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April 10, 2021

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 10th April 2021

Paying respects to the late Wade “Trinity” Brammer, aka Junior Brammer, 1954-2021.

THE PROPHETS & TRINITY – Chant Down Babylon Kingdom (Vivian Jackson)
TRINITY – Rasta Determination (Shanty Town Determination: TR International)
TRINITY – Gwaan and Left Me (Vivian Jackson)
TRINITY – Fire Down A Town (Shanty Town Determination: TR International)
TRINITY – Tradition (Shanty Town Determination: TR International)
TRINITY – How Long Jah (Shanty Town Determination: TR International)
AL CAMPBELL & TRINITY – Respect (Greensleeves)
BARRINGTON LEVY & TRINITY – Lose Respect (Greensleeves)
WINSTON McANUFF & TRINITY – Unchained (Education)
TRINITY – Vampire (Flag Man)
TRINITY – Freedom Style (Trojan)
MARCIA AITKEN – I’m Still In Love With You (Joe Gibbs)
TRINITY – Three Piece Suit (Joe Gibbs)
ALTHEA & DONNA – Uptown Top Ranking (Joe Gibbs)
TRINITY – John Saw Them Coming (Joe Gibbs)
JACOB MILLER & TRINITY – I’m Just A Dread (Joe Gibbs)
LUKE YEOWARD – Always In Your Heart (Half Way Records)
LUKE YEOWARD – Cool Water (Ghosts: Luke Yeoward)
BRAZAMAN – Keep The Faith (Fight Night Records)
GROUNDATION & APPLE GABRIEL – Praising (We Free Again: Young Tree)
CHRISTOS DC, DADA YUTE, THE SKANKING MONKS – I Reserve The Right (Self Evident: Honest Music)
QUEEN FYAH – Never Lose My Way (Rasta riddim: Yutman Records)
MEMORIA – Look Into The Sky (Rasta riddim: Yutman Records)
AKEEM GARRISON – Reaching For The People (Rasta riddim: Yutman Records)
MITCH – So Blessed
LUTAN FYAH – See To It (Life Of A King: Grillaras)
MIKEY SPICE – Stand Tall (Born Again: VP Records)
MORGAN HERITAGE & TONY REBEL – People Are Fighting (Protect Us Jah: Brickwall)
RAS SHILOH – Travel Lite (Babylon You Doom: Shiloh B)

listen online at https://www.pbsfm.org.au/program/babylon-burning/2021-04-10/17-00-00

April 3, 2021

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 3rd April 2021

Jamaican classics in the first hour, followed by some Virgin Islands roots reggae, and then back to Jamaica for some new releases.

THE UPSETTERS – Vamp A Dub (Black Art)
THE CONGOS – Open Up The Gate (Heart of the Congos: Blood & Fire)
JACOB MILLER – 80,000 Careless Ethiopians (Jacob Killer Miller: Top Ranking)
BLACK UHURU – Willow Tree (Love Crisis: Third World)
CLIFTON CAMPBELL – New Civilization version (Freedom Sounds)
PATRICK ANDY – What A Sufferation (Dread Prophecy: Vivian Jackson)
PRINCE FAR I – Golden Throne (Jamaican Heroes: Trojan)
PRINCE FAR I – Musical History (Jamaican Heroes: Trojan)
MIGHTY DIAMONDS – Morgan The Pirate (Leaders of Black Countries: Stars)
TULLO T – Pirates (Leaders of Black Countries: Stars)
GREGORY ISAACS – Material Man (Night Nurse: Island) –request
THE TERMITES – Love Up, Kiss Up (Treasure Isle) –request
DELROY WILSON – Dancing Mood (Coxsone) –request
PETER TOSH & THE WAILERS – You Can’t Blame The Youth (Talkin’ Blues: Island)
EARL SIXTEEN – Malcom X (Wild Flower)
JUSTICE & KUMAR – Cross The Border (Kulture Walk & JHRecords)
DEZARIE – Exhalt (Gracious Mama Africa: Afrikan Roots Lab)
REEMAH – Far Away (Breaking News: Feel Line Records)
AKAE BEKA – Faith (Livicated: Zion High Productions)
AKAE BEKA – Bubble Up (Righteous Synergy: Fifth Son Records)
ARMY – Tek Your Time (Rasta Awake: I Grade)
DANNY I – Gone Away (Unchangeable: I Grade)
NIYORAH – Inner Light (Purification Session: I Grade)
LUTAN FYAH – Stick To Your Culture (Ambassador Musik)
LUTAN FYAH – Sell Dem Soul (Giddimani Music)
ALAINE – Victory Rock (Victory Rock riddim: Bebble Rock Music)
STONEBWOY – Strength and Hope (Victory Rock riddim: Bebble Rock Music)
PRESSURE BUSSPIPE – All Said and Done (Victory Rock riddim: Bebble Rock Music)
JEMERE & KING MAS – Free Up The Grades (Tree of Life riddim: Nature’s Way Ent)
EESAH & KABAKA PYRAMID – Police and Badboy (King I-Vier & Loud City Music)

