Playlist: September 12, 2020

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 12th September 2020

Paying respect to the late great Frederick “Toots” Hibbert (1942-2020) with a solid hour of his music, plus a bunch of new riddims (Pot Water from Black Metro Music, Black Vein from Sajay, Klepto from Dialectic, Sensation from Ineffable, and Intention from Attomatic) and new tunes from Lutan Fyah, Zagga & Kabaka Pyramid, Buju Banton and Patroranking.

TOOTS & THE MAYTALS – Night and Day (Beverley’s)
TOOTS & THE MAYTALS – I’ll Never Grow Old (Coxsone)
TOOTS & THE MAYTALS – Six and Seven Books (Coxsone)
TOOTS & THE MAYTALS – Bam Bam (Dynamic)
TOOTS & THE MAYTALS – 54-46 (Beverley’s)
TOOTS & THE MAYTALS – Hold On (Beverley’s)
TOOTS & THE MAYTALS – Do The Reggay (Beverley’s)
TOOTS & THE MAYTALS – Sweet and Dandy (Beverley’s)
TOOTS & THE MAYTALS – Monkey Man (Beverley’s)
TOOTS & THE MAYTALS – Pressure Drop (Beverley’s)
TOOTS & THE MAYTALS – Deep In My Soul (Beverley’s)
TOOTS & THE MAYTALS – Pomps and Pride (Jaguar)
TOOTS & THE MAYTALS – Johnny Coolman (Beverley’s)
TOOTS & THE MAYTALS – Time Tough (Jaguar)
TOOTS & THE MAYTALS – Funky Kingston (Dragon/Mango)
TOOTS & THE MAYTALS – Reggae Got Soul (Reggae Got Soul: Island)
GINJAH – Trying Times (Pot Water riddim: Black Metro Music)
BUNNY LYE LYE – Stop Them Jah (Pot Water riddim: Black Metro Music)
CHARDEL RHODEN – Save Me (Pot Water riddim: Black Metro Music)
TORCH – Ask Me (Pot Water riddim: Black Metro Music)
ASH I – High Grade (Pot Water riddim: Black Metro Music)
BUGLE – Cut and Guh Through (Black Vein riddim: Sajay Production)
CATHY MATETE – Revolution Time (Black Vein riddim: Sajay Production)
CH4SE – Road Block (Black Vein riddim: Sajay Production)
LUTAN FYAH – Shake Down (Black Vein riddim: Sajay Production)
DUANE STEPHENSON – Black Power (Black Vein riddim: Sajay Production)
KABAKA PYRAMID – Black Liberation (Black Vein riddim: Sajay Production)
LUTAN FYAH – Suspicious (Ireland Records)
IBA MAHR – Smart and Brave (Klepto riddim: Dialectic Productions)
RATIGAN – Life Can Be Hard (Klepto riddim: Dialectic Productions)
DEVA BRATT – Rastafari Come First (Klepto riddim: Dialectic Productions)
BUSY SIGNAL – Turn Up The Sound (Sensation riddim: Ineffable Records)
LUTAN FYAH – Crosses (Sensation riddim: Ineffable Records)
SQUASH & VYBZ KARTEL – Skillful (Intention riddim: Attomatic Music)
CHRONIC LAW – Count My Blessings (Intention riddim: Attomatic Music)
ZAGGA & KABAKA PYRAMID – Jamaica Wha Gwaan (Amini Music)
BUJU BANTON & PATORANKING – Blessed (Gargamel Music)
TOOTS & THE MAYTALS – Country Roads (Take Me Home) (Island)

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