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December 28, 2013

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia

Saturday 28th December, 2013

Featuring new Midnite releases “Lion Out Of Zion” and “Same I Ah One”, plus the Cutlass riddim on Team Up, the Hello Carol riddim on Fireball, and the new Chronixx reworking of the classic I Love King Selassie…

DELROY WILLIAMS – Babylon Boy (Rockers 12″)
BLACK SLATE – Sticksman (Don’t Call Us Immigrants: Pressure Sounds)
TREVOR WALTERS – They’ll Never Get Away (Mutal Life 7″)
KING STITT – In The City (Reggae Fire Beat: Jamaica Gold) –request
BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS – I’m Hurting Inside (alt mix) (Songs of Freedom: Island)
ZIGGY MARLEY – Justice (One Bright Day: Virgin) –request
JULIAN MARLEY – Systems (A Time and Place: Tuff Gong)
JULIAN MARLEY – Boom Draw (Awake: Tuff Gong)
BOB ANDY – War In The City Version (Jam Rock 7″)
AL CAMPBELL – Foot Stool (Channan Jah 7″)
THE HEPTONES – Mount Zion (Observer 7″)
DENNIS BROWN – A Little Bit More (Joe Gibbs)
BITTY McLEAN – Back Weh (The Taxi Sessions: Taxi & Silent River)
BRYAN ART – One Little Kiss (World Beat)
SUGA ROY & CONRAD CRYSTAL – Hello Carol (Hello Carol riddim: Fire Ball)
ZAREB – Let Us Rise (Hello Carol riddim: Fire Ball)
LUTAN FYAH & THRILLER U – Check Check Yourself (Hello Carol riddim: Fire Ball)
FYAH WALK – All These Things (Spirit Fyah: Roots-tree and Stream)
MIDNITE – Things To Be Thankful For (Lion Out Of Zion: Afrikan Roots Lab)
MIDNITE – Jah In I (Lion Out Of Zion: Afrikan Roots Lab)
MIDNITE & I GRADE – Same I Ah Dub (Same I Ah One: I Grade)
MIDNITE & PRESSURE – Same I Ah One (Same I Ah One: I Grade)
MIDNITE & LUTAN FYAH – When Jah Arise (Same I Ah One: I Grade)
BLACK UHURU & CHRONIXX – I Love King Selassie (Jammys)
RAS SHILOH – Rastaman To Africa (Jammys)
FANTAN MOJAH – Informer (Cutlass riddim: Team Up)
CAPLETON – Wanna Divide Us (Cutlass riddim: Team Up)
DEVANO – Fire Bun (Cutlass riddim: Team Up)
HEZRON – Blood for Blood (Cutlass riddim: Team Up)
LUCIANO – Weeping Wailing and Moaning (Cutlass riddim: Team Up)
SIZZLA – Celebrate Life (Cutlass riddim: Team Up)
TEFLON – Lace Up (Cutlass riddim: Team Up)
LUTAN FYAH – Nothing Nuh Down Deh (Cutlass riddim: Team Up)
EVERTON BLENDER – These Hands (Blend Dem 7″)
UTAN GREEN – Good Musician (Blend Dem 7″)
PAPA SAN – Poor People Struggle (Blend Dem 7″)
MIDNITE – Lion Out Of Zion (Lion Out Of Zion: Afrikan Roots Lab)

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More Fire 154 – December 2013

From More Fire 154 – December 2013. Posted by Chant Down Sound on 9/08/2014 (36 items)

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December 14, 2013

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia

Saturday 14th December, 2013

Featuring new riddims Who Can’t Hear Must Feel and Reggae Jam, as well as older riddims Meditation and Wisdom…

