Playlist: March 22, 2003

Getting in as many anti-war and pro-peace songs as possible, and burning out the war on Iraq with word, power and sound... Highlights include the killer new "Fortune Teller" riddim on Lustre Kings... and a special tribute to the late great old-school DJ and singer Scotty. BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS - War/No More Trouble (Rebel Music: Island) SCOTTY - Draw Your Brakes (The Harder They Come: Island) SCOTTY - Penny For Your Song (Unbelievable Sounds: Trojan) SCOTTY - Children Children (Unbelievable Sounds: Trojan) U ROY - Peace and Love (Your Ace From Space: Trojan) THE ROYALS - Peace and Love (Pick Up The Pieces: Pressure Sounds) JOHNNY OSBOURNE - Eternal Peace (Truths and Rights: Heartbeat) THE TERRORS - Assemble Not Thyself (Children of Jah: Blood and Fire) PRINCE ALLA - Only Love Can Conquer (Only Love Can Conquer: Blood and Fire) I ROY - War and Friction (If Deejay Was Yoru Trade: Blood and Fire) WAILING SOULS - Kingdom Rise and Kingdom Fall (Fire House Rock: Shanachie) FREDDIE McGREGOR - Peaceful Man (Big Ship: Shanachie) U BROWN - Put Away Racial and Tribal War (Rougher Than The Rest: Jah Warrior) MOTHER EARTH MASSIVE - Another Ark (mp3) -req SEER AND SHASAMANI SOUND - No War For Oil (mp3) EVERTON BLENDER - War Monger Man (Visionary: Heartbeat) MORGAN HERITAGE - No More Murder (Calibud 7") JAH CURE - Cease All War (Stone Love 7") YAMI BOLO - Mr Smith and Wesson (Stone Love 7") JAH MASON - Slip and Slide (Stone Love 7") TURBULENCE - Bun Dem Again (Lustre Kings 7") YAMI BOLO - War and Revolution (Lustre Kings 7") LUTAN FIYAH - No More War (Lustre Kings 7") JR DELGADO - Turn Em Over (Reasons: Big Cat) -req BOUNTY KILLER - Bawling (Jammys 7") -req ROARING LION - Calling for Peace (Xterminator 7") LUCIANO - Gunzalis (Xterminator 7") MIDNITE - Ancesta (Nemozian Rasta: I-Grade) MIDNITE - Love Right (Ras Mek Peace) CHAT PON RIDDIM: Termination Dub by Glen Brown and King Tubby on Blood and Fire