listen online at https://www.pbsfm.org.au/program/babylon-burning/2021-04-03/17-00-00

March 27, 2021

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 27th March 2021

Featuring more from the new Akae Beka album “Righteous Synergy”, the new Chino album “The Process vol 3”, and some fresh sounds from the likes of Rytikal, Yaksta, Tommy Lee Sparta, and Teejay…

ROCKER-T – Jah Soljah (If Yu Luv Luv Show Ya Luv: Positive Sound Massive)
THE HEPTONES – Love Has Many Faces
KEN BOOTHE – When I Fall In Love (Studio One)
JOHNNY OSBOURNE – Jah Promise (Studio One)
CEDRIC IM BROOKS – Full Time (Studio One)
BIG YOUTH – What’s Going On (Negusa Negast)
FREDDIE McGREGOR – Joggin’ (56 Hope Rd) –request
EEK A MOUSE – Peeni Walli (Gorgon)
BUNNY WAILER – Camouflage (Rule Dance Hall: Solomonic) –request
EEK A MOUSE – Put Food On The Ghetto Youth Table (Irie Ites & Evidence Music)
FREDDIE McGREGOR & DENNIS BROWN – Raggamuffin (Music Works)
CHINO McGREGOR – Raggamuffin (The Process vol 3: Jamworld Music)
DENNIS BROWN & DAMIAN JR GONG MARLEY – Can’t Keep (Tracks of Life: Jammys & VP)
ZIGGI RECADO – Till The End (Liberation 2.0: Ziggi Recado)
JUNIOR NATURAL – Get Aktive (Zion High Productions)
JUNIOR NATURAL – Glory (Junior Natural)
AKAE BEKA – Righteous Synergy (Righteous Synergy: Ffith Son Records)
AKAE BEKA – Manger (Righteous Synergy: Ffith Son Records)
AKAE BEKA – All We Be (Homage To The Land: Fifth Son Records)
LUCIANO – Which Man (Jazzy Creations) –request
ANTHONY B – Child’s Care (Jazzy Creations)
ANSWELE – Turn It Up (Turn It Up riddim: Young Pow) –request
MICHAEL ROSE – Weed Plan (Turn It Up riddim: Young Pow)
IRIE SOULJAH – Focus (Turn It Up riddim: Young Pow)
MEDISUN – Distance (Turn It Up riddim: Young Pow)
KABAKA PYRAMID – Tribulation (Turn It Up riddim: Young Pow)
RYTIKAL – Hello (Austin Records)
TOMMY LEE SPARTA – Ghetto Cry (Boss Lady Muzik)
TEEJAY & TOMMY LEE SPARTA – Power Struggles (Damage Musiq)
YAKSTA – Ambition (Bush Lawd) (Afro Boi Entertainment & Wuss Muzik)
CHINO, JAHMIEL, KABAKA PYRAMID – Victorious (The Process vol 3: Jamworld Music)
CHRONIXX – Safe N Sound (Soul Circle Music)

listen online at https://www.pbsfm.org.au/program/babylon-burning/2021-03-27/17-00-00

March 20, 2021

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 20th March 2021

Featuring a version excursion on the Hard Drugs riddim… new riddims Irie Bliss, Six Miles, and Inna Dem Eye… the new Akae Beka album “Righteous Synergy”…¬† new Jaz Elise, Popcaan, and Beres Hammond… and noting the death of upcoming dancehall artist Fadagad.