JUNIOR DELGADO – Chant Chant Chant (More Treasure Found: Incredible Muzik)
JOE SMITH – I’m So Proud (Blue Cat)
THE UNIQUES – Build My Whole World Around You (Lee’s) –request
THE UNIQUES – Blinded By Love (Absolutely Rock Steady: Pressure Sounds) –request
FREDDIE McGREGOR – I’m A Revolutionist (Studio One)
GREGORY ISAACS – Rasta Business (Morpheus)
DR ALIMANTADO – Gimme Mi Gun (Best Dressed Chicken In Town: Greensleeves)
NINEY THE OBSERVER – Blood and Fire (Observer) –request
PETER TOSH – Apartheid (Equal Rights: Virgin)
ZAP POW – Last War (Zap Pow: Island) –request
DELROY WILLIAMS – Think Twice (Rockers 12″)
THE ABYSSINIANS – Mightiest Of All (Arise: Virgin/Clinch)
HORACE ANDY – If I (In The Light: Hungry Town)
MIDNITE – One Shout (Seek Knowledge Before Vengeance: Afrikan Roots Lab)
GROUNDATION – Wanna Know (Each One Teach One: Groundation Music) remasterd
PERFECT & GINJAH – Mash Up Di Ting (Lustre Kings)
PREZIDENT BROWN – Towerful (Zion High Productions)
REEMAH – Jah World (Check Your Words: Feel Line)
REEMAH – Wanderaz (Check Your Words: Feel Line)
GAPPY RANKS – Poisoned Water (Who Can’t Hear Must Feel: Island Life)
LUCIANO – Bawling (Who Can’t Hear Must Feel: Island Life)
ADVENTUROUS – So Hard (Who Can’t Hear Must Feel: Island Life)
EVERTON BLENDER – Youths Dem Cold (Who Can’t Hear Must Feel: Island Life)
LUTAN FYAH – Evil In Man (Who Can’t Hear Must Feel: Island Life)
SPECTACULAR – Last Days (Who Can’t Hear Must Feel: Island Life)
RICHIE SPICE – Reggae Music (Who Can’t Hear Must Feel: Island Life)
NATURAL BLACK – Mad World (Reggae Jam riddim: House Of Riddim)
ZIGGI RECADO – Frontline (Reggae Jam riddim: House Of Riddim)
RANDY VALENTINE – Be A Rebel (Reggae Jam riddim: House Of Riddim)
LUCIANO – Doing Jah Will (Reggae Jam riddim: House Of Riddim)
SUGA ROY – Leave The Youths Dem Farm (Reggae Jam riddim: House Of Riddim)
IBA MAHR – Conscious Awakening (Reggae Jam riddim: House Of Riddim)
YAMI BOLO – Revolution Red (Wisdom riddim: Reggae Vibes 7″)
JOHNNY OSBOURNE – Israel (Wisdom riddim: Reggae Vibes 7″)
JAH LAW – Punch We Hard (Wisdom riddim: Reggae Vibes 7″)
HALF PINT & MICHIGAN – I Know It (Meditation riddim: Rashanco 7″)
BRANDO – Behold (Meditation riddim: Rashanco 7″)
LUTAN FYAH – Livity First (Meditation riddim: Rashanco 7″)
SPECTACULAR – Voice (Meditation riddim: Rashanco 7″)
ANTHONY B – Higher Level (Meditation riddim: Rashanco 7″)
EXCO LEVI – Another Bill Again (Lifeline)

listen anytime at the PBS website http://www.pbsfm.org.au/taxonomy/term/183/2013-12-14

December 7, 2013

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia

Saturday 7th December, 2013

Paying respect to the late Junior Murvin, aka Junior Soul, as well as the late Nelson Mandela. Plus some quality local reggae music, and the Infatuation riddim on Full Charge…

JUNIOR MURVIN – Police and Thieves (Black Art)
JUNIOR MURVIN – Bad Weed (Black Art)
JUNIOR MURVIN – Closer Together / Gypsy Woman (Black Art)
JUNIOR MURVIN – Working In The Cornfield (Police and Thieves: Island)
JUNIOR MURVIN – Tedious (Police and Thieves: Island)
JUNIOR SOUL – The Hustler (Crystal)
JUNIOR SOUL – Give Me Your Love (Clive Hunt)
JUNIOR SOUL – Rescue The Children (Move & Groove)
JUNIOR MURVIN – Badman Posse (Inna Di Yard: Makasound)
JUNIOR MURVIN – Cool Out Son (Joe Gibbs)
LUCKY DUBE – House of Exile (House of Exile: Gallo)
LUCKY DUBE – Group Areas Act (House of Exile: Gallo)
LUCKY DUBE – Take It To Jah (Taxman: Shanachie)
EPISODE – Mandela (Rebel Liberation Records)
DENNIS BROWN – Here I Come (aka Love and Hate) –request
LEE SCRATCH PERRY – Dreadlocks In Moonlight (Black Art) –request
RAS JAHKNOW – Can’t Change Jah Jah Man (Ras Jahknow)
RAS JAHKNOW – Jah Jah Dub (Ras Jahknow)
FYAH WALK – Hate No More (Sunrise Red: Roots Tree and Stream)
LOTEK – International Rudeboy (International Rudeboy: Counter Clockwise)
JESSE I & AGENT 86 – Blazing Fire (Chopshop)
CHRISTOPHER MARTIN – Secret Love (Infatuation riddim: Full Charge)
JAH VINCI – Infatuation (Infatuation riddim: Full Charge)
BUGLE – Be Yourself (Infatuation riddim: Full Charge)
KEZNAMDI – Super Natural (Infatuation riddim: Full Charge)
ZAMUNDA & IQ – Fight The Pressure (Infatuation riddim: Full Charge)
D’KONCEP – Deliver Me (Infatuation riddim: Full Charge)
DANE RAY – Can’t Confuse I (Infatuation riddim: Full Charge)
ZAGGA – Reggae Revolution (Infatuation riddim: Full Charge)
CECILE – Third Finger (Infatuation riddim: Full Charge)
SIZZLA & VIDA SUNSHYNE – The Formula (Savona Records)
ANTHONY B – Guns In Town (Savona Records)
CAPLETON – Prove Them Wrong (Savona Records)
KABAKA PYRAMID – Lead The Way (Rub A Dub Market riddim: Irievibrations)
LUCIANO – Rub A Dub Market (Rub A Dub Market riddim: Irievibrations)
SCIENTIST & THE FORCES OF MUSIC – Nelson Mandela (Tamoki Wambesi)
MIDNITE – Womb (Assini: I Grade)

