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More Fire NYE – December 2009

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December 19, 2009

BABYLON BURNING with Jesse I 106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia 5-7 PM > DECEMBER 19 > 2009 Featuring the Surfer riddim from Pow Pow, Uprising riddim from Burton Music, Bubbler riddim from African Beat... new tunes from Bounty Killer, Busy Signal, I Octane, Bunny Wailer, Buju Banton... and fresh Australian & NZ productions... COUNT OSSIE & THE WAREIKAS - Babylon Gone (Moodisc 7") CULTURE - Behold The Land (Studio One) THE BASSIES - Big MIstake (Studio One) GREGORY ISAACS - Lonely Soldier (African Museum 7") THE PROPHETS - Words Of The Prophets (Vivian Jackson 7") VIVIAN JACKSON & THE PROPHETS - Deliver Me From My Enemies (Jesus Dread: Blood & Fire) MICHAEL PROPHET - Warn Them Jah (Vivian Jackson 7") FREDDIE McKAY - Tear Drops (Sunshot 7") FREDDIE McGREGOR - I Shall Be Released (Studio One Kings: Soul Jazz) PRINCE ALLA - Captive Bird (Soul To Sound: Mista Savona) RAZ BIN SAM - World Gone Mad (Reality Chant) BUJU BANTON - Hard Times (40/40) VERSION - Shoulder Move (Midnight Rock 7") BUJU BANTON - Driver (VP) TARRUS RILEY - Beware (Parables: VP) BERES HAMMOND - Chase Them (Stone Cold) SIZZLA - Crucial Time (Crucial Times: Greensleeves) BUNNY WAILER - Don't Touch The President (Solomonic) ROMAIN VIRGO - Wanna Go Home (Vikings) LUTAN FYAH - Forgiveness (Uprising riddim: Burton Music) MYSTIC MC - Going Home (Uprising riddim: Burton Music) JUNIOR X - Surfer (Surfer riddim: Pow Pow) GENTLEMAN & MILLION STYLEZ - Help Is On The Way (Surfer riddim: Pow Pow) NATURAL BLACK - Gwaan Now (Surfer riddim: Pow Pow) NATTY KING - Equal Rights (Surfer riddim: Pow Pow) TURBULENCE - Time To Rise (Surfer riddim: Pow Pow) ZAREB - Reggae Music (Surfer riddim: Pow Pow) REBELLION THE RECALLER - Armagideon (Surfer riddim: Pow Pow) CALI P - Nothing Is Impossible (Surfer riddim: Pow Pow) VIDA SUNSHYNE & DAMAJAH - Arguments (Move: Obese) CALDINO - Fake Fren Dem (Grafta) BOUNTY KILLER - Have Food Plenty (Keep Left) BUSY SIGNAL - Must Come A Light (Head Concussion) FLIPPA MAFIA - Flossing Christmas (Fresh Ear) I OCTANE & KILLA CAMP GENIUS - Zinc Fence Life (House Of Stars) PREZIDENT BROWN - Rasta Rock (Bubbler riddim: African Beat) PERFECT - Can't Touch Me (Bubbler riddim: African Beat) BURRO BANTON - Too Dutty (Bubbler riddim: African Beat) ELOQUENT - Graveyard (Eloquent Music) STEPHEN MARLEY, DAMIAN MARLEY, BUJU BANTON - Traffic Jam (Ghetto Youths)

More Fire 104 – December 2009

From More Fire 104 – December 2009. Posted by Chant Down Sound on 1/05/2010 (34 items)

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December 12, 2009

BABYLON BURNING with Jesse I 106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia 5-7 PM > DECEMBER 12 > 2009 Live Music Week at PBS FM... all live selections today, plus local outfit Secret Masters live in the PBS studios... MIDNITE - Chant Ina Babylon (live at The Aggie 2005) MISTY IN ROOTS - Introduction / Mankind (Live At The Counter Eurovision 79) PETER TOSH - Igziabher (live at the One Love Peace Concert 1978) PETER TOSH - 400 Years (live at the One Love Peace Concert 1978) BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS - Burnin and Lootin (Live!: Island) THIRD WORLD - Jah Glory (live) (Reggae Ambassadors: Island) BURNING SPEAR - Throw Down Your Arms (Live: Island) ASWAD - Rockers Medley (Live & Direct: Island) ASWAD - Love Fire (Live & Direct: Island) STEEL PULSE - Makka Medley (Rastafari Centennial - Live Is Paris: MCA) DENNIS BROWN - So Jah Say (Live At Montreux: Joe Gibbs Music) JR REID - Bad Man / Anthem (live at Brown Alley, Melbourne, 2007) JAH MASON - Mi Chalwa / High Grade (live at Brown Alley, Melbourne, 2007)