PRINCE FAR I – The Vision (Jamaican Heroes: Trojan)
CHUCK TURNER – Danger Sound (Crucial Force & TRS)
ANTHONY RED ROSE – Gwan Talk (Firehouse)
KING KONG – Niceness (Black Scorpio)
DENNIS BROWN – Runnings (D.A.N.C.S.I.)
SCION SUCCESS – Pain A Back (Jah Life)
BARRY BROWN – Juks and Watch (Time 1)
JIMMY LONDON – What Good Am I (Eagle)
THE WAILERS – Guava Jelly (Tuff Gong)
OWEN GRAY – Fussing and Fighting (Record Corner)
BUNNY WAILER – Ball Room Floor (Rock N Groove: Solomonic)
ANTHONY CRUZ – Halfway Tree (Footsteps)
FANTAN MOJAH & SINGING FLASH – Authentic Love (Hard Drugs riddim: Delperies)
BASCOM X – Bascom Love (Hard Drugs riddim: Delperies)
PINCHERS – Fire (Hard Drugs riddim: Delperies)
GREGORY ISAACS – Hard Drugs (Tappa)
TANYA STEPHENS – Press Now (Good Good) (Tads)
TRUVICE – No Weapon (DJ Murray Records)
BLACK FYAH – Stronger (Irie Bliss riddim: Big Zim Records)
TEEJAY – Two Side Cutlass (Irie Bliss riddim: Big Zim Records)
GENTLEMAN – Don’t Judge (Six Miles riddim: DJ Frass)
ALAINE – Carry On (Six Miles riddim: DJ Frass)
PRINCE LEVY – Walk With I (Six Miles riddim: DJ Frass)
PRESSURE – Blaze Fire (Six Miles riddim: DJ Frass)
NATTY KING – Leave Dem To Time (Inna Dem Eye riddim: Tads)
TURBLENCE – Let Me Be (Inna Dem Eye riddim: Tads)
LUTAN FYAH – Hard To Bring Down (Inna Dem Eye riddim: Tads)
NORRIS MAN – Far I Know Dem (Inna Dem Eye riddim: Tads)
DUANE STEPHENSON – Hail Rastafarian (Inna Dem Eye riddim: Tads)
CHEZIDEK – Inna Dem Eye (Inna Dem Eye riddim: Tads)
INEZI – Rise (Addis Records & Evidence Music)
AKAE BEKA – African Liberation Talk (Righteous Synergy: Fifth Son Records)
AKAE BEKA – Became A Queen (Righteous Synergy: Fifth Son Records)
JAZ ELISE – Straying (The Golden Hour: In.Digg.Nation Collective)
JAZ ELISE – Elevated (The Golden Hour: In.Digg.Nation Collective)
FADAGAD – Jah Guide (Pryce Wayne Music)
BERES HAMMOND & POPCAAN – God Is Love (Juke Boxx)
POPCAAN – Win (Unruly Ent)

listen online at https://www.pbsfm.org.au/program/babylon-burning/2021-03-20/17-00-00

March 13, 2021

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 13th March 2021

A musical tribute to the late “Soul Groove 66” PBS announcer Pierre Baroni. Two hours of soul and R&B covers in a reggae style.

