Playlist: March 24, 2001

Maximum vibes, including a tribute to Ras Pidow, Paul Elliot's new album for Tabou 1, the Israel Vibrations boxed set on ras, and some nice Gladiators material to celebrate the news of their Australian tour. SUGAR MINOTT - Chant Them Down (African Soldier: Heartbeat) TWINKLE BROS - Never Get Burned (life at SNWMF 2000) --req TWINKLE BROS - Don't Board The Wrong Train (life at SNWMF 2000) TWINKLE BROS - Free Africa (life at SNWMF 2000) GLADIATORS - Chatty Mouth (Back To Roots: Tabou 1) GLADIATORS - No Wrong Idea (Back To Roots: Tabou 1) ALPHA BLONDY - Sahel (Apartheid Is Nazism) --req SHEDROCK - Test Rastafari (Test Rastafari: Tall Korn) NUCLEUS ROOTS - Deep Roots (Nucleus Roots) THE LOVE GROCER - A Little Version (Rocking With...) NINEY THE OBSERVER - No Conscience (Original Bass Culture: Metro) RAS PIDOW - Dialouge (Rastafari Elders: ras) RASTAFARI ELDERS - Black Liberation (Rastafari Elders: ras) --req VERSION - Police and Thieves (Upsetter 7") --req ISRAEL VIBRATIONS - We A De Rasta (Power of the Trinity: ras) MORGAN HERITAGE - Seen The Sun (More Teachings: VP) LUCIANO - Why? (Great Controversy: Jet Star) PAUL ELLIOT - Too Greedy (Meaning of Life: Tabou 1) NATURAL BLACK - I'm Not Amazed (Harmony House 7") CAPLETON - Good In Her Clothes (More Fire: VP) --req TONY REBEL - Bible Chant (If Jah: VP) GLEN WASHINGTON - Give Jah The Glory (Reality Calling: Jet Star) NYAMBIE DUB - Upsetters (Original Bass Culture: Metro) --req chat pon riddim: "Same Song Dub" by Israel Vibrations on ras