December 5, 2009

BABYLON BURNING with Jesse I 106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia 5-7 PM > DECEMBER 5 > 2009 Spotlight on Richie Spice ahead of his first ever Melbourne show... plus the new Proverbs riddim from Lustre Kings, the I Feel Good riddim once again by special request, and new tunes from Beres Hammond, Macka B, and Hero... RICHIE SPICE - Di Plane Land (No Doubt 7") FANTAN MOJAH - Most High Jah (No Doubt 7") MORGAN HERITAGE - Nothing To Smile About (No Doubt 7") I OCTANE - Nuh Frighten We (No Dount 7") LENARD WILSON - Searching For A Home (Impact 7") BOB ANDY - Feeling Soul (Song Book: Studio One) BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS - Soul Shakedown Party (Songs of Freedom: Island) JUNIOR MURVIN - Give Me Your Love (Darker Than Blue: Blood and Fire) VERSION - Give Me Your Love (PK 10") TOOTS & THE MAYTALS - Reggae Got Soul (Reggae Got Soul: Island) VIVIAN JACKSON & THE PROPHETS - Covetous Men (Jesus Dread: Blood and Fire) WAILING SOULS - Bredda Gravalicious (Wild Suspense: Island) THE VICEROYS - Sometimes (Ghetto Vibes: Jamaican Recordings) WINSTON JARRET - Wise Man (Wise Man: Tamoki Wambesi Dove) JOHNNY CLARKE - Love Your Brothers And Sisters (Striker Lee 7") BARRINGTON LEVY - Run Come Ya Man (Puff Records 7") LLOYD HEMMINGS - Africa (Solid Roots 7") BERES HAMMOND - I Feel Good (Penthouse 7") -request ANTHONY CRUZ - Dem Block The Road (Penthouse) ROMAIN VIRGO - Mi Caan Sleep (Penthouse) BERES HAMMOND, RICHIE STEPHENS, SABA - Cool It Down (Harmony House) BERES HAMMOND & YASUS AFARI - Mama Africa HERO - Cry For The Poor (Inspire) MACKA B - Swine Flu (Ariwa) RICHIE SPICE - Earth A Run Red remix (5th Element 7") RICHIE SPICE - Earth A Run Red (Henfield 7") JAH CURE - Jah Bless Me (Henfield 7") JAH MASON - Empty Barrell (Henfield 7") SHADOWMAN - Higher Realms (Henfield 7") RICHIE SPICE - Righteous Youths (5th Element 7") RICHIE SPICE - Youths So Cold (Massive B 7") SIZZLA - Give Jah Thanx (Massive B 7") JOHNNY OSBOURNE & BURRO BANTON - Truths And Rights (Massive B 7") CHUCK FENDER - All About The Weed (Massive B 7") RICHIE SPICE - Marijuana (5th Element 7") CHRISINTI - Same Hands (Proverbs riddim: Lustre Kings) NORRIS MAN & RAS ATTITUDE - We Try (Proverbs riddim: Lustre Kings) CHEZIDEK - Right Time (Proverbs riddim: Lustre Kings) MESSENGER SELAH - She Ask Me Say (Proverbs riddim: Lustre Kings) KHARI KILL - Levitate (Proverbs riddim: Lustre Kings) LUTAN FYAH - Slow To Anger (Proverbs riddim: Lustre Kings) RICHIE SPICE - Blood Again (Pow Pow 7")