DEVON RUSSELL – People Get Ready (Studio One)
HORTENSE ELLIS – Woman of the Ghetto (Impact)
AL BROWN – Here I Am Baby (Tit For Tat)
AL BROWN – Love and Happiness (Trojan)
AL BROWN – Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City (Darker Than Blue: Blood and Fire)
LLOYD CHARMERS – Darker Than Blue (Darker Than Blue: Blood and Fire)
JUNIOR MURVIN – Give Me Your Love (Darker Than Blue: Blood and Fire)
CORNEL CAMPBELL – The Minstrel (Striker Lee)
CORNEL CAMPBELL & THE ETERNALS – Queen Of The Minstrels (Studio One)
JOE SMITH – I’m So Proud (Blue Cat)
THE UNIQUES – Gypsy Woman (Lee’s)
DENNIS BROWN – Black Magic Woman (Sunshot)
HORACE ANDY – Ain’t No Sunshine (Studio One)
ALTON ELLIS – These Eyes (Studio One)
OTIS GAYLE – I’ll Be Around (Studio One)
JAH WOOSH – Four Aces Skank (We Chat You Rock)
BIG YOUTH – Streets In Africa (Negusa Negast)
CARL BRADNEY – Slipping Into Darkness (Darker Than Blue: Blood and Fire)
BUNNY RUGS & THE UPSETTERS – Be Thankful (Upsetter)
THE TAMLINS – Baltimore (Taxi)
SHARON JONES & THE DAP KINGS – How Long Do I Have To Wait (Ticklah Remix) (Daptone Records)
BRUCE RUFFIN – Ooh Child (Summit)
BRUCE RUFFIN – Dry Up Your Tears (Beverly’s)
THE SILVERTONES – Midnight Hour (Soul Shot)
ALTON ELLIS – Ain’t That Loving You (Treasure Isle)
JIMMY LONDON – I’m Your Puppet (Spiderman)
THE MARVELS – Rock Steady (FRM)
THE CHOSEN FEW – Shaft (Crystal)
THE ARCHIVES & PUMA PTAH – Home Is Where The Hatred Is (Carry Me Home: Montserrat House)
THE ARCHIVES & PUMA PTAH – Who’ll Pay Reparations On My Soul (Carry Me Home: Montserrat House)
SAMORY I – Is It Because I’m Black (Black Gold: Rorystonelove & Black Dub Music)
YEZA – Is It Because I’m Black (Rorystonelove & Black Dub Music)

listen online at https://www.pbsfm.org.au/program/babylon-burning/2021-03-13/17-00-00

March 6, 2021

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 6th March 2021

Tribute to Neville Livingston, aka Bunny Wailer, 1947-2021.

THE WAILERS – This Train (Wail N Soul M)
THE WAILERS – Lyrical Satirical (Wail N Soul M)
THE WAILERS – Dancing Shoes (Coxsone)
THE WAILERS – Dreamland (Studio One)
THE WAILERS – Tread Along (Wail N Soul M)
BUNNY WAILER – Searching For Love (Solomonic)
THE WAILERS – Pass It On (Burnin’: Island)
THE WAILERS – Reincarnated Souls (Burnin’: Island)
THE WAILERS – The Oppressed Song (Burnin’: Island)
BUNNY WAILER & THE WAILERS – Battering Down Sentence (Solomonic)
BUNNY WAILER – Blackheart Man (Blackheart Man: Island)
BUNNY WAILER – Rastaman (Blackheart Man: Island)
BUNNY WAILER – Who Feels It (Protest: Island)
BUNNY WAILER – Wanted Children (Protest: Island)
BUNNY WAILER – Love Fire (Solomonic) –request
BUNNY WAILER – Crucial (Solomonic)
BUNNY WAILER – Rootsman Skanking (Rock N Groove: Solomonic)
BUNNY WAILER – Cool Runnings (Rock N Groove: Solomonic)
BUNNY WAILER – Dance Rock (Rock N Groove: Solomonic) –request
BUNNY WAILER – Another Dance (Rock N Groove: Solomonic) –request
BUNNY WAILER – Rock N Groove (Rock N Groove: Solomonic)
BUNNY WAILER – Jammins (Rock N Groove: Solomonic)
BUNNY WAILER – Rise and Shine (Solomonic)
BUNNY WAILER – Rule Dancehall (Solomonic) –request
BUNNY WAILER – Don’t Touch The President (Solomonic)
BUNNY WAILER – Riding (Solomonic)
BUNNY WAILER – Dream Land (Blackheart Man: Island)

listen online at https://www.pbsfm.org.au/program/babylon-burning/2021-03-06/17-00-00

February 27, 2021

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 27th February 2021

Featuring some great new reggae riddims, including the “Roots As I Am” riddim from Melbourne-based producer Jah Wise, the Baltimore inspired “Fittis” riddim from Lone Don Entertainment, and the “Marching” riddim from Real People Music.

