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June 8, 1998

CHANT DOWN BABYLON with Jesse I 94.9 SRA FM Monday 11pm-1am ---------------------------------- June 8, 1998 Burning Spear - Door Peep (live) (Live In NY 1990) Misty In Roots - Sodome & Gommorah (Live At The Counter Eurovision) Sugar Minott - Riding West (Collectors Collection) Bob Marley - Guava Jelly (Songs of Freedom) I Roy - Union Call (Crisus Time - Extra Version) Sizzla - Healing of the Nation (Kariang 7") Anthony B & Luciano - Zinc Fence Jungle (Universal Struggle) Sizzla - Takes Only Time Version (Kariang 7") Sizzla - Takes Only Time (Kariang 7") Anthony B - Cold Feet (So Many Things) Peter Tosh - The Day The Dollar Died (Mystic Man) Glen Brown - Father For The Living (Termination Dub) Glen Brown - Father For The Living remix (Lambsbread 98) Glen Brown - Save Our Dub (Termination Dub) Glen Brown - Lambsbread J Outernash (Lambsbread 98 10") Linval Thompson - Jamaica Colley version (I Love Marijuana) Mikey Dread - Pre-Dawn Dub (African Anthem) Peter Tosh - Vampire Dub (Honorary Citizen) Junior Byles - Dreader Locks (Beat Down Babylon) Junior Byles - The Long Way (Beat Down Babylon) Upsetters - Loving Is Good (Parlaphone 7") Majek Fashek - Majek Beware (Spirit Of Love) Lucky Dube - Life In The Movies (Trinity) Alpha Blondy - Jerusalem (live) (Live Au Zenith) The Clash - Justice Tonight (Black Market Clash)

June 1, 1998

CHANT DOWN BABYLON with Jesse I 94.9 SRA FM Monday 11pm-1am ---------------------------------- June 1, 1998 Yabby U & King Tubby - Chanting Dub (Jesus Dread) Everton Blender - Wicked A Go Burn (Kings of Kings) Jah Stitch - African People (3 in 1) (Original Raggamuffin) Eek A Mouse - Lonesome Journey (Wa Do Dem) Beres Hammond - Preacher Man (Jet Star Reggae Max) Alton Ellis - Sunday Coming (Sunday Coming) Count Ossie & MRR - Wicked Babylon (Tales of Mozambique) Burning Spear - Christopher Columbus (Hail H.I.M.) Noah House of Dread - Wicked Kingdom (Heart) Morgan Heritage - Set Yourself Free (Protect Us Jah) Dr. Alimantado - Best Dressed Chicken In Town (Best Dressed Chicken In Town) Dr. Alimantado - Oil Crisis (Born For A Purpose) Dr. Alimantado - Ride On (Best Dressed Chicken) Peter Tosh - No Nuclear War (No Nuclear War) Sylvia Tella - I'll Never Be Thirsty (Jet Star Reggae Max) Tony Rebel - Love Fountain (If Jah) Bob Marley - So Much Trouble In The World (Survival) Tony Rebel - Jah By My Side (acoustic) (If Jah) Ben Harper - Jah Work (The Will To Live) Bob Marley - Acoustic Medly (Songs of Freedom) Peter Tosh - Get Up Stand Up (acoustic) (Honorary Citizen) Bob Marley - Redemption Song (Island 7") Bob Marley - Redemption Song (w' band) (Island 7") Carlton Patterson - Hypocrite (Total Recall vol 10) Black Slate - Zion (Sirens In The City) Cimarons - Kush "Maroons" (In Time) Johnny Ringo - One Time Ringo (Total Recall vol 10) Tony Curtis - Bun Down Rome (Kings of King)