November 28, 2009

BABYLON BURNING with Jesse I 106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia 5-7 PM > NOVEMBER 28 > 2009 Paying respect to the great Squingy from Bass Odyssey soundsystem... plus the Mighty Right riddim from Philadub... more new cuts on the Ital Jockey riddim from Sankofa... and homegrown sounds from Darky Roots, Secret Masters and Mista Savona... BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS - Exodus 12" mix (Songs Of Freedom: Island) BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS - The Heathen (Exodus: Island) BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS - Guiltiness (Exodus: Island) MONTY MORRIS - Last Laugh (Monty Morris 7") LLOYD PARKES - Officially (Joe Gibbs) RAY I - One By One (Joe Gibbs) PRINCE ALLA - Funeral (Joe Gibbs 7") PRINCE ALLA - Captive Bird (Soul To Sound: Mista Savona) SECRET MASTERS & NATTY WAILER - Country Life (Words Power Sound: Master Tunes) SECRET MASTERS - Godfather Theme instrumental (Words Power Sound: Master Tunes) DARKY ROOTS - The Columbian (Wrong Place EP) MIDNITE BRANCH I - Inner Queenly (Project III: Natural Vibes) KING KONG - Jah Is The Ruler (Koogahsound 7") WHITE MICE - It's A Shame (White Mice + Versions: Basic Replay) CARL MEEKS - Raw Born Rub A Dub (Photographer 7") GARNETT SILK - Jah Jah Is The Ruler (Holding Firm 2: VP) CHARLY BLACK - Gone Too Soon (Tribute To Squingy) (CB Music) TARRUS RILEY - She's Royal (Canon) PRESSURE - Love And Affection (Don Corleon) MR VEGAS - Burn It (Danger Zone) CUTTY CORN - Lucky Day (Bass Odyssey dubplate special) CECILE - Waiting (Danger Zone) JAH CURE - Sticky (Bass Odyssey dubplate special) MORGAN HERITAGE - Nothing To Smile About (No Doubt) RICHIE SPICE - Di Plane Land (No Doubt) I OCTANE - Nuh Frighten We (No Doubt) QUEEN IFRICA - Daddy (Bass Odyssey dubplate special) RICHIE SPICE - Dem A Eediot (Bass Odyssey dubplate special) BUSY SIGNAL - Unknown Number (Juke Boxx) BUGLE - What I'm Gonna Do (Daseca) BUGLE - Journeys (Daseca) BUSY SIGNAL - The Days (Daseca) MUNGA - Take My Place (Don Corleon) DEMARCO - Fallen Soldiers (Star Kutt) NITTY KUTCHIE - Melt That Down (The Mighty right riddim: Philadub) RAS SHILOH - Liv Upright (The Mighty right riddim: Philadub) LUCIANO - Set Things Straight (The Mighty right riddim: Philadub) PEASHEAD - The Youths Of Today (The Mighty right riddim: Philadub) CAPLETON - Higher Than The Sky (The Mighty right riddim: Philadub) JAH MASON - Take Us Home (The Mighty right riddim: Philadub) TONY REBEL - Never Get Weary Yet (The Mighty right riddim: Philadub) SPECTACULAR - Fi Real (The Mighty right riddim: Philadub) LUTAN FYAH - Selassie I Within (The Mighty right riddim: Philadub) FANTAN MOJAH - False Allegation (The Mighty right riddim: Philadub) RICHIE SPICE - Don't Call Me No Dog (Ital Jockey riddim: Sankofa) COCOA TEA - Inside Out (Ital Jockey riddim: Sankofa) KHAGO - Up Hill Climb (Ital Jockey riddim: Sankofa) PRESSURE - Perfect Lover (Ital Jockey riddim: Sankofa) CAPELTON - Nuh Tek (Ital Jockey riddim: Sankofa) GYPTIAN - Eyes On The Prize (Ital Jockey riddim: Sankofa) SHAGGY, SIZZLA, COLLIE BUDZ - Mad Mad World (Big Yard) talk over riddims: Secret Masters' Words Power Sound instrumentals on Master Tunes