listen anytime at the PBS website


November 30, 2013

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia

Saturday 30th November, 2013

Featuring the Militancy riddim from Overstand, the Believe In Love riddim from Pacificland, the Mendocino riddim from RSQTHP Music, the Life Starts riddim on Ajang Records, and the Ghetto College riddim from Gachapan… plus an interview with Ali MC of Melbourne group New Dub City…

STEEL PULSE – Heart of Stone (Caught You: Island)
DUKE REID ALL-STARS – Uncle Sam (Treasure Isle)
THE PIONEERS – Some Of Them A Bawl (Amalgamated)
WINSTON & GEORGE – Denham Town (Pyramid)
AMIEL MOODIE & THE DANDEMITES – Ratchet Knife (Moodisc)
JOHN HOLT – Ali Baba (Treasure Isle)
DR ALIMANTADO – I Killed The Barber (Best Dressed Chicken In Town: Greensleeves) –request
LITTLE ROY – Rat Trap (Packin House: Pressure Sounds) –request
LITTLE ROY – Jah Can Count On I (Tafari Earth Uprising: Pressure Sounds) –request
THE AFRICAN BROTHERS – Youths of Today (Ital)
PRINCE FAR I – Reggae Music Moving (Livity: PRE)
PRINCE FAR I – Ghetto Living (Livity: PRE)
BLACK SKIN THE PROPHET – Red Blood (Cry Tuff 7″)
JIMMY CLIFF – One More (Rebirth: Universal) –request
UB40 – Rat In The Kitchen (live) –request
NEW DUB CITY – Exile (Tap Tap: Raspect Records)
NEW DUB CITY & PRECISE RIFF RAPH – Kingston Town (Tap Tap: Raspect Records)
DRE ISLAND – Uptown Down (Militancy riddim: Overstand Entertainment)
JAH CURE – Territory (Militancy riddim: Overstand Entertainment)
IBA MAHR – Step Away (Militancy riddim: Overstand Entertainment)
JESSE ROYAL – Preying On The Weak (Militancy riddim: Overstand Entertainment)
KING MAS – False Doctrine (Militancy riddim: Overstand Entertainment)
PROTOJE – Resist Not Evil (Militancy riddim: Overstand Entertainment)
KABAKA PYRAMID – The Revival (Militancy riddim: Overstand Entertainment)
TURBULENCE – Believe In Love (Believe In Love riddim: Pacificaland)
CECILE – Love You Up (Believe In Love riddim: Pacificaland)
JAH VINCI – Jah Never Let Me Down (Believe In Love riddim: Pacificaland)
FANTAN MOJAH – Jah Prepare (Believe In Love riddim: Pacificaland)
LUTAN FYAH – Babylon System (Believe In Love riddim: Pacificaland)
XYCLONE & TREES – Smoking (Mendocino riddim: RSQTHP Music)
ANTHONY B – Can’t Cool Can’t Out (Mendocino riddim: RSQTHP Music)
BUGLE – Time (Mendocino riddim: RSQTHP Music)
CHRISINTI – Word and Honour (Life Starts riddim: Ajang)
LUCIANO – Call On Jah Name (Life Starts riddim: Ajang)
MIKEY GENERAL – I Rise (Life Starts riddim: Ajang)
G STARR – Hennessy Friend (Life Starts riddim: Ajang)
G WHIZZ – Don’t Give Up (Ghetto College riddim: Gachapan)
DI GENIUS – Carry On (Ghetto College riddim: Gachapan)
LOYAL FLAMES – Street Life (Ghetto College riddim: Gachapan)
VYBRANT – Trouble (Ghetto College riddim: Gachapan)
ZAGGA – Anti-War (Ghetto College riddim: Gachapan)
CHRONIXX – Capitalists (Zinc Fence)
KELISSA & KEZNAMDI – Gideon (Zince Fence & Anbessa)
MIDNITE – All People (In Awe: Fifth Son)

