Playlist: April 11, 2020

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 11th April 2020

Featuring new music Akae Beka, Kaznamdi, I Octane, Marcus Gad, Lloyd Brown, and Ding Dong…

BURNING SPEAR – Black Soul (Man In The Hills: Island)
BURNING SPEAR – Foggy Dub (Living Dub vol 2: Burning Spear)
THE WAILERS – Stand Alone (Soul Revolution: Upsetter)
BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS – Revolution (Natty Dread: Island) –request
PRINCE HAMMER – Selassie School (Bible: Virgin Frontline) –request
PRINCE HAMMER – Bible (Bible: Virgin Frontline) –request
CORNEL CAMPBELL – Free Meal Ticket
BURNING SPEAR – Hail HIM (Hail HIM: Burning Spear) –request
RANKING JOE – Rent Man Style (DEB)
HALF PINT – Mr Landlord (Jammys)
CULTURE – The International Herb (International Herb: High Note) -request
TONY CURTIS – Leave The Collie Alone (Cousins)
MICHAEL ROSE – Want More Weed (Cousins)
PRINCE MALACHI – Armagideon (Cousins)
SLIM SMITH – Watch This Sound (Techniques) –request
JOHNNY OSBOURNE – Inflation (Warrior: Black Joy) –request
CORNEL CAMPBELL – Girl Of My Dreams (Jackpot) –request
MAVADO – Soldiers (JA Productions)
KEZNAMDI & MORTIMER – Bloodline (Bloodline: Keznamdi)
AKAE BEKA & DRE Z – Strength Of My Life (Go A Chant Productions)
MIDNITE & RAS BATCH – Weather The Storm (Beauty For Ashes: I Grade) –request
I OCTANE – All I Got Is Me (Brukout Records)
MARCUS GAD – Honoring The Soil (Rhythm of Serenity: Zion I Kings)
MARCUS GAD – Take Some Time (Rhythm of Serenity: Zion I Kings)
LLOYD BROWN & RAFEELYA – Make Your Move (Therapy: PMI Jet Star)
LLOYD BROWN – The Usual Suspects (Therapy: PMI Jet Star)
GENERAL LEVY – Jah Jah Bless (SouLove Records) –request
NORRIS MAN – Revelation Time (Emerge: Stingray)
GARNETT SILK – Splashing Dashing (Death In The Arena riddim: Digital B) –request
TONY REBEL – Teach The Children (Death In The Arena riddim: Digital B)
DING DONG – Inside (Khalfani Records)
MASICKA – Top Form (Genahsyde & J1 Productions) –request

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