November 21, 2009

BABYLON BURNING with Jesse I 106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia 5-7 PM > NOVEMBER 21 > 2009 Featuring the Ghetto riddim from No Doubt... the Victim riddim on UHT... and more from I Grade's "Joyful Noise" album... MAX ROMEO - War Ina Babylon (Charmax Music 7") JACKIE OPEL - Turn To The Almighty (Tuneico 7") TOMMY McCOOK AND HIS GROUP - Exodus (Port-O-Jam 7") KEN BOOTHE - Artibella (Sunshot 7") BIG YOUTH - Dread Locks Dread (Sunshot 7") HORACE ANDY - Let Your Teardrops Fall (Sunshot 7") HORACE ANDY - Every Tongue Shall Tell (Studio One 7") KEN BOOTHE - When I Fall In Love (Studio One 7") THE PARAGONS - Riding On A High And Windy Day (Duke Reid 7") WAILING SOULS - Jah Give Us Life (Ziggy Marley In Jamaica: Tuff Gong) --request LARRY MALUMA - Tusekelele (Tusekelele: Safari) BLUE KING BROWN - Moment Of Truth (Roots Level Records) IKAHBA - Wha Happen To Dem (Trodding To Zion: Afrikan Roots Lab) MIDNITE - Man Tain (Ainshant Maps: Afrikan Roots Lab) DUANE STEPHENSON - Hard Times (Joyful Noise: I Grade) ARKAINGELLE - Song Of Praise (Joyful Noise: I Grade) DANNY I - Hold On (Joyful Noise: I Grade) JUNIOR P - The Reason (Joyful Noise: I Grade) MESSENGER SELAH - Your Own World (Joyful Noise: I Grade) MILLION VOICE - Humble (Angelo) ISASHA - Mr Gun Man (Angelo) MYSTICMAN - Jah Warrior (Goldenheart Music) RICHIE SPICE - Victim (UHT Music) LUTAN FYAH - Working (UHT Music) CAPLETON - Standing Tall (UHT Music) PEETAH MORGAN & BUSY SIGNAL - Unfair (Ghetto riddim: No Doubt) ETANA - Mockingbird (Ghetto riddim: No Doubt) KONSHENS - Insanity (Ghetto riddim: No Doubt) NITTY KUTCHIE - Welcome (Ghetto riddim: No Doubt) GYPTIAN - Revelations (Ghetto riddim: No Doubt) GINJAH - Solidarity (Ghetto riddim: No Doubt) KHAGO - Freind Enemy (Ghetto riddim: No Doubt) ANTHONY B - Cold Blooded Murderer (Ghetto riddim: No Doubt) ALBOROSIE & THE TAMLINS - Garrison (Ghetto riddim: No Doubt) KRIS KELLY - Big Woman Ting (Ghetto riddim: No Doubt) RICHIE SPICE - Who Dat (Ghetto riddim: No Doubt) ZIGGI - Back Biter (Ghetto riddim: No Doubt) LOUIE CULTURE - Sentence (Ghetto riddim: No Doubt) LUTAN FYAH - Gangsta Living (Ghetto riddim: No Doubt) FYAHKIN & KONSHENS - Wolf Inna Sheep Clothes (Young Veterans) LIL JOE - Struggles (Equiknoxx) JAH VINCI - Prayer (Izes) ERUP - Pop Dat (Izes) ZAREB & CHANTER - Dem Get Caught (Reality Chant)

More Fire 103 – November 2009

“Chant Down’s monthly reggae dance – this month featuring guest selection from Bellyas, Sista Racquelina, Night Nurse and Solomon, plus guest artist Damajah on the mic.”

From More Fire 103 – November 2009. Posted by Chant Down Sound on 11/18/2009 (25 items)