listen anytime at the PBS website


November 23, 2013

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia

Saturday 23rd November, 2013

Featuring the Baby Mother riddim from Vikings, the Sweet Personality riddim from Nature’s Way, and revisiting the Changes riddim from Don Corleon… plus new music from Australian producer Mista Savona, and new tunes from I Octane and Konshens.

UPRISING ROOTS – Krash Like Lightning (Skyfiya: TruMuzik)
DENNIS BROWN – Lips of Wine (Crystal) –request
DENNIS BROWN – No Man Is An Island (Studio One) –request
THE UNIQUES – Let Me Go Girl (Lee)
DAWN PENN – I’ll Let You Go (Lee) –request
DILLINGER & PRINCE GLEN – Bump Skank (Love 7″)
THE ITALS – Ina Dis Ya Time (Spider Man 7″)
THE RASS-ES – You Gotta Have Love (Experience: Ballistic) –request
THE CONGOS – The Wrong Thing (Heart of the Congos: Blood and Fire)
WATTY BURNETT – Open The Gate (Black Art)
CORNEL CAMPBELL – Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing (Bunny Lee)
BARRY BROWN – We Have To Work All Day (Jackpot) –request
JR REID (aka VOICE OF PROGRESS) – Mini Bus Driver (Negus Roots) –request
JR REID – Poorman Transportation (Negus Roots)
EEK A MOUSE – Ganja Smuggling (Volcano) –request
KATCHAFIRE – Frisk Me Down (The Best So Far: Lion House Music)
J BOOG – Pretender (Don Corleon)
JAH CURE – Never Find (Changes riddim: Don Corleon) –request
ALAINE – Make It Without You (Changes riddim: Don Corleon)
TARRUS RILEY – Getty Getty No Wanty (Changes riddim: Don Corleon)
GENTLEMAN – Changes (Changes riddim: Don Corleon)
RICHIE SPICE – More Life (Changes riddim: Don Corleon)
I OCTANE – Blood Shed (Changes riddim: Don Corleon)
MORGAN HERITAGE – Can’t Get We Out (Changes riddim: Don Corleon)
ROMAIN VIRGO – Baby Mother (Baby Mother riddim: Vikings)
SOPHIA SQUIRE – Lose It (Baby Mother riddim: Vikings)
DALTON HARRIS – Pauper (Baby Mother riddim: Vikings)
D’MAJOR – Anthem For The Meek (Baby Mother riddim: Vikings)
TORCH – Strive (Baby Mother riddim: Vikings)
LOYAL FLAMES – Working (Baby Mother riddim: Vikings)
JAH MAX – Free Up (Baby Mother riddim: Vikings)
RC – Gideon Boot (Baby Mother riddim: Vikings)
TYDAL – Mama Warn Him (Baby Mother riddim: Vikings)
IBA MAHR – Red Fire (Baby Mother riddim: Vikings)
SHUGA – Bun Dem Down (Baby Mother riddim: Vikings)
EXCO LEVI – Walk Wide A Mi (Baby Mother riddim: Vikings)
CHEVAUGHN – Mercy (Sweet Personality riddim: Nature’s Way)
CHEZIDEK – Save My Life (Sweet Personality riddim: Nature’s Way)
ZAMUNDA – Life (Sweet Personality riddim: Nature’s Way)
JAH CURE – Wake Up (Sweet Personality riddim: Nature’s Way)
LUTAN FYAH – Show Love (Sweet Personality riddim: Nature’s Way)
SIZZLA – I’m Living (Acoustic Mix) (Savona Records)
SIZZLA – I’m Living (Savona Records)
PINCHERS – Guide Me Oh Jah (Savona Records)
DEZARIE – Defend Right (The Fourth Book: Afrikan Roots Lab)
MIDNITE – Dem Gone (What Makes A King?: Afrikan Roots Lab)
KONSHENS – Only You Know (Natural Juice riddim: Kingstone Records)
I OCTANE – Mi Naah (Natural Juice riddim: Kingstone Records)

listen anytime at the PBS website


November 16, 2013

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia

Saturday 16th November, 2013

Featuring Daseca’s new reggae riddim “Mixed Feelings”, Professor’s “Throw Down Your Arms” live album, and a heap of listener requests…