May 25, 1998

CHANT DOWN BABYLON with Jesse I 94.9 SRA FM Monday 11pm-1am ---------------------------------- May 25, 1998 Abyssinians - Mabrak (Forward) I Roy - Union Call (Crisus Time Extra Version) Sizzla - Government (Praise Ye Jah) Gregory Issacs - Night Nurse (Night Nurse) Anthony B - Waan Back (Universal Struggle) Johhny Osbourne - Waterpumping (Waterpumping) Derrick Harriot - Do I Worry? (Songs for Midnight Lovers) Israel Vibrations - Why Worry? (The Same Song) Johnny Osboure - Can't Buy Love (Truths and Rights) Dub Specialist - Dub Easy (17 Dub Cuts from Studio One) Luciano - He Is My Friend (Where There Is Life) Tony Rebel - Know Jah (If Jah) Garnett Silk - Love (Culture Vibes) Wingless Angels - On Mount Zion I (Wingless Angels) Bob Marley - Babylon System (Songs Of Freedom) Bob Marley - Time Will Tell (Songs Of Freedom) Culture - So Long Babylon A Fool I (Baldhead Bridge) Capleton - Live Clean (Culture Vibes) Ras Michael & SON - Jazzboe Abubaka At Large (Tribute to Emperor Rastafari) Junior Reid - Bottemless Pit (Culture Vibes) Buju B & Ras Shiloh - Give I Strength (Inna Heights) Prince Far I - Ghetto Living (Black Man Land) Augustus Pablo - Rastafari Tradition (Earth's Rightful Ruler) Rod Taylor - Stand Up Firm (Where Is Your Love Mankind) Toots & Maytals - 54-46 That's My Number (Live) Peter Tosh - Black Dignity (Honorary Citizen)

April 28, 1998

Radio Show Playlist - April 28, 1998 106.7 PBS FM 1-2am Co-hosting "Ragga Roots and Dub" with Jah Lloyd Burning Spear - Workshop (Garvey's Ghost) Prince Far I - Hold The Fort (Voice of Thunder) African Headcharge - Far Away Chant (Classic Selection vol.1) Lucky Dube - Taxman (Taxman) Johnny Osbourne - Jah Promise (Truths and Rights) Sizzla - Show Us The Way (Kings of Kings) Steel Pulse - Makka Medley (Rastafari Centennial) Anthony B - Crime Stop (Kings of Kings) Peter Tosh - Nah Goa Jail (No Nuclear War) Upsetters - Sufferer's Dub (Arkology) Freddie McGregor - Rastaman Camp (Zion Chant) Bob Marley - Positive Vibration (Rastaman Vibration) Merciless - Plantain Farmer (Kings of Kings)

April 21, 1998

Radio Show Playlist - April 21, 1998 106.7 PBS FM 1-2am Co-hosting "Ragga Roots and Dub" with Jah Lloyd Keith Hudson - Michael Talbot Affair (Dubwise & Otherwise) Burning Spear - Institution (Dubwise & Otherwise) Anthony B - Crime Stop (Kings of Kings) Everton Blender - Fire A Go Burn (Kings of Kings) Spearhead - Rebel Music (Chocolate Supa Highway) Buju Banton - Give I Strength (Inna Heights) Prezident Brown - Careless Eithiopians (Kings of Kings) Phillip Frazier - Come Eithiopians (Just Reggae) Johnny Clarke - Prophecy A Fulfill (Authorised Rockers) Horace Andy - Rome (In The Light) Aswad - Back To Africa (Showcase) I Roy - National Cry-sis Inna De Yard (Black Man Time)

April 6, 1998

Radio Show Playlist - April 6, 1998 106.7 PBS FM 1-2am Co-hosting "Ragga Roots and Dub" with Jah Lloyd EITHIOPIANS - Pirates (Depth Charge) BUJU BANTON - Hills and Valleys (Inna Heights: VP) KING TUBBY - King Tubby's Inna Fine Style (Dubwise and Otherwise: Blood & Fire) LUCKY DUBE - Remember Me (Prisoner: Gallo) COCOA TEA - Rastaman (Israel's King: Xterminator) ABYSSINIANS - Good Lord Dub (Declaration of Dub: Heartbeat) LEE SCRTACH PERRY - Jungle (Time Boom X De Devil Dead: On-U) DUB SYNDICATE - Stoned Immaculate (Stoned Immaculate: On-U) YABBY YOU - Love Thy Neighbour (Jesus Dread: Blood and Fire) YABBY YOU - Love Thy Neighbour Version (Jesus Dread: Blood and Fire) RAS MICHAEL - None Of Jah Jah Children No Cry (Rastafari: VP) ASWAD - Warrior Charge (Showcase: Island)

March 30, 1998

Radio Show Playlist - March 30, 1998 106.7 PBS FM 1-2am Co-hosting "Ragga Roots and Dub" with Jah Lloyd SIZZLA - Babylon A Listen MIGHTY DIAMONDS - I Need A Roof SIZZLA - Explain To Almighty SIZZLA - Praise Ye Jah ABYSSINIANS - Reason Time ERNEST RANGLIN - Stop That Train BIG YOUTH - Dread Inna Babylon BOB MARLEY & WAILERS - Forever Loving Jah LEE SCRATCH PERRY - Dub Revolution U ROY - Rule The Nation THIRD WORLD - 96 Degrees In The Shade DENNIS BROWN - Money In My Pocket GREGORY ISAACS - Soon Forward