LIKKLE JORDEE – Run For Cover (Pana & Kahala Records)
JOHNNY OSBOURNE – In Your Eyes (Never Stop Fighting: Greensleeves)
YAMI BOLO – Jah Is Holy (Healing Of All Nations: Roots Foundation & Thompson Sound)
MADOO – I Can’t Stand It (Best of Madoo: Techniques)
MADOO – Coming From Town (Best of Madoo: Techniques)
BADOO & TOYAN – Reaching To Be Free (Fatman)
NATURAL VIBES – Blood and Hate (Life Hard A Yard: Starlight)
EARL ZERO – I No Lie (Redemption Sounds)
THE WAILING SOULS – Jah Jah Give Us Life To Live (Channel One) –request
THE WAILING SOULS – Very Well (Wild Suspense: Mango)
THE WAILING SOULS – Bredda Gravalicious (Wild Suspense: Mango)
SOLANO JACOB – Chanting (Roots As I Am riddim: Jah Wise & Nusantara Records)
NEGA CIN – Open Your Eyes (Roots As I Am riddim: Jah Wise & Nusantara Records)
NIECEY – Everything For You (Roots As I Am riddim: Jah Wise & Nusantara Records)
JAH TUNG – Adulterer (Roots As I Am riddim: Jah Wise & Nusantara Records)
KUMAR – Dem Lost (BrodaHood Records)
J WRITTEN – Deal Wid It Proppa (Jesse I dubplate special)
TURBULENCE – Ghetto Life (Fittis riddim: Lone Don Entertainment)
TISHANA – Jah Jah Blessings (Fittis riddim: Lone Don Entertainment)
LOYAL FLAMES – Bird Eye View (Fittis riddim: Lone Don Entertainment)
CAPLETON – Too Long Now (Fittis riddim: Lone Don Entertainment)
LILA IKE & SKILLIBENG – Thy Will (remix) (In.Digg.Nation Collective)
KABAKA PYRAMID – Trample Dem (Ghetto Youths International)
TONY ROOTS, LUCIANO, TURBULENCE – Let Me Breathe (Ras Guerrilla Music)
LUCIANO – Wicked Haffe Run Wey (Xterminator)
LADY G – God Daughter (Xterminator) – bellyas
BLVK H3RO – Reggae Music (Marching riddim: Real People Music)
JERONE – The Search Is Over (Marching riddim: Real People Music)
JAH LIL – Human Race (Marching riddim: Real People Music)
ANTHONY B – My Day Will Come (Marching riddim: Real People Music)
CAPLETON – Jah Jah City (Liberation riddim: HMG) –request
DAVID CAIROL, BRINSLEY FORDE, VAR – Building Bridges (Label A Ce Jour & Take It Easy Agency)
REKALL – Ganja Love (Chant Down dubplate special)

listen online at https://www.pbsfm.org.au/program/babylon-burning/2021-02-27/17-00-00

February 20, 2021

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 20th February 2021

Paying respect the legendary Ewart “U Roy” Beckford, 1942-2021. Plus the “Vibes Man A Build” riddim from Marshall Neeko and Idler’s Corner Records, and new music from the likes of Popcaan, Tarrus Riley, Masicka, Kabaka Pyramid, Tanya Stephens, the Marley grandkids, and more…