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November 14, 2009

BABYLON BURNING with Jesse I 106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia 5-7 PM > NOVEMBER 14 > 2009 Featuring the Chant Down Babylon riddim by Penthouse... the Culture Weed HIM riddim by Metastone... the Ital Jockey riddim by Sankofa... plus the usual sounds from all eras of Jamaican music... MIDNITE - I Chant (Live 94117: Rastafaria) KEITH & TEX - Tonight (Move and Groove 7") BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS - Lively Up Yourself (Songs Of Freedom: Island) THE DYNAMITES - Dub Star (Sound System International: Pressure Sounds) --request MAX ROMEO - Chase The Devil (War Ina Babylon: Island) --request BUNNY WAILER - Armagideon (Blackheart Man: Island) KIDDUS I - Fire Burn (Graduation In Zion: Shepherd) THE HEPTONES - Cool Rasta (Cool Rasta: Trojan) THE HEPTONES - Mama Say (Night Food: Island) LARRY MALUMA - Tusekelele (Tusekelele: Safari) LARRY MALUMA - Ndime Syuumbwa (Tusekelele: Safari) LUCKY DUBE - Slave (Slave: Gallo) --request EVERTON CHAMBERS - Babylon You Wrong (Parish 7") APACHE CHIEF - Economic Crisis (Sunset 7") TERROR FABULOUS - From Birth (Madhouse) ANTHONY B - Fight Dem A Fight (Zola & Zola 7") MORGAN HERITAGE - Dem Man Deh (Cousins 7") RICHIE SPICE - Victim (UHT) --request RICHIE SPICE - Don't Call Me No Dog (Sankofa) JAH CURE - You Deserve The Best (Sankofa) GYPTIAN - Eyes On The Prize (Sankofa) PRINCE MALACHI - Set My People (Metastone) JAH MASON - My Heart (Metastone) SOUA - Let's Get Living (Metastone) TIWONY - Foute Fe (Metastone) LUTAN FYAH - Energize Me (Metastone) TONY REBEL - Chant Down Babylon (Penthouse) CHUCK FENDER - Hold On Tight (Penthouse) SIZZLA - Treat You Like A Man Should (Penthouse) FYAHKIN - Poverty Is At Hand (Penthouse) LEHJANI - Victim Of The Ghetto (Penthouse) ASSASSIN - Have Some Mercy (Penthouse) QUEEN IFRICA - Dem Never See Di Sign (Penthouse) CHASM & VIDA SUNSHYNE & DAMAJAH - The Highest (Move: Obese) CHAN DIZZY - Nuh Sell Out (Head Concussion) MIDNITE & LUSTRE KINGS - Grounds Dub (Infinite Dub: Lustre Kings)

November 7, 2009

BABYLON BURNING with Jesse I 106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia 5-7 PM > NOVEMBER 7 > 2009 Featuring the Flying High riddim from the "Joyful Noise" album on I Grade.... The Stronga riddim on Liv Up... the Pulse riddim from Don Corleon... and the Hot It Up riddim from Keep Left... JAH FATTA & THE BLACK BOYS - Free Rasta Free (Rite Sound 12") MIGHTY DIAMONDS - Gates Of Zion (Roots 7") SYLFORD WALKER - Jah Golden Pen (Joe Gibbs 7") NAGGO MORRIS - Su Su Pon Rasta (Joe Gibbs) PRINCE FARI - Heavy Manners (Joe Gibbs) JR BYLES - Heart and Soul (Errol T 7") FREDDIE McGREGOR - No Competition BOOKER T - Down Presser (DEB 12") DENNIS ALCAPONE - Pressure In A Babylon (DEB 12") GREGORY ISAACS - Babylon Too Rough (Joe Gibbs) PREZIDENT BROWN - Meditation (Common Prosperity: Tomorrow's Children) LARRY MALUMA - Tusekelele (Tusekelele: Safari) MIDNITE & RASTAR - Mexicanadmerica (Ina Now: Rastar) LUTAN FYAH - True Love Is All (Justice: Philadub) NIYORAH & JAH MASON - Bruk Down Barrier (Conscious Riddims) MIDNITE - Deep Tangle Roots (Joyful Noise: I Grade) I SASHA - Haile I (Joyful Noise: I Grade) JAHDAN BLAKKAMORE - Flying High (Joyful Noise: I Grade) BATCH, NIYORAH, DANNY I - We Want Reparations (Joyful Noise: I Grade) DAVILLE & MR VEGAS - The Enemies (Liv Up) CAPLETON - Know Dem (Liv Up) I WAYNE - The Beast (Liv Up) GYPTIAN - Never Give It Up (Liv Up) EVERTON BLENDER - Good Morning Jah (Liv Up) ANTHONY B - Good Life (Liv Up) SIZZLA - Stronger Than Before (Liv Up) LUTAN FYAH - The System (Liv Up) FANTAN MOJAH - Recession (Liv Up) JUNIOR X - Pill (That I Could Take) TORCH - Real Love Nuh Deh Again MAKEIDA - Hot It Up (Keep Left) ELEPHANT MAN - Money Fi A Run (Keep Left) CAPLETON - Dem Bun Up (Don Corleon) ELEPHANT MAN - Clown We Out (Don Corleon) TIFA - Who Go A Luuu (Don Corleon) TIMBERLEE - Champagne Money (Don Corleon) MR VEGAS - Dance Floor (Don Corleon) MUNGA - Anywhere Mi Go (Don Corleon) VIDA SUNSHYNE & DAMAJAH - Arguments (Move: Obese) BRAMMA - Thank God Me Know (Big Ship)