NORRIS MAN – Babylon (Dubwise Connection: I-Sight Records)
BURNING SPEAR – Fire Down Below (Studio One) –request
WILLIE WILLIAMS – Give Me Bread (M10)
BOB ANDY – Unchained (Studio One) –request
TOOTS & THE MAYTALS – Redemption Song (Trojan) –request
THIRD WORLD – Freedom Song (Third World: Island)
THIRD WORLD – Now That We’ve Found Love (Journey To Addis: Island) –request
HARLEM SPIRIT – Dem A Suss (Sussed: Fusion) –request
PABLO MOSES – Corrupted Man (Revolutionary Dream: Klik) –request
LACKSLEY CASTELL – Jah Is Watching You (Negus Roots 12″) –request
VERNON MAYTONE – Back To Earth (On The Right Track: Uniteam)
VERNON MAYTONE & LADY ANN – This A Love (On The Right Track: Uniteam)
PROFESSOR – Roller Coaster (Throw Down Your Arms: Soulbeats Records)
PROFESSOR – Mind Of Man (Throw Down Your Arms: Soulbeats Records)
PROFESSOR – There’s A Reward (Throw Down Your Arms: Soulbeats Records)
WARRIOR KING – Education Is The Key (Penthouse)
KABAKA PYRAMID – No Cliche (Lead The Way: Bebble Rock)
KABAKA PYRAMID – Teach Di Youths (Lead The Way: Bebble Rock)
MICAH SHEMIAH & PAMPI JUDAH – Africa Here I Come (Tuff Scout)
LUTAN FYAH – Penance (Life Of A King: Grillaras)
LUTAN FYAH – Defend The Throne (Life Of A King: Grillaras)
LUTAN FYAH – Get Weh Wid Crime (Tax Money riddim: Philip Music)
JAH VINCI – Rise Again (Mixed Feelings riddim: Daseca)
BUGLE – Never Loose Faith (Mixed Feelings riddim: Daseca)
KHAGO – Yutes (Mixed Feelings riddim: Daseca)
KONSHENS – Champion (Mixed Feelings riddim: Daseca)
MAVADO – Only If You (Mixed Feelings riddim: Daseca)
SAGITARR – Girlfriend (Mixed Feelings riddim: Daseca)
DEXTA DAPS – Tonight (Mixed Feelings riddim: Daseca)
PERFECT – Over The Top (Over The Top: House Of Riddim)
SHAGGY & CHRONIXX – Bridges (Out Of Many, One Music: Ranch Ent)
AGENT SASCO – Look A Start (Diwali Records)
MAX ROMEO – Melt Away (Open The Iron Gate: Blood and Fire)
ZAP POW – United (Zap Pow: Island)

listen anytime at the PBS website


More Fire 153 – November 2013

From More Fire 153 – November 2013. Posted by Chant Down Sound on 9/08/2014 (37 items)

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November 9, 2013

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia

Saturday 9th November, 2013

Paying respects to the late Lloyd Robinson… plus the Going Home riddim from Larger Than Life records, the Rising Sun riddim from Chimney Records, and new tunes from Kabaka Pyramid, Jah Vinci, Khago, and Pressure…