U ROY – Babylon Burning (Prince Tony)
U ROY – Wake The Town (Treasure Isle)
U ROY – Wear You To The Ball (Treasure Isle)
U ROY – Tide Is High (Treasure Isle)
U ROY – Version Galore (Treasure Isle)
U ROY – Flashing My Whip (Treasure Isle)
U ROY – Ain’t That Loving You (Treasure Isle)
U ROY – Tom Drunk (Treasure Isle)
U ROY – Rule Of The Nation (Treasure Isle)
U ROY & THE WAILERS – Kingston 12 Shuffle (Tuff Gong)
U ROY – Rightful Reggae (King Attorney/Channel One)
U ROY – Crashie Sweep (King Attorney/Channel One)
U ROY – Full Time (King Attorney/Channel One)
U ROY – Chalice In The Palace (Prince Tony)
U ROY – Natty Rebel (Prince Tony)
U ROY – Evil Doers (Prince Tony)
U ROY – The Great Psalms (Prince Tony)
U ROY & SANDRA CROSS – Smile A While (Smile A While: Ariwa) –request
U ROY & AISHA – A Chapter A Day (Smile A While: Ariwa) –request
U ROY & BUNNY RUGS – Know Who I Am (Tabou 1)
U ROY, DENNIS BROWN, CHEB AISSA – Half 3 The Hard Way (Tabou 1)
U ROY – Caan Dun (Blacker Dread)
BUSHMAN – Come My People (Blacker Dread)
BERES HAMMOND & BEENIE MAN – Selector Pull Up (Blacker Dread)
PRINCE LEVY – Walk With I (DJ Frass)
CHEVAUGHN – Wake Up and Live (Jambian & Frankie Music)
GENERAL JAH MIKEY – Ethiopia Calling (Issachar Muzik)
JAH CURE & BLACKOUT JA – Vibes Man A Build (Vibes Man A Build riddim: Idler’s Corner)
DAWEH CONGO – No Peace (remix) (Vibes Man A Build riddim: Idler’s Corner)
INI KAMOZE – No Watch No Face (remix) (Vibes Man A Build riddim: Idler’s Corner)
PREZIDENT BROWN – Heathen (remix) (Vibes Man A Build riddim: Idler’s Corner)
SHABBA RANKS – Heart Of A Lion (remix) (Vibes Man A Build riddim: Idler’s Corner)
TARRUS RILEY & MASICKA – Corner (Dunwell)
THE WAILERS & U ROY – Keep On Moving (My Cup Runneth Over: Tafari)

listen online at https://www.pbsfm.org.au/program/babylon-burning/2021-02-20/17-00-00

February 13, 2021

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 13th February 2021

Featuring some classic Garnett Silk & Sizzla, new riddim “Raised” from Fogata Sounds, great new remixes featuring dancehall artists Skillibeng and Chronic Law on reggae riddims, new Jaz Elise, and the premiere of Mista Savona’s first single from the forthcoming “Havana Meets Kingston II” album.

DESMOND IRIE – Babylon You Must Go Down (Channel One)
DON CARLOS – I Like It (Volcano)
BARRINGTON LEVY – Robin Hood (Volcano)
FREDDIE McGREGOR – Big Ship (Thompson Sound) –request
NAGGO MORRIS – Su Su Pon Rasta (Joe Gibbs)
PRINCE FAR I – Heavy Manners (Joe Gibbs) –request
PRINCE FAR I – Working For My Saviour (Musical History: Trojan)
THE CONGOS – The Wrong Thing (Heart of the Congos: Black Art) –request
THE HEPTONES, THE CONGOS, JR MURVIN – Play On Mr Music (Black Art) –request
BUNNY RUGS & THE UPSETTERS – I Never Had It So Good (Upsetter)
JUNIOR BYLES – Curly Locks (Upstter)
BARRINGTON LEVY & BEENIE MAN – Murderation (Xtra Large) –request
GARNETT SILK – Disadvantage (Digital B)
GARNETT SILK – Green Line (Taxi)
GARNETT SILK – Retreat Wicked Man (Tan Yah)
GARNETT SILK – Sayonara (Kariang)
SIZZLA – Takes Only Time (Kariang)
SIZZLA – Guide Over Us (Black Woman and Child: Digital B) –request
KOFFEE – Pressure (Columbia Records) –request
PROTOJE, LILA IKE, AGENT SASCO – Not Another Word (In.Digg.Nation Collective & Zion I Kings) –request
LILA IKE & SKILLIBENG – Thy Will (remix) (In.Digg.Nation Collective)
JAZ ELISE – Good Over Evil (In.Digg.Nation Collective)
MISTA SAVONA, MICAH SHEMIAH, PUCHOMAN, THE GIDEON, ANYILENA – The Fire From Africa (Havana Meets Kingston II: Baco Records)
ANSWELE & CHRONIC LAW – Jah Is In Control (remix) (Ghetto Youths International & Chronic Law)
JOHNNY OSBOURNE & RAS DEMO – The Right Time (Raised riddim: Fogata Sounds)
CAPLETON – Ah No People Dem Love (Raised riddim: Fogata Sounds)
TROY BERKLEY – Born and Raised (Raised riddim: Fogata Sounds)
BEENIE MAN – My Salvation (Raised riddim: Fogata Sounds)
CONROY SMITH – Dangerous (Jah Life) –request
SUPER CAT – Ghetto Red Hot (Wild Apache)
PINCHERS & BOUNTY KILLER – Twenty One (Riding West) (Kingston 11)
CAPLETON – Who See It (Good So: VP Records)

