ANGEL - Medication (Foundation Sound 10") RAS ZACCARIAH & JAH REUBEN MYSTIC - Lion In The Jungle (Foundation Sound 10") MIKEY MURKA - Robber Man (Foundation Sound 10") ZAREB & NINJA FORD - Give Thanks (Birch 7") ALBOROSIE & NICKY BURT - I Don't Want To Let U Go (Birch 7") SUGAR MINOTT - Truth and Right (Ranking Joe 7") JAH MASON - Teach Us (Ranking Joe 7") TARRUS RILEY - Jah Help Our Souls (Maximum Sound 7") CHEZIDEK - Bullet Clown (Maximum Sound 7") ANTHONY B & HORACE ANDY - Enter The Kingdom of Zion (Maximum Sound 7") FANTAN MOJAH - Tell Lie Pon Rasta (Maximum Sound 7") BURRO BANTON - Lef Them To Time (Maximum Sound 7") BUGLE - Always A Way (Di BLock 7")

October 4, 2008

CHANT DOWN BABYLON with Jesse I 106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia 5-7 PM > OCTOBER 4 > 2008 Featuring Shane Brown's wicked new Nylon riddim on Juke Boxx... the Weed Greed riddim on Overstand... and another killer from NZ producer Messenjah's Reality Chant label. SIZZLA - Babylon System (Loud Disturbance 7") ALTON ELLIS & HORTENSE ELLIS - Breaking Up (I'm Still In Love With You: Heartbeat) SUGAR MINOTT - Never Give Up (Sugar Minott At Studio One: Soul Jazz) KEN BOOTHE - Who Really Cares (Soul Beat 7") JUNIOR DAN - Wise Man (Hi Try: Honest Jons) JUNIOR DAN - Look Out For The Devil (Hi Try: Honest Jons) PHILLIP FRASER - Come Away (Freedom Sounds 7") INFORMATIVE HISTORY MAN - Jamaica Sound System (Freedom Sounds 7") LACKSLEY CASTELL - Doctor Love (Morning Glory: Negus Roots) --req JACOB MILLER - I'm In Love (Thompson Sound 7") EEK A MOUSE & KEN BOOTH - Legends Are Born (Bong Ding Ding music) THE CONGOS - Ark of the Covenant (Heart of the Congos: Blood and Fire) THE CONGOS - Lost Sheep (Swinging Bridge: Nocturne) ROCKAMOVYA - Battling Within (Rockamovya: Young Tree) TONY REBEL - Another Bill Again (Penthouse) 2FACE IDIBIA - African Queen TARRUS RILEY - Start A New (Juke Boxx) RICHIE SPICE - Serious Woman (Juke Boxx) KONSHENS - Looking For Me (Juke Boxx) SIZZLA - Chilling In Chile (Juke Boxx) ASSASSIN - Only God Knows (Juke Boxx) BUSY SIGNAL - Trading Places (Juke Boxx) BUSHMAN - Legalize It (Overstand) LUTAN FYAH - One Word (Overstand) ALBOROSIE - Love Is The Choice (Overstand) ALBOROSIE & MICHAEL ROSE - Calling (Soul Pirate: Forward) CHRISINTI - So High RMX (Reality Chant) LEE SCRATCH PERRY - Jungle (Time Boom X De Devil Dead: On-U) --req TURBO BELLY - Bag of Flipping (Silver B 12") TASHINA McKENZIE & QUEEN IFRICA - Concerned Citizen (Grafton Music) RAY DARWIN - Can't Touch My 45