March 22, 1998

CHANT DOWN BABYLON with Jesse I 94.9 SRA FM Sunday 11pm-12midnite ---------------------------------- March 22, 1998 Luciano - Chant Out (Jet Star Reggae Max) Sizzla - Blackness (Praise Ye Jah) Abyssinians - Mark of the Dub (Declaration of Dub) Dennis Brown - Only A Smile (Just Dennis) Sugar Minott - Lead Us Father (Collectors Collection Vol.1) Johhny Osbourne - Water Pumping (Water Pumping) Dub Syndicate - Gun Too Hot (Ital Breakfast) Big Youth - Lightning Flash (Dreadlocks Dread) Bunny Wailer - Moses Children (Protest) Studio 1 - Starring Dub (Dub Specialist - Dub from Studio 1) Upsetters - Super Ape (Super Ape) Tommy McCook - Bad Man Shuffle (Cookin' Shuffle) Abyssinians - There Is No End (Declaration of Dub)

March 15, 1998

CHANT DOWN BABYLON with Jesse I 94.9 SRA FM Sunday 11pm-1am ---------------------------------- March 15, 1998 Freddie McGregor - Chant Down Babylon Kingdom (Zion Chant) Linval Thompson - Dread Are The Controller (I Love Marijuana) Congos - Bring The Mackaback (Heart of the Congos) Zap Pow - The River (Voodooism) Lee Perry - Vibrate On (Arkology) Barry Biggs - Slave All Day (Pure Reggae) John Holt - The Burning Sun (15 crucial reggae cuts) Matumbi - I Wanna Take You (Testify) Wailers - Get Up Stand Up (Burning) Little Joe - Tradition Skank (If Deejay Was Your Trade) Bob Marley - Is This Love (Songs of Freedom) African Headcharge - Dinosaur's Lament (Environmental Studies) Spearhead - Rebel Music (3 O'clock) (Chocolate Supa Highway) Jackie Brown - People of Today (Heptones and Friends Vol1&2) I Roy - Superfly (Don't Check Me With No Lightweight Stuff) Bob Marley - Hammer (Songs of Freedom) Peter Tosh - Legalize It Dub (Honorary Citizen) Java - Augustus Pablo (Earth's Rightful Ruler) I Roy - Hospital Trolley (Don't Check Me With No Lightweight Stuff) Luciano - Wicked Haffe Run Way (Luciano Jetstar Reggae Max) Sizzla - Dreams (Burning Up) Yabby U & Trinity - King Pharoah's Plauge (Jesus Dread) Ijahman Levi - Jah Is No Secret (Haile I Hymn) Ijahman Levi - Africa (Africa) Capleton - Old and Young (I Testament) James Booms - Psalms 20 (Voodooism)

March 8, 1998

CHANT DOWN BABYLON with Jesse I 94.9 SRA FM Sunday 11pm-1am ---------------------------------- March 8, 1998 Yabby You - Chant Down Babylon Kingdom (Jesus Dread) Ken Boothe - Old Fashioned Way (Studio Kinda Cloudy) Dennis Alcapone - Spanish Amigo (Studio Kinda Cloudy) Derrick Harriot - Loser (Songs for Midnight Lovers) Heptones - The Magnificent Medley (Heptones & Friends Vol 2) Sizzla/Capelton - Babylon A Use Dem Brain (I Testament) Little Roy - Prophecy (Tafari Earth Uprising) The Abyssinians - African Race (Satta Massagana) Gregory Issacs - The Border (Lonley Days) Jacob Miller - False Rasta (Who Say Jah No Dread) Augustus Pablo - Hungry Town Scanc (Who Say Jah No Dread) D. Maxamillion - Ark of the Covenant (My Story) No Fixed Address - We Have Survived (From My Eyes) Mikey Dread - Mikey Dread In Action (African Anthem) Pablo Moses - I Man A Grasshopper (Revolutionary Dream) Steel Pulse - Dub Marcus Say (True Democracy) Horace Andy - Skylarking / Better Ver. (Good Vibes) Big Youth - The Killer (Screaming Target) Tappa Zukie - Stop De Gun Shooting (MPLA) Barrington Levy - Skylarking (Bounty Hunter Wanted) Prince Far I - Commandment of Drugs (Black Man Land) Prince Alla - I Don't Want To Be Late (Only Love Can Conquer) Augustus Pablo - 555 Dub Street (King Tubby Meets Rockers) Sister Carol - Get It Straight Africans (Jah Disciples) Heptones - Mama Say (Night Food)