LLOYD ROBINSON – Cuss Cuss (Studio One)
LLOYD ROBINSON – Cuss Cuss (Harry J)
LLOYD ROBINSON – Rocky Road (Cactus 7″)
LLOYD ROBINSON – Love Will Conquer (Cactus 7″)
LLOYD ROBINSON – No More Trouble (Stag 7″)
PRINCE BUSTER – Shaking Up Orange Street (Prince Buster)
THE TENNORS – Pressure and Slide (Studio One)
SUGAR MINOTT – Oh Mr DC (Studio One)
THE WAILERS – Stir It Up (Songs Of Freedom: Island) –request
JO JO BENNETT & THE FUGITIVES – The Lecturer (Fugitive)
THE HEPTONES – The Magnificent Heptones (3 In 1)
LEE SCRATCH PERRY – Creation Dub (In Dub Confrontation) –request
DENNIS BROWN – Emmanuel God Is With Us (DEB)
CORNEL CAMPBELL – Two Timer (Joe Gibbs 7″)
KOZMIK CONSCIOUSNESS – Revolution Army (Ahoe Records)
KABAKA PYRAMID – Herb Defenda (Bebble Rock)
PRESSURE – Run Away (Zion I Kings)
MIDNITE – Kings On The Clothesline (Jubilees of Zion: Afrikan Roots Lab)
DEZARIE – Ghettos of Babylon (The Fourth Book: Afrikan Roots Lab)
SARITAH – Coming With The Light (Dig Deep: Time To Shine)
REEMAH – Hypnotize (Chant Down dubplate special)
JAH VINCI – Be Strong (Shiah Records)
JAH VINCI – Leave Babylon (Righteous Trod riddim: Black Street)
KHAGO – Badmind Nah Work (Righteous Trod riddim: Black Street)
TARRUS RILEY – My Day (Rising Sun riddim: Chimney Records)
CHRONIXX & KABAKA PYRAMID – Mi Alright (Rising Sun riddim: Chimney Records)
KELISSA – Slow Down (Rising Sun riddim: Chimney Records)
I OCTANE – We Found Love (Rising Sun riddim: Chimney Records)
CHRIS MARTIN – Yes I Can (Rising Sun riddim: Chimney Records)
ZAGGA – My Destination (Rising Sun riddim: Chimney Records)
JAH CURE – Better Way (Rising Sun riddim: Chimney Records)
KIBAKI & SINGING SWEET – One More Day (Rising Sun riddim: Chimney Records)
DEMARCO – It’s Not Right (Rising Sun riddim: Chimney Records)
BUSY SIGNAL & EXCO LEVI – Wicked Evil Man (Going Home riddim: Larger Than Life)
BOBBY HUSTLE – The Hunted (Going Home riddim: Larger Than Life)
GAPPY RANKS – Free My Chains (Going Home riddim: Larger Than Life)
CHINO – Larger Than Life (Going Home riddim: Larger Than Life)
ECCLETON JARRETT – Turn On The Heat (Jammys)
COCOA TEA – Too Young (Jammys)
PETER TOSH – Equal Rights (live) –request

listen anytime at the PBS website


November 2, 2013

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia

Saturday 2nd November, 2013

GARNETT SILK – Who Is Like Selassie (Penthouse)
JIMMY CLIFF – The Harder They Come (The Harder They Come: Island) –request
TOOTS & THE MAYTALS – Pressure Drop (Beverly’s) –request
BURNING SPEAR – Tradition (Marcus Garvey: Island)
BURNING SPEAR – 2000 Years (Garvey’s Ghost: Island)
BURNING SPEAR – I & I Survive (Marcus Garvey: Island)
KC WHITE – Selasi I (Senrab 7″)
DONOVAN ADAMS – Who Is The One (Techniques)
FREDDIE McKAY – Jah Man (Earthquake 7″)
IJAHMAN LEVI – Jah Is No Secret (Haile I Hymn: Island)
PETER TOSH – Rastafari Is (Wanted Dread and Alive: EMI)
BUNNY WAILER – Armagideon (Blackheart Man: Island)
PENTATEUCH – Armagideon Time (The Genesis: Boot Camp)
KOOYEH – Judgement Day (Soul Cleansing: Kooyeh)
DARKY ROOTS – Foundations (Reflections: Darky Roots)
KATCHAFIRE – Frisk Me Down (The Best So Far: Lion Roots)
J BOOG – Let It Blaze (Backyard Boogie: Wash House)
JAH BOUKS – Angola (Sunizes Entertainment)
MIDNITE – Exalt The Crown (Kings Bell: I Grade)
MIDNITE – Lion Wears The Crown (Ras Mek Peace: Wildchild)
MIDNITE – Haile Selassie I Rastaman Crown (Let Live: I Grade)
MUNGA – Coronation Day (JK4 Music Group)
JAH 9 – New Name (New Name: Rorystonelove)
JAH MASON – Selassie I Bless Me (King Sound Music)
PERFECT & PRESSURE – I Hail Jah (Over The Top: House of Riddim)
SIZZLA – Hail Selassie (Praise Ye Jah: Xterminator)

listen anytime at the PBS website