listen online at https://www.pbsfm.org.au/program/babylon-burning/2021-02-13/17-00-00

February 6, 2021

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 6th February 2021

Featuring some new local reggae releases, plus new tunes from Nga Han, Jah Izrehl, Romain Virgo, Busy Signal, Khalia, and more.

DEVON IRONS – When Jah Come (Black Art)
THE UPSETTERS – Zion’s Blood (Super Ape: Island)
THE HEPTONES – Crying Over You (Party Time: Island)
LEROY SIBBLES – Jah Soon Come (Strictly Roots: Micron) 1979
JOHNNY OSBOURNE – Two Bad Daughter (Fally Lover: Greensleeves & Jah Guidance)
THE WAILERS – All Day All Night (Catch A Fire: Island)
THE WAILERS – No More Trouble (Catch A Fire: Island)
THE WAILERS – Iron Lion Zion (Songs Of Freedom: Island) –request
BUNNY RUGS – Murder Tonight (Chant Down dubplate special)
ALPHA BLONDY – Jerusalem (Shanachie)
BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS – Exodus (Skillydon Remix)
ASWAD – Behold (Hulet: Island)
ASWAD – Ethiopian Rhapsody (Aswad: Hulet)
MORGAN HERITAGE – Earthquake (Digital B)
PEETAH MORGAN – Shine Pon Yuh (Ghetto Lifestyle riddim: Romeich)
JAH VINCI – Ghetto Pain (Ghetto Lifestyle riddim: Romeich)
I OCTANE – Ghetto Lifestyle (Ghetto Lifestyle riddim: Romeich)
SAZZY ALILIE – Treasure (Sazzy Alilie)
SAZZY ALILIE – Youth (Sazzy Alilie)
FLAMES EYE – Never Give Up (D.dan Productions)
MASIA ONE & GENERAL LING – Not All That Glitters Is Gold (Jahwise Productions & Nusantara Records)
RUBI DU – LockUp (jAfA Sound)
RAPHA PICO & NGA HAN – Haile Selassie I (Roots Unity)
BUNNINGTON JUDAH – Always There (Roots Unity)
ZAMUNDA – Marijuana (Bad Bwoy riddim: Mizik Muzik)
JAH IZREHL – Sleeping Lion (Bad Bwoy riddim: Mizik Muzik)
SUKUWARD – Bad Bwoy (Bad Bwoy riddim: Mizik Muzik)
BUSY SIGNAL, ROMAIN VIRGO, ESCO LEVI – Running From The Law (Reggae Music Again: VP Records)
ROMAIN VIRGO & BUSY SIGNAL – Pray (Kirkledove)
KHALIA – Free (K-Licious)
SK SIMEON – Rub A Dub (Heartcore: La Gorda Records)
SK SIMEON – Got You Lady (Heartcore: La Gorda Records)

listen online at https://www.pbsfm.org.au/program/babylon-burning/2021-02-